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Saying Something Stupid Like I Love You

To the anon that sent the very sweet message asking for a part 3 and for everyone else who also requested this - HERE IT IS! This is a little more fluffy but I hope you enjoy it! If you want a PART FOUR just ask for it, as I want to write things you all want to read and will enjoy! Reviews, comments, messages, etc. are always welcome. Sending you all love and hugs over the holidays!


In case you missed it: NO HARD FEELINGS (part one) - RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKED (part two)

Amelia’s mind felt unbelievably heavy as she climbed out of her car and and quietly shut the door behind herself. It was around 3am and although she wasn’t sure who was in the house, she didn’t want to run the risk of waking anyone up - especially her nieces and nephew. Running her hand through her messy hair she took a deep breath; the cold air waking her slightly as it travelled through her. 

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Red Thread VI

Prologue  - I - II - III - IV - V

“Tell me what happened.” Owen demanded while soaking a piece of cotton in some hydrogen peroxide and cleaning the now dried blood tenderly.

“Stop asking.” She simply said, not wanting to talk about it.

“Amelia, this is serious. Who did this to you?”

Shaking her head, she looked down at her hands, trying to swallow the lump that was forming in her throat. With one finger down her chin, he lifted her face so he could look into her eyes. “Amelia…”

“It was a mistake. It wasn’t on purpose, he didn’t mean to.” Her voice sounded so sad and worried, it broke his heart a little more –that’s it, until he processed her words.

He? Who the hell are you talking about?” His concern turned into anger, and dropping what he was doing, he looked intently at her. “Tell me who did this.”

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A Music Affair: Family Days (Chapter 1)

Hey, everyone!!! So, here is a mini multi chapter fic (I actually don’t know how many chapters there’ll be lol), a sequel to my A Music Affair series, following the Grammy Awards one shot I wrote about it. You can read the AMA series here or here (if you like reading on Anyway, I hope you like this sequel and please, give me your feedback and what you’d like to read! I love to know what you guys think, it helps me a lot :) As usual, a huge thank you to @jordan202 and @jia911 for helping me with this!

Loud screams in terror. Severe pain. Lots of blood. Weird liquids coming out of weird places. It was like a horror movie. 

“Ugh, that’s disgusting.” Amelia grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl placed on top of her huge 34 week baby belly while she watched a show about births on TLC. 

“And yet you’re still eating?” Owen chuckled as his wife shrugged, carelessly. 

Amelia watched as Owen struggled in carrying a big heavy box from the bedroom to the living room, placing it in a corner with the other numerous boxes he had packed before, which contained their personal belongings, dishes, plates, clothes… Basically everything they owned. 

The couple had finally found the perfect house in LA for them to move out of Owen’s apartment and start their life as a family. The apartment wasn’t bad, it was actually pretty big, but it wasn’t a place to raise a child and both of them felt the need to buy a big house for the new and most exciting step in their lives. But, since their work schedule had been pretty tight with interviews, dealing with press for their albums, concerts and award appearances, Owen and Amelia had only managed to go house hunting when Amelia was already at the end of her second trimester, which made both of them hurry up and choose a house that didn’t need any type of reconstruction, since they wanted to be all settled before the baby was born. 

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It was late one night, not even that late, that Meredith was woken up by someone pounding on the door. It definitely wasn’t late enough that she should think about calling the police and she knew that Maggie wouldn’t be in till morning, which meant Amelia must have forgotten her keys somewhere. Again. As the noise ceased suddenly and Meredith figured she must have found the spare key hidden under the rock, so she turned in bed, keeping a trained ear to make sure none of the kids had woken up as well, and shut her eyes to get back to sleep. Until it started again, about two minutes after she closed her eyes. Groaning, she realize it wouldn’t go away and she better get the door before any of the kids woke. Muttering to herself about telling Amelia about the spare key she passed by her room and noticed the light was on. Not the big one, but there was a soft, dim light passing from the crack under the door. Meredith knocked gently a couple of times, but no one answered. Maybe she’d left it on for when she came back, not wanting to wake anybody else with the other one. She rolled her eyes at how stupid an assumption that was, the most basic phone nowadays had a flash which could service as flashlight if needed. Meredith knocked again and still she got no answer, she really, really, didn’t want to have to call dreading waking the little ones. That was it. Amelia had fallen asleep and she’d forgotten her light on.

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