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ok but.. since we know the junkers have ties w los muertos- it's v possible they could team up w talon in the future. + since talon is anti-omnic + widow assassinated mondatta, don't u think the junkers would be fans of her? imagine. sombra: "hey gabe, amelie, these are.. some old friends of mine. junkrat, roadhog, meet widowmaker and reaper." widow: "bonjour" junkrat: "oi wait, are ya the one who put a hole in that piece of junk's head? big fan of yer work"

things i love: this

the talon!mccree au

*sweats* ok i know it’s been like six months but have some mchanzo

  • in this universe, talon catches mccree before overwatch does, and genji does not rebel from the shimadas. hanzo joins overwatch of his own volition, allowing genji to take over the clan. genji meets a boy who becomes his advisor, and then his lover. he and zenyatta are married four years later, at the same time the shimada clan’s activity becomes completely peaceful. the old shimadas protest, but they do not rebel, wary of hanzo’s wrath.
  • hanzo becomes one of overwatch’s top agents. he is sent to france for a mission, where he meets the socialite ballerina amelie lacroix. they become close friends, fuelled by a mutual love of sarcasm
  • when talon takes amelie, hanzo is frantic with worry. she returns, and he is the only one who sees that she is not unscathed. when gerard is murdered, he is saddened but unsurprised.
  • overwatch sends him on the hunt for her the next day, accompanied by lena ‘tracer’ oxton, the pesky brat of a speedster.
  • (they have a few conversations beyond the battlefield banter, fuelled by liquor and the darkness that lurks behind their eyes. ‘i loved her’, she admits, one midnight, and then she hides her tears in hanzo’s robe.)
  • unfortunately, talon has an interest in keeping widowmaker. they send out one of their best agents, a cowboy with a stupid belt buckle and a stupid hat and a stupidly pretty face who likes to do distracting things during fights.
  • like flirt.
  • tracer and hanzo are following a tip to a talon base when there’s a gunshot nearby. they trade glances, and then tracer darts down the edge of a building and disappears into the street below
  • hanzo pulls an arrow from his quiver and nocks it in a practiced motion, scanning the surrounding area. he waits.
  • suddenly, a rush of hot breath brushes his ear
  • ‘hey, pretty boy.’
  • hanzo flushes and spins, releasing an arrow.
  • if it’s a little skewed, it’s because of the wind. nothing to do with the red painted across hanzo’s cheeks.
  • hanzo curses and reaches for another arrow
  • abruptly, there’s a tug on his ponytail. he hasn’t cut his hair in a while, and it falls nearly to the small of his back. he whirls, and comes nose-to-nose with the cowboy.
  • he goes even redder, which is not helped by the cowboy stepping closer.
  • back to play so soon, hanzo?’
  • he winks. hanzo nearly falls off the edge of the roof.
  • ‘i-uh-’ and his breath stutters in his throat. the cowboy looks at him with that infernal grin on his face.
  • suddenly, mccree’s com buzzes. hanzo’s close enough to hear it. he’s frozen, and it’s not as if the cowboy’s doing anything to increase the distance between them (and his eyes are really quite pretty up close, and also he has freckles. which should not be cute.)
  • ‘hiya, reapy,’ mccree chirps.
  • ‘where are you?’ a pause. ‘and don’t call me that.’
  • ‘i’m, uh, doin’ something,’ mccree says eventually.
  • hanzo isn’t moving. why isn’t he moving this is someone who has tried to kill him many times in the past why isn’t he nocking an arrow right now he’s going to die because he was distracted by a pretty boy
  • there’s a derisive snort from over the line. ‘are you with that boy you keep obsessing over? the one you keep gushing over?’
  • mccree turns scarlet. ‘um-’
  • ‘what was his name? oh yeah. the shimada. hanzo, right?’
  • hanzo’s eyes go wide. ‘you-’
  • ‘sorry, reaps, i’m losing ya-’ he clicks off the com.
  • ‘you- i- gushing- wha?’
  • it’s not hanzo’s most eloquent moment, but it’s excusable.
  • ‘i, um-’ the cowboy scratches the back of his neck, steadfastly refusing to meet hanzo’s astonished gaze. ‘i mighta, kinda- well, i reckon i should say this-’
  • there’s another gunshot in the distance, and they jump apart like teenagers caught making out.
  • ‘i-uh-that’s my cue to-’ mccree starts helplessly
  • ‘yes, i’ll just-’
  • hanzo does an awkward backwards shuffle and disappears over the edge
  • and then mccree hurls himself off the roof.
  • he lands on his feet like a cat, one hand securing his hat to his head, only to see reaper gliding out of the nearest building. he’s wearing a shit-eating grin. (you can’t tell, because he’s a wraith and also he’s wearing the stupid mask, but it’s there.)
  • ‘just a little crush, my ass.’
  • mccree blows out a sigh. of course. ‘papá!’
  • ‘i told you,’ he says smugly. ‘you-’ and he jabs a finger into jesse’s chest- ‘are-’ jab- ‘weak-’ for- ‘pretty-’ jab- ‘boys.’ and he jabs mccree into a wall.
  • ‘i didn’t even- what-’
  • ‘don’t deny it! you like him.’
  • ‘papá!’
  • ‘you want to kiss him, eh?’ at mccree’s fierce blush, he snickers. ‘hopeless. such a loser.’
  • ‘says the guy who can’t even ask out a man he’s known for years.’ mccree shoots back.
  • it’s gabe’s turn to splutter. ‘you- pendejo- morrison and i are a different situation!’
  • ‘different situation. yada yada.’
  • ‘okay,’ gabe says, regaining his composure. ‘here’s the deal. you ask this shimada character out on a date and i’ll talk to morrison.’
  • ‘aww, papá! ya can’t do that!’
  • gabe smirks, folding his arms. ‘why?’
  • ‘ya know i just want y’all to be happy! why you gotta do this?’
  • ‘so you finally get some courage. go talk to the loser. ya have my blessing or whatever.’
  • mccree grins up at him. gabe wraps an arm around his shoulders and rubs his knuckles against his head.
  • ‘alright, papá!’ and he races off, holding onto his hat.
  • gabe watches after him with a fond expression. there’s a snicker from over his shoulder, and he whips around.
  • ‘shh, you.’
  • ‘so you do have feelings,’ sombra drawls, stepping out of the shadows. ‘never woulda thought it, papá.’
  • he messes up her hair with a hand. she yelps and darts away, frantically adjusting her hair.
  • ‘shut your damn mouth.’
  • mccree finds hanzo in the building where he and tracer are cooped up. he crawls through the window and finds himself face to face with the barrel of a sparking blue-orange gun.
  • ‘hey, mate,’ lena says, with a terrifying grin. ‘ya mind?’
  • ‘um, well, i really do-’
  • ‘who’s that?’ comes a call, and hanzo rounds the corner, bow at the ready. he freezes when he sees mccree.
  • ‘uh- hi.’ mccree fiddles with his hat. ‘i was wonderin’ if i could talk to you. an’ i ain’t comin’ from talon. just me. and you.’
  • hanzo stares at him for a moment, before slowly lowering his bow. tracer takes her cue, and disappears, winking at hanzo.
  • ‘so, uh, about earlier-’
  • ‘yes, we should discuss that-’
  • ‘of course.’ mccree shifts from side to side. ‘we should talk.’
  • hanzo looks at him. ‘should i-’
  • ‘yes. please. go ahead.’
  • ‘we should definitely talk,’ hanzo says. mccree steps a little closer, smiling.
  • he gets a little rush of courage at hanzo’s blush. ‘then again,’ he murmurs, ‘maybe i should just show you.’
  • and then he leans in and kisses him.
  • hanzo makes a muffled noise that sounds oddly like ‘oh my god,’ and then he drops his bow and pulls jesse in, one hand sliding to the back of his neck.
  • when they part, both of them are blushing, with matching wide grins.
  • ‘so, uh-’ jesse starts. ‘you wanna go get coffee?’
  • hanzo laughs. ‘i’d love to.’
  • and then he kisses him again.
  • jesse posts a picture of him and hanzo to the official talon instagram. hanzo’s mouth is pressed to his cheek, and both of them are holding non-fat venti chai lattes. it’s captioned ‘i guess this time we do play on the same team.’
  • gabe (@death) comments with ‘u better not hurt my boy shimada #happyforyou’. the official overwatch instagram likes it. genji comments with 24 winky face emojis. when talon tries to take it down, sombra just takes control of all their social media.
  • when talon sends mccree into the field, he just ignores his mission objective and goes to get coffee with hanzo. gabe complains about being sent to do the dirty work that mccree neglects.
  • he and jack do work it out, by the way.
  • mccree makes friends with hanzo’s dragons. one of them likes to perch on his shoulder and rest its head on his hat. sombra takes pictures and sends them to gabriel. gabriel has them all saved to his family folder. when widowmaker is released into the field, she gets them too, and she teases hanzo mercilessly.
  • ‘into a cowboy? le perdant.’
  • ‘fuck off,’ hanzo says cheerfully, texting jesse a kissy face emoji. ‘you’re into a girl that unironically says ‘the cavalry’s here’ everytime she shows up to a battlefield.’
  • ‘wha- i don’t- i don’t even have feelings.’ she huffs, and disappears off the edge of the roof.
  • mccree ambles along a few moments later, and sits down next to hanzo.
  • ‘i believe i was promised a kiss,’ he says. hanzo grins and kisses him.
  • they get married a few years later. the entirety of overwatch gathers, and widowmaker and sombra are the groomsmaids. genji and zenyatta arrive, and hanzo’s father walks him down the aisle. 
  • they recite their vows, and as gabe finishes reading off the ceremony script, jesse places his hat onto hanzo’s head and pulls him in for a long kiss. amelie releases the doves, and they break apart, laughing, at her grumpy expression. they shove cake in each others’ faces and take their first dance and kiss each other for the wedding photos
  • and in the end, it all works out just fine.

Amélie and Genevieve go out for a run and coffee in the morning. Sometimes they run into a certain Gérard Lacroix and sometimes Genevieve notices Monsieur Lacroix’s backside and says something to fluster her friend. XD

Amélie Lacroix © Blizzard

Genevieve Machin & Artwork © Branded-Rose

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Hi! Do you have like, a list of headcaons for widow somewhere? Your take on her is super interesting and i wanna know more!!!

because lots of people are asking where I ‘align’ myself Widowmaker-wise, here’s a handy list that will also help interpret my art. Most of these are headcanons! It’s okay if you disagree with them! Anyway, here’s the sections included under the READMORE:

THE LACROIX TRAGEDY (The Gerard and Amelie dynamic)

It’s long!

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inktober day 29 - genji and amelie hit the town bc genji knows dancing is her fav. bi power couple 👌🏻

When Gérard is away at work Amélie’s buddy Genevieve comes by to make sure her friend doesn’t do anything stupid and actually rests. Part II of

Amélie Lacroix © Blizzard

Genevieve Machin & Artwork © Branded-Rose 

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Do you think Amelie would find it embarrassing that all her friends fancy her dad? Because literally every girl in the world must think he is good looking but when her friends say that think he is hot imagine how embarrassed she would be x

Probably, yeah. 

I think any daughter would be a little weirded out, and a little embarrassed if her friends thought her dad was hot… and were pretty vocal about their thoughts towards him. He’s the youngest father when it comes to the fathers out of her friends, and where everyone else’s were closing in their later forties/early fifties, Harry is only fresh into his thirties. And she can’t tell her father that her friends find him sexy or bangable or fit because it’s awkward for her to say it to his face; it’s bad enough having to hear it from her friends so it’s even worse when she needs to reciprocate that to inform him of why she’s been a bit distant with her friends and, evidently, with him, as well.

“Daddy just wants to know why you’re being so short with him on the way home from school. Why you’re distancing yourself from him. What’s the matter? What’s happening? Are people picking on you again?” Her mother questions, sitting on the end of the bed and reaching over to pat the lump, formed by Amelie, beneath her covers. School shoes kicked off, her school folders and books hanging out of her bag, and her jumper thrown aimlessly to her carpet. “Will you tell me if you won’t tell your dad? Please, sweet girl? We’re a bit worried about you.”

She can hear her daughter mumble beneath the comforter. But she can’t quite work out what’s being said. Scooting closer to her and carefully peeling back the cream duvet.

“What’s happened?”

“The girls at school keep talking about dad and it’s… weird. Like, I know you had me at a young age and I know you and dad are the younger parents out of my friends’ parents and it doesn’t bother me, because, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my mum and dad. But, they’re so, like, they speak so weirdly of him,” Amelie mumbles, sitting up on the mattress and pulling her knees to her chest, “I don’t like it.”

“What’s being said?”

“They keeping talking about how dad is really fit and how I’m lucky to have him as a dad and they keep saying he’s sexy and that he’s a DILF and I don’t even know what that means, Mum!” She looks at her mother, a little frazzled, and gulps, “they keep saying that he should wait a few years for them and it’s weird and I don’t like it and every time I tell them to stop, and every time I walk away or try to change the subject, they just keep going and I hate it. It’s embarrassing and it makes me feel weird.”

“Is that why you’ve been a little off with your friends?”

Amelie nods slowly and rests her chin upon her knees. 

“Oh, sweet girl,” YN sighs, scooting back and sitting beside her daughter, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her into her side, “how about the four of us stay in tonight? You don’t have to go to your Bella’s house if you don’t want to go tonight. Benji’s not feeling so good so we were going to stay in anyway. We could stick on your favourite film, eat some ice-cream, I’m sure daddy can order some takeaway pizza, and w-”

“I heard takeaway pizza,” Harry pokes his head into the room, “what’s going on in here?”

YN looks across to their daughter, as Amelie looks back to her.

“Just girly chat that doesn’t concern your boy ears, mister,” his wife grins in his direction, “Amelie’s staying in with us tonight. Bella’s cancelled their sleepover so you’re on pizza collection from Pizza Hut and ice-cream duty from Waitrose and me and the kids are going to make a fort in the living room. And we’re going to eat loads and scoff our faces tonight. I think it’s the best thing for a Friday night.” xx

@atarvos‘s second prompt, Sombra. She looked so lonesome, I thought it’d be fun to throw in a BitchPlz © Widow while I was at it. Because you know that while these two might not always get along they’re always down for throwing shade. Poor Gabe.

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