roza93  asked:

excuse me where can i find amepati and pachi fan made manga on english or somethin i dont how tell call it xD ?

Here are the three that I found while looking around the other day. Note that these are R to NC-17!

  1. The Captain and the Thief“ - Amepati/Pachi’s take on how they get together in the alternate universe world Cross Epoch
  2. I’m Fine With You, Captain!” - the adorable continuation/conclusion of the Cross Epoch story
  3. Burning Out! Close Game!“ - an unrelated but equally good story set at Capsule Corp.

I’ve been mewling in my head about setting up a blog for doujins (probably just DBZ doujins honestly) for a while, and I thought this might be a good platform for asking about it. You guys think you’d be willing to share any you got? 

Better yet, do any of you happen to have any Amepati/Pachi doujins? Looks like this:

I had half of this one doujin saved after going to B-chan personally to ask for it after her site went down and when I questioned her asking me not to share it because she wants people to ask permission through her first (which bothered me since she was not the artist, typesetter, or translator, just the person who scanned the doujin) suddenly the doujin mysteriously went 404 and I couldn’t save the rest, so I was hoping, lmao

That one of you 3,000 followers might have it

Or any other doujin of Amepati’s, really? I’ve seen a GoChi one floating around with a halfassed scan that’s broken into pieces because the poster decided they felt too ‘uncomfortable’ to post the NSFW bits. 

I’m sorry for making this blog my soapbox or something but at least it’s DBZ related? And for a cause! Please come to me with any doujins you have that you can’t find at any of the usual sites! I think it’d be nice to pull them all together in one blog for people to read and share. Especially when it’s a fandom like DBZ where most of the doujins have been circulating for 10-30 years and the artists have long since moved on.