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I decided to post a bunch of requests at once cus’… why not? It keeps me focused on the goal! What goal? Well to finish the requests ofc!

Just a little side-note to what Gabe and Jesse are cookin’: It is something called chocolate buns.. I think. It’s made of puffed rice and chocolate… and basically only that… :| they are super good tho!    


I can’t get used to drawing young Hanzo, too bizarre without his beard, but after I finish this upcoming au sketchpile it might not feel as weird.

anonymous asked:

would you gift these audios? Amelie ||2015/08/30 {Berkeley} //m4a, tracked [&] , Amelie ||2015/09/03 {Berkeley} //mp3, untracked [&], Amelie ||2015/09/19 {Berkeley} //mp4, untracked [&], Amelie ||2015/09/25 {Berkley, CA} //m4a, untracked

Too many audios for the exact same production.

Amelie ||2015/08/30 {Berkeley} //m4a, tracked.zip122.0 MB

Amelie ||2015/09/03 {Berkeley} //mp3, untracked.zip92.9 MB

​Samantha Barks (Amelie), Adam Chandler-Berat (Nino), Randy Blaire (Hipolito), Perry Sherman (Lucien), Alison Cimmet (Amandline/Philomene), Savvy Crawford (Young Amelie)

What’s a favorite musical moment in Amelie? Young Amelie’s story has got more of a fantasy feel, like how a child would see things. As the story matures, the music matures, which I love. The moment I first enter as adult Amelie, it goes from whimsical, beautiful music into real life – very rhythmical, with great percussion. It’s called “What Am I Waiting For?” That was the most challenging number to master, but it’s probably my favorite. Everybody is in the café, singing together but on their own rhythms – some are slower, some are faster. I think it reflects the monotonous tone of everyday work, and it’s a really blunt shift into, this is who she is now.