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I decided to post a bunch of requests at once cus’… why not? It keeps me focused on the goal! What goal? Well to finish the requests ofc!

Just a little side-note to what Gabe and Jesse are cookin’: It is something called chocolate buns.. I think. It’s made of puffed rice and chocolate… and basically only that… :| they are super good tho!    

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Hi! Do you have like, a list of headcaons for widow somewhere? Your take on her is super interesting and i wanna know more!!!

because lots of people are asking where I ‘align’ myself Widowmaker-wise, here’s a handy list that will also help interpret my art. Most of these are headcanons! It’s okay if you disagree with them! Anyway, here’s the sections included under the READMORE:

THE LACROIX TRAGEDY (The Gerard and Amelie dynamic)

It’s long!

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How about #5 spiderbyte (widow/sombra)? :D

Sombra kicked her legs over the edge of the building, her fingers moving idly as she lazily hacked her way to stealing Lúcio’s latest yet-unreleased album. She glanced back at Widowmaker, staring down the scope of her rifle to the outside of a restaurant below, and then Sombra brought her legs up and turned around so she was sitting cross-legged on the edge of the building.

“He’s on a date, you know,” said Sombra, “It could take a while.”

“I hate this holiday,” muttered Widowmaker.

“I don’t think it’s all bad,” said Sombra, bringing up another screen with a swipe of her hand to several feeds of data she had running of numerous politicians, corporate leaders, and military officers. “Illicit affairs, suspicious purchases, sudden mysterious dips in public funds… You could say Valentine’s day is harvest time for blackmailers. Any movement?”

“Perhaps they moved toward the back. No word from Reaper on whether we’ve been compromised.” Widowmaker brought down the infra-sight on her recon visor, “Personne n'échappe à mon regard.” She frowned at she looked at all the red bodies moving through the restaurant below, only to see the target in that same corner booth as a waitress approached them and placed what Infra-sight was picking up as what must have been a pot of coffee on the table.

“Well?” said Sombra.

“They’re getting coffee,” Widowmaker scoffed. “Que c’est banal,” she said, bringing her eye away from her scope and dropping into a seated position. Sombra chuckled a little.

“What?” said Widowmaker.

“You know you get twice as bitter when the target is out on a date—-and you’re twice as happy taking them out,” Sombra paused and looked at Widowmaker, “Or… you know, however close to ‘happy’ you get.”

“Hmph,” Widowmaker brought up her gun again and looked through the scope.

“When was the last time anyone took you out?” said Sombra, lying on her stomach on the edge of the building and putting her chin in her hands.

“No one has taken me out. I am still here,” said Widowmaker.

“Haaaa,” Sombra wagged a finger at her, “I knew there was a sense of humor somewhere in that 3-beats-a-minute heart, amiga. You know what I mean.”

“I do not ‘go out,’” said Widowmaker, bringing her rifle down.

“Well not with that attitude, you don’t,” said Sombra, “We should go out.”

Widowmaker looked at her incredulously.

“I’m serious!” said Sombra, sitting up, “What about dinner?”

“My metabolism has slowed to the point that food is ash in my mouth,” said Widowmaker.

“A movie?” said Sombra.

You see every film before they are even edited.”

“A show.”

“A screaming crowd in the dark and music blowing out my eardrums. Comme c'est délicieux.”

“Dancing!” Sombra said, exasperated.

“I do not dance,” said Widowmaker.

Sombra grinned and brought up a video of a young Amelie LaCroix on stage and en pointe, “I’ve got a few videos that say otherw—”

“Sombra,” said Widowmaker and Sombra immediately closed the video screen. Widowmaker brought up her rifle again and looked through the scope, bringing down her recon visor again.

“Ugh,” muttered Widowmaker, watching the target, “Another pot of coffee.”

Sombra sighed and got up from the edge of the building and walked across the roof. “I am ze Widowmaker,” she said, imitating Widowmaker’s whispery voice and accent as she brought up several screens with a wave of her fingers, “I ‘ave been a leeveeng weapon ev-air seence all ze fun was sair-gically removed from my ‘eart. C’est la vie. Omelette du fromage.

“I can hear you, you know,” said Widowmaker, glancing over her shoulder to see Sombra actually looking busy and not cavalier, “What are you doing?”

“Bringing up the city power grid,” said Sombra, her brow furrowing, “Let’s ruin this guy’s date.”

Widowmaker chuckled a little and then watched as Sombra’s fingers worked a completely separate screen, causing apparently random lights to turn off in buildings in the skyline opposite the restaurant. “What are you doing there?”

“Focus on the restaurant front,” said Sombra and Widowmaker nodded and brought up her rifle. Right on cue the lights went out in the restaurant and there was a hissing noise and Widowmaker smirked as people started pouring out of the restaurant front, their clothes and hair wet. Sombra had activated the fire sprinklers. Widowmaker peered through her rifle’s scope. The thing about bodyguards was they made it remarkably easier to pick the target out of a crowd. Always with the sunglasses and the black suits. The target walked between them, his date wringing out the bottom of her dress. Widowmaker smirked, exhaled, and squeezed the trigger. The target fell. His date screamed as the bodyguards scrambled to drag him out of the line of fire, not that it would do him much good at this point.

 Widowmaker brought her rifle down and turned on her heel. “We should get going,” she said as sirens started sounding in the distance, but then she noticed something off about the skyline. Most of the lights in the office buildings were off, however lights in rooms across a row of office buildings had been strategically turned on. Reading across about 8 different skyscrapers, one could make out the word “COFFEE?” spelled out of strategically lit up rooms on various floors. Widowmaker’s brow furrowed but she smirked.

Incroyable,” she said looking at Sombra.

“What?” said Sombra, coyly. Widowmaker gestured at the buildings and Sombra looked over and gasped. “You’re asking me out to coffee?”

“Wh—You did that!” said Widowmaker.

“This is so unexpected! ” said Sombra, her hand flying over her heart.

Widowmaker would have protested further but then heard the sirens getting louder. “Fine! Allez! But you’re buying.”

“Whatever you say,” said Sombra and she laughed a little. She couldn’t remember the last time she paid for something with her own money. Widowmaker hurried to the edge of the building and Sombra ran over after her. Sombra wrapped her arms around Widowmaker’s waist and shoulders as Widowmaker fired her grappling hook onto another building and then leapt off and swung with Sombra holding onto her, the two of them disappearing into the night.

Widowhanzo - Commercial Flight

The next time he saw her was on a commercial flight to Spain.

She was sat in the window seat and Hanzo had to double check his ticket to make sure he was where he was supposed to be. He was, it turned out, and with a huff he put his carry-on luggage in the shelf above the seats and sat down next to her.

Her blue skin was covered by spray tan and makeup, her irises changed back to a more natural green. She had yet to look away from the scenery outside the window and Hanzo felt the awkward tension descend upon them as if it was palpable.

Finally unable to bare the silence any longer, he spoke up. “Sorry I lied.”

She just tsked in reply, her arms wrapping around herself more firmly. He regarded her for a moment longer before pulling out a book and sinking back into the seat to read it.

For most of the flight, she was silent, gaze never shifting from the window. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye periodically but she never moved.

It was near the end when her eyes shifted from outside and she cast her look to him. He met her eyes almost immediately and he let her stare, let her look for something in his own eyes. She must have seen something because she finally said, “You know I would have come back for you?”

Hanzo felt his legs ache in response to the memory but he gave her a small smile and, when she didn’t flinch away from him, laid his hand on top of hers. “Yes.” He answered truthfully, seeing relief flood through her body.

She turned away with a nod, visibly more relaxed and pulled out a book he never thought he’d see again. His journal.

“I hope you do not mind that I have it but-”

He interrupted her with a small pat of his hand, “Keep it, please. It belongs to you now.”

She looked confused for a moment before hugging the journal back to her chest. She then cleared her throat and asked, “Could you perhaps draw one more thing?”

“Of course, it would be my honour.” He took the book and opened it to the next clean page. He sketched her as she was now, radiant from the sunset’s fading light and poised in all her grace. Drawing with the utmost care, he lightly coloured the lines, illuminating her beauty as best he could on the paper. Next to her portrait he drew an iris, the flower of France, meaning royalty.

He hesitated a moment before signing his name, seeing her smile out of the corner of his eye and handed the book back. She traced the sketch with the tip of her finger before whispering, “Thank you.”

Hanzo nodded in acceptance, getting ready to leave as the pilot announced their descent but paused when he heard her address him again.

“My name is Amélie.” She told him, she already knew his name of course. Hanzo couldn’t help but feel her real name was fitting, meaning industrious and diligent, even if these traits were being exploited by Talon for the wrong reasons.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

She gave a weak chuckle, looking away and running her fingers along the edges of the page. “I do not know how much longer I will still be Amélie, however.”

Hanzo regarded her. She looked uncharacteristically nervous, perhaps even scared and he honestly didn’t know how to reassure her. He thought for a moment before gently taking the sketchbook back from her and adding the title ‘Amélie’ to the new drawing.

Her eyes flicked questioningly between him and the book as he handed it back. “I believe that as long as you keep this sketch, there will always a part of Amélie inside of you.”

“Thank you.” She croaked in reply.


I can’t get used to drawing young Hanzo, too bizarre without his beard, but after I finish this upcoming au sketchpile it might not feel as weird.

Still Human

Title: Still Human
Relationship: Widowmaker/Tracer “Widowtracer”
General Audiences

Inspired by @trixdraws comic New Years Eve. Thank you for giving me permission to work off it, I had a lot of fun writing this!


Amelie Lacroix knows she’s nothing more than a weapon now. But after the assassination in King’s Row, she realizes that the Overwatch agent Tracer made her feel human again. Amelie seeks her out again on New Year’s Eve to find out why that is.

“‘I’m not here for them, cherie.’…
‘Then for what?’ Lena asked, her voice beginning to lose its defiance…

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@rebel-without-a-blog Yes I’ve seen Amelie! I saw it in previews and I really liked it! Philipa Soo is obviously great, as was the little girl who played young Amelie. The show itself was very whimsical and I really liked what they did with the set and how they integrated it into the whimsicality (is that a word) of the show. The way they differentiated between what was real and what was in her head I thought was done really well. There was one scene in particular in the beginning of the show I hope they kept from previews because it had me and my family laughing a lot with the staging of it all. It’s very much what I expected it to be though I haven’t actually seen the film. I know I liked it a lot more than my family did, but I think that is because I knew what to expect and it is different from the kind of shows I know my mom likes to see. I thought the show was really fun and I’d definitely recommend it!


April is ReadSelfPublished Month!


Reclaiming the Sand / A. Meredith Walters

Black Heart, Red Ruby / Teresa Yea

Chasing the Star Garden / Melanie Karsak

Vain / Fisher Amelie

The Polaris Uprising / Jennifer Ibarra

The Making of Gabriel Davenport / Beverly Lee

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls / Katie Cross

Trick / Natalia Jaster (aka me!)

Making Faces / Amy Harmon

What’s a favorite musical moment in Amelie? Young Amelie’s story has got more of a fantasy feel, like how a child would see things. As the story matures, the music matures, which I love. The moment I first enter as adult Amelie, it goes from whimsical, beautiful music into real life – very rhythmical, with great percussion. It’s called “What Am I Waiting For?” That was the most challenging number to master, but it’s probably my favorite. Everybody is in the café, singing together but on their own rhythms – some are slower, some are faster. I think it reflects the monotonous tone of everyday work, and it’s a really blunt shift into, this is who she is now.