SEWING tutorial (by AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru))

This is a trimming technique a friend taught me, that we like to call “Inivisible” trims. (The official name is actually called “Stitch in the Ditch”)

You know those characters who have trims on their design that have NO TOP STITCH LINES?? This is a way to do them.


- to make the costume neat on the inside as well, hem the strip before moving onto step 2.

- use matching colour threads. For my costume I used dark green on the top thread, and had white thread for the bobbin. 

- the close you can stitch to the edge of the seam, the more *invisible* it will be.

- this can be done with much thinner trims too. Of course, it would become more fiddly the thinner it is
Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL by AmenoKitarou on deviantART

Brace yourselves! The MEGA tutorial is coming.  Part 1 Foam Shaping, Part 2 Foam Detailing, Part 3 Worbla You will need to view full size to read t…

This is one of the best explanations on how to work with both foam and worbla. I really wish this had been around when I started working with foam, it would have saved me so much trouble. He does a really good job explaining how to curve foam.

Super Smash Bros - Feel the BURN

by AmenoKitarou

… I have no words to explain this…

All I can say is, I was talked into this by the inspiring Team Australia 2013 which was *K-tetsu and *cielroses to join their Super Smash Bros group for a convention in Sydney called.. SMASH… hence Super SMASH bros… *snorts* *gets bricked*… and since I am Wirru… they wanted to see me be Wii-rru Fit Trainer… 


More hilarity coming coon.

For now, please enjoy.”

Nana: JKale

Marth: K-tetsu

Link: Cielroses

Wii-fit Trainer: AmenoKitarou

Pit: ClamWings

Photography and edits: Pireze

DO A NICE SERVE YAMAGUCHI!! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚*・。 Σ(´д`;)

I feel blessed to have been a part of this group *__* 
Wish we could’ve hung out for longer!

Kageyama: Chancake
Sugawara: Miyukiko
Hinata: Kaipy
Daichi: Knitemaya
Tanaka: AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru)
Tsukishima: TickyKuma
Nishinoya: Cheroppi COS (cheroz)
Yamaguchi: MARUPON
Photography by Andy Chan