amelia rickards


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“You know, Chris,” Amelia sat down next to him on the couch with a tea mug in hands “Hope looked up to Allison. Growing up she always had the need to help others and as she was getting older she wanted to save people. It’s like it was her top priority—”

“Amelia.” Chris interjected and placed his hand on top of Amelia’s free hand, the sorrow in his tone clear as day.

“No it’s fine. I want someone to hear this from me.” Amelia shook her head, a small smile tugging on her lips. “When you and Allison moved here to Beacon Hills, Hope, yeah she was jealous, not only because Scott was dating her, but also she knew how to shoot an arrow or fight. Hope couldn’t do that, no matter how hard she tried. So while you and Allison were away in France, Hope bought herself arrows and a bow — Hell, I’m still not sure how on earth she had the money, but she attempted countless times to shoot an arrow properly.

“She got so frustrated when she missed the target — it was pretty funny if I’m being fully honest — but eventually she learned from her mistakes, and finally shot one dead center. I remember how her face lit up with the biggest smile as she started jumping around screaming that she finally did it.” Amelia suddenly stopped talking while her eyes strayed away from Chris’s. A large lump formed inside her throat as her heart felt like it was being crushed by an imaginary hand. Whenever Amelia spoke about Hope, the void that is still in her heart grew more the longer she relived her memories. It was unbearable. The need to have her by her side and crack some silly joke was all she wanted, now more than ever. But she never will. Amelia will never have the one thing she longed for.

Chris gave her a reassuring squeeze with his hand which made her glance up at him, “She was a warrior, Amelia.”

Hot, steamy tears rolled down her rosy cheeks as she forced a smile onto her face. “She still is.”