amelia x james


she came to see you the night after the attack. she was drunk. she was upset because you called her for a consult that day; the day of the attack. and she had a choice between coming to you and going to another trauma. she went to the other trauma because she was mad at you.

When you realise Amelia Shepherd has a type

Yeah, Amelia totally has a type…hot trauma GODS.First we have smart,sweet but smoking hot ER doc James.And then we have sweet,smart,badass,veteran trauma surgeon Owen who wears plaid for a living,is HOT as f***,has amazing blue-green eyes?? and apparently does badass-risky-sucking all the blood out surgery to sick teenagers just so he can save their lives and show the middle finger to son and mama Avery.And he wants a family too!He’s the whole package,the real deal.Can you tell I prefer Owen?? :D No wonder Amelia loves him…What is there not to love?

Amelia x James

Amelia moving away from LA to go to Seattle had been s big thing. She was leaving behind a lot of things, bad and good. She left Addison and Charlotte and all her new friends, but at the same time she left behind the pain of losing a fiancée and a baby. Though she had ‘moved on’ in a sense with another doctor at the hospital in LA, she got cold feet about the engagement thing and the prospect of having kids etc. Losing her son had ruined her, even if she didn’t like to show it. She’d been working in Seattle and living with her brother, he had said he was moving to DC to work there and Amelia took over his job for a little while. All of a sudden he’d changed his mind, and was back working at Grey Sloan Memorial, with Amelia as his boss. It was great really, the feeling that she had control over her older brother, a bragging right. When he decided to stay, they both stayed on as neurosurgeons in Seattle. Charlotte had surprisingly called her from LA, there was a huge case and the patient was rich as hell so he’d requested the best surgeon for the job. At first she was skeptical, but went along with it, arriving by helicopter to LA a couple days later. The surgery wasn’t scheduled until the end of the week but Amelia wanted to get some practice in - not that she hadn’t done this procedure before - so she arrived early. She was staying at a hotel, she hadn’t even told Addison she would be coming. She met up with Charlotte at St Ambrose, she was given full privileges for the duration of her stay, obviously she wasn’t the neurosurgeon on call, she was only there for one surgery. She was at the nurses station, asking for the patients chart, still in her own clothes as scrubs wouldn’t be required until she was operating. “Darren Smith, yeah he’s one of Charlotte King’s patients. Thanks.” [ mccharming ]