amelia little


three stages of fangirling over ginny baker (insp)

you know that girl Amelia Bedelia who was a maid for these rich people but fucked things up sometimes bc she took everything literal but at the end everyone pretty much forgave her when she baked a pie or cake bc she’s just a cinnamon roll doing her best to do her job?

well, that’s only the purest thing ever

Girls wear makeup to impress boys.

You think I own 78 MAC lipsticks to impress some douche who can't tell the difference between Myth and Snob?!


—  jadeameliabadwi

Wednesday’s Character Page is done!

Check it out here, if you are interested! :)

I plan on adding more but this is just a start. Do not mind the photos, I am going take and edit some new ones so the page looks nice, I am just excited about it. ^^