amelie and friends

Amélie and Genevieve go out for a run and coffee in the morning. Sometimes they run into a certain Gérard Lacroix and sometimes Genevieve notices Monsieur Lacroix’s backside and says something to fluster her friend. XD

Amélie Lacroix © Blizzard

Genevieve Machin & Artwork © Branded-Rose

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Hi! Do you have like, a list of headcaons for widow somewhere? Your take on her is super interesting and i wanna know more!!!

because lots of people are asking where I ‘align’ myself Widowmaker-wise, here’s a handy list that will also help interpret my art. Most of these are headcanons! It’s okay if you disagree with them! Anyway, here’s the sections included under the READMORE:

THE LACROIX TRAGEDY (The Gerard and Amelie dynamic)

It’s long!

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ok but.. since we know the junkers have ties w los muertos- it's v possible they could team up w talon in the future. + since talon is anti-omnic + widow assassinated mondatta, don't u think the junkers would be fans of her? imagine. sombra: "hey gabe, amelie, these are.. some old friends of mine. junkrat, roadhog, meet widowmaker and reaper." widow: "bonjour" junkrat: "oi wait, are ya the one who put a hole in that piece of junk's head? big fan of yer work"

things i love: this

When Gérard is away at work Amélie’s buddy Genevieve comes by to make sure her friend doesn’t do anything stupid and actually rests. Part II of

Amélie Lacroix © Blizzard

Genevieve Machin & Artwork © Branded-Rose 

I'm disappointed
  • Widowtracer: Let's go to the final act at once! I know the perfect place for our battle.
  • Tracer: Your lead, luv!
  • *brings Tracer to a different place of your preference~
  • Tracer: I'm disappointed.
  • Widowmaker: Why, chérie?
  • Tracer: This doesn't look like your bedroom. Not at all.
  • Widowmaker: Quelle?
  • Tracer: ...
Taehyung Scenario: Don’t Judge My Crush.

Request: could i also request a scenario wherein you and taehyung know each other as acquaintances bc you guys happen to be at the park all the time but he sees you as his huge crush? and then one day you brought children with you to the park and taehyung was so confused only to realize that you work part time as a pre school teacher? thank you once again!!

Genre: Fluff

Taehyung held the leash tightly, it was a busy morning in the park as there were more people jogging, walking or going around with their dogs than the usual normal amount.
That of course had an effect on Soonshim who was watching excitedly everything that moved around her, wanting to approach each dog that passed past them. Soonshim was a friendly dog that liked people and other dogs and Taehyung wouldn’t usually have an issue with it, most of the times he would be glad to walk with her to greet every possible dog in the park because he was a well aware dog fanatic. But right now Taehyung knew he couldn’t go too far of his current spot by the big oak tree.

That was the spot were he usually lingered about a little every morning, at first it was only because the tree was really nice, but now he knew there was something else. Someone to be specific.

Each morning he almost waited for you, almost, because he didn’t want to say he waited, more like he killed time around that spot until you appeared. Every single time he saw you with your dog, a beautiful english setter that was as friendly as Soonshim.
Taehyung usually paid more attention to the dogs than their owners but in this case he had to make an exception. Everyday he couldn’t stop his eyes from going at your direction, watching you smile and play with your dog, your pretty way of walking, and of course those times when Soonshim and your dog, Amelie, played together under both your gazes. Through those times Taehyung had find out your name, YN, that you were close in age, the fact that you lived close by and that Amelie liked the company of other dogs. He had also found out you had a gorgeous smile.

Soonshim pulled at her leash when a woman trotted near them with a poodle. Taehyung kept still, telling Soonshim to be a little more patient.

-Just a minute Soonshimie- he said softly. -She will come soon-

The dog looked at him like she was questioning Taehyung’s stalkerish antics. Like she knew what he was doing. Taehyung sighed, crouching down to caress her neck vigorously, looking at her dog in the eyes as he spoke -No judging Soonshim, we are friends and friends do not judge-

The dog pulled at the leash once again, obviously seeing something else that grabbed her attention. Only when he heard a voice he found out what it was.

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