amelia smollett



(Bio to be added)

Personality: sharp-witted, no-nonsense, hard working

Tidbit: She served in the navy before becoming a police officer

Occupation: Police Captain

Family: None

Residence: The Villas Apartments


Photostat 4/5

The bottom image is two pictures of one page that I put together. Just read right to left like normal, ignoring the split down the middle and the slight misalignment.

Silver’s crew is chasing Amelia, Doppler, B.E.N., and Jim, and they run up to some kind of structure (it’s hard to tell what it is, but I assumed some kind of natural balloon-like thing). They jump on it, and Amelia swings around on a vine/rope/cable and shoots out the ones keeping the object tethered, and they float away.


As requested by megers67 these are some–if not all–of the changes to Amelia and Doppler from the original storyboard.

Photostat 1/5

Click on the images and view them one by one because the caption has their dialogue in it, since my camera is crap and makes it twice as hard to read.

Doppler makes another Star Trek reference in the beginning, when Billy Bones dies. Sarah tries to convince him to talk to Jim, but Doppler’s pretty sure Jim hates him. A little of Doppler’s school days are revealed through his thoughts about Jim. And when convincing Sarah to let Jim and him go off to Treasure Planet, he uses the pet comparison.