Amelia: You know, one day, I want to visit France! I hear it’s absolutely marvelous! 

Alfred: Err, quite a dream you got there, Em’. That’s quite a ways from home.

Amelia: Of course! Think big and go greater, right? It’ll be the bee’s knees, I assure you, especially if you company me. Oh Alfred, tell me you’ll come with me, darling!

Alfred: Aha… If I’m with you, how could I possibly deny?

Amelia: !!!
Splendid! Oh love, I’m so excited!💕

Always Running || Amelia Carter

Ethan was used to being hunted. He has grown accustomed to hunting. But what he wasn’t prepared for? Being found. 

He rested his head against the wall of the alleyway, taking in his last few moments of freedom. He had always been the best mortal that S.H.I.E.L.D. had ever seen. For someone without super-serum or genetic mutations or exposure to radioactive chemicals, he was impressive. 

But this girl had found him before he had found her. Years of running, and it was all over because Amelia Carter had beaten him. He closed his eyes and resigned himself to his fate as he heard her steps coming around the corner. 

I was time to stop running, and his wishes were irrelevant- as they has always been. 

“Congratulations,” he drawled like the Texan he was. “You found me.”

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Four Months

Four months is finally here! Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been so busy with uni I have only just had the time. Thank you all so much for being super supportive and, as always, any comments will be greatly appreciated. 

I also had to say the BIGGEST thank you for 300 followers! I can’t even begin to express how grateful and humbled I am to know that 300 of you read my word, so thank you sooooo much for that my beautiful little cupcakes <3 <3 <3

Superhero Big Brother - One Month - Two Months - Three Months


Amelia was sat with Edwards, looking at their patient’s scans and evaluating the best approach for him. Amelia’s hands were instinctively placed protectively on her stomach, which was beginning to show ever so slightly. It mainly looked like she had just had too many burritos for lunch, but that didn’t stop her from getting excited at the sight of her bulging belly.

“I really think that a neuroendoscopy will be the best approach here. See if you look here, we can get to the ventricle quite easily from there, and bam! We’ve got the tumor.”

“Simple as that? God, it’s so amazing how you can just figure that out so quickly.”

“What can I say? I’m pretty amazing!” Amelia joked, flicking through the iPad she had in her hand to get a better view of the scans. “You’ll have to get used to this, Edwards. I’m not going to be around for a while soon, and I’m going to need you to hold the fort until I get back.”

Stephanie’s eyes grew with worry. Where was her amazing mentor going, and how long was she going for? She couldn’t possibly leave Steph with a different mentor, right?

“Wait..? What do you mean? Where are you going?”

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[I’m finally back from such a long hiatus!

This blog is still a 1920s Human AU, where Emily is a Flapper and Alfred is a US Pilot! I’m low on asks, so if you have anything, please ask away! <3]


((OOC: Pfft, well.. Technically, I wouldn’t call it “self-cest”. 

In my 1920s Human AU, Alfred Jones and Emily Carter (Amelia) are two different people. I use Amelia Jones in tags for purposes that are simply utilized to recognize the character. So this isn’t self-cest. Just two lil’ Americans in love in the times of war. 

However, the canon universe depends on your headcanons. Personally, I don’t think America and Nyo!America are the same person. Sure, they represent the same country, but they’re two different representations with their own personalities. So even then, it isn’t self-cest, in my opinion. It all depends how you look at it really. ; v ;)b 

I can see it as Americest, but not self-cest. So, I wouldn’t say it’s crack-shipping! I actually love this pairing to death, but honestly, I can only ship these two when they’re in an AU of some sort, aha. Ex: Human AU.))


filius-umbra-finis, this is for you. 

I just wanna say that I love, like REALLY love this idea! I don’t think the world would be able to handle all of these kids in one place for one summer! 

Something tells me Dorothy, Amelia, and Aimée would get on like a house and fire. They’d recruit her as an honorary monster/treasure hunter, forming the ultimate trio!

Wayland and Finn would probably become best buds after a while as well. Finn’s a bit of a dork so he likes to explain all kinds of sciencey stuff to Wayland, and Wayland likes to cheer him up with balloons.

Hazel and Marcus, however, would NOT get along at first. Hazel’s got a very headstrong personality, so when she learns that the son of Maxwell Carter is at the same camp with her, she’d probably not care for him much. Of course, they’d likely end up having to team up to rescue their siblings from whatever trouble they caused, so they can ever avoid each other.

Marcus belongs to filius-umbra-finis, I do NOT take any credit for him! All the other next-gen survivors belong to me! Thank you once again for sending me this idea!

Alchemy, Chapter 1

Here it is! The fanfic I’d been saying I’d write! This is a little fic feature filius-umbra-finis‘s OC, Marcus, and my Willowson lovechild, Hazel. 

Summary: Hazel Higgsbury and Marcus Carter had been rivals since the moment they’d met at summer camp. But when circumstances force them to work together, nothing could have prepared them for what happened next. 

Please enjoy!

“Do I really need to go?”

“Marcus, we’ve gone over this.” Charlie gave her son a look as she set his suitcase on top of his bed. “You can’t spend your entire summer indoors. The fresh air will be good for you.”

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