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a prompt for an omelia fic: owen comes home from work and can't find amelia and starts to panic but it's bc she passed out in a random part of the house bc she's exhausted from work :)

So this is mega short but i hope you like it!


Owen had done nothing but stare at the clock in the ER department for the last hourly continuously. As soon as it hit 7pm his shift would be over and this meant he could go home to his wife.

They’d only been married a few months yet it seemed like only days and years all at the same time. He loved every second he spent with her; together they were better, happier, and healthier. He longed for the times he wasn’t at work and with Amelia, snuggled together on the couch with a blanket shared between them.

As clock struck seven he handed his notes and any cases over to April who was eager to work and left the hospital to head home. The short drive back was uneventful and he was thankful his pager hadn’t gone off so far.

He opened the front door and walked inside, “Honey, I’m home” he chanted, as it echoed throughout the corridor that led to the different rooms. His wife would normally be in the living room or the kitchen that was connected yet she wasn’t.

“That’s strange.” he said to himself out loud. He saw her coat and shoes were by the front door in the usual place and her bag was on the kitchen worktop. He walked into the next door that was where their bedroom was. He knew she’d been home as the bed that they’d left in a hurry this morning was pressed and made.

As he walked past the bathroom, he doubled back and saw the small light was on. He gently opened the door and looked inside the tub to where he could hear the soft snores coming from. There was his wife, inside the bathtub sound asleep. She looked like an angel, so peaceful and elegant.

He carefully put his arms around her body, and shifted her into his embrace, he took her to the bedroom and pulled the duvet down before gently lowering her into the bed, just as she touched the mattress her eyes begun to open a little.

“Thank you” she whispered in a husky tone and with that her eyes closed again.

“You’re welcome Mia” he whispered back before climbing in next to her.

The threat (Prologue)

Well, first of all welcome to my blog. I decided to go over to the active part of Tumblr so here we go. I have been reading fics for a long time and one day I thought “hey, I could write too” and well, here I am.
English is not my first language, so thanks to @omelialover and @bethisinwonderland for the help!
This is my first fic so don’t be too mean.
I’ll post the first chapter as soon as possible!
Hope you like it!

Amelia and owen are a happy couple. They are happily married.
Of course they have their differences and fights, but when they look into each other’s deep blue eyes they get lost. They feel again as if they are slowly falling in love for the first time. So yeah, a happy, in love couple.
What they don’t know is that someone is crazy to break them. Someone who she knows, even when she can’t remember.
Someone crazy to see Amelia suffer, taking away the thing she loved the most. To make her feel she is isolated and alone, like she made her feel once.
It’s not good enough taking him away from her - it has to be her choice. She needs to feel the pain of deciding to run away from the thing she loves the most, the kind of thing that will return all the suffering and pain that she once felt, because of her. She is the one who has to say “I’m done”.
But, how can you make a person who loves someone so deeply, decide to push that person away?
Well, that new doctor knows just how to do it.

In conclusion, I look good in both.
—  Kim Seokjin on whether he looks better with darker hair or lighter hair. (cr: peachisoda)