amelie and friends

~Amelie it’s rude to laugh at 7 year olds~

Wow! I actually finished this piece and I’m happy with it! Anyway, this feeds into my overwatch, childhood au thingy. Basically Lena’s hair floofs when you dry it and Amelie thinks it’s cute and yeah. They were originally trying to look for constellations. It did not end well.

things u can draw for me to make me love u forever:

  • human mondatta (especially with piercings)
  • genji/copy machine fanart
  • really any genji that has been drawn for me, specifically
  • genji and amelie being best friends!!!!!!!
  • zen and sombra being best friends!!!!!
  • hanzo and fareeha being best friends!!!!!
  • pretty much anything based on anything ive written/posted about
  • actually anything for me in general
  • pictures of me

widowmistress  asked:

isn't there something you should be doing, instead of lounging around?

                     ❛            PROBABLY.                 ❜                 she    doesn’t    move.       sombra  takes  up  three  spaces  on  the  couch,     litters  the  table  in  an  assortment  of  snacks  and  non-work  related   ‘ decoration ’.     the  woman  is  as  unapologetic  now  as  she’s  ever  been,     one  hand  in  a  bag  of  oven  baked  potato  chips  and  the  other  idly  scrolling  through  web  pages.            ❛          RELAJARSE,   it’ll get done.    when  did  you  turn  into  gabriel   ??    also,   unrelated,    would  it  be  problematic  to  have  these  shoes  i’m  ordering  delivered  TO   the  lair  or  do  you  think  the  whole  secretive  operation  thing  excludes  weekday  sales    ?      ❜