Amer. Got Talent: pls vote either tape face, blah, or blah blah!!!!!!1


Sheesh mahal (mirror palace), located at Amber fort and palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Described as the “glittering jewel box in flickering candle light” in Frommer’s India, thousands of mirror mosaics on the walls and ceiling add to the eternal charm of the palace. 

[Steve Rogers] gave me [Falcon] the shield back and now I got the shield; I’m not giving it back.

Anthony Mackie, on Falcon becoming Captain America (x)

The most exciting thing about this is that Anthony Mackie refers to Falcon as “me.” He literally is Sam Wilson. When writers write stuff in the comics, it happens to him.

“Chris decided to take a little cat nap,” Johansson remembered. “He collapsed into a giant perfect heap, his lion’s mane gracefully falling around his prominent chiseled features. ‘My, God,’ proclaimed Ruffalo, ‘what a specimen.’”

Evans added, “It’s incredible—the man is perfect even when he’s drooling.”