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Leopard Stalks in Snow

Little moments that I loved in this episode.

Veil coming to the widows home and  Tilda being very happy to see her and Henry. Waldo looking like a proud grandpa with that smile and fond caress at the baby boy of the man he obviously thinks of like a son.

Sunnys talk with Doc cloud and the old man not condemning him for what happened to Portia, which if it was Waldo, I’m sure Sunny would’ve heard a sharp quip for his trouble since waldo isn’t into remorse and redemption for past sins. I think Sunny needed to hear a gentler man’s point of view and I loved it.

The way Sunny was watching Portia and little Amelia sleep peacefully, that they’re safe and protected under his watchful care is very nice. I love that how when anyone’s under his protection, he doesn’t like the idea of abandoning them. And of course his and MKs reunion, has he ever asked the kid if he’s okay before?

welcome!!!!!! this is long overdue. i’ve been promising myself i’d made this forever. so here it is - the ultimate masterpost of wlw (women loving women) books. not all characters are lesbians, some are bi or pan, though all books feature f/f relationships and/or themes. there are 150+ recommendations, so enjoy!









gifset request from anonymous: Owen and Amelia pushing each other into rooms so they can talk. Parallel 11x20 // 13x17.

Alex: “Don’t let her size fool you, she’s going to be the first female professional gridball player, I know it!”
Alex: “Shh, she’s sleeping. ❤︎”
Penny: “Could you give me a moment? Amelia’s a little fussy right now.”
Penny: “*humming*”

(possible) final portraits and new dialogue for mommy and daddy Penny/Alex ;-;///


But what does this have to do with you being so upset earlier?

Rupture (Part 2)

A couple of people have asked for a part two for Rupture, so here it is :) Part one can be found here :)

Lights flooded the room. It felt too early for lights to be flooding the room. Much too early. It took her a moment to remember where she was when her eyes first blinked open, she wasn’t used to seeing the hospital from a patient’s point of view, it seemed like a completely different world.

She sat up a little, as much as she could do without it hurting that was, and looked around. There were three chairs in different spots around the room, all the standard hospital uncomfortable arm chairs, same wood same cushions saw them everyday, but there were people in them. Three people, and all three seemed to be asleep. Curled up in any way possible in an effort to get comfortable in a chair, clearly. Owen was sitting in the chair directly beside the bed, his lap coat over his lap like some kind of blanket, his head backwards almost uncomfortably. Maggie and Meredith were on the other side of the room, which Amelia couldn’t actually believe. Especially Meredith. It wasn’t like her at all, but she was there, definitely there.

She looked over at the clock on the wall directly in front of her.


It was too early. It was much too early.

“Amelia…” Maggie said, slowly waking up. “Do you, do you have any pain? Do you need-there’s water over there.” She said, pointing over to the little cup on the table beside Amelia’s bed, water already poured into it from the jug that stood next to it.

“You all slept here.” Amelia said, running a hand through her hair to brush some out of her face.

“You’re surprised?” Maggie asked, getting up and walking over to the table where the water was, picking up the cup and passing it over to Amelia.

Meredith slept here.” Amelia said, this was the part she was mainly surprised about.

“I don’t think she meant to?” Maggie said with a little laugh, perching on the edge of the bed and pushing up Amelia’s blankets so she didn’t pull on them or anything.

“Sounds about right.” Amelia nodded, taking a little sip of the water.

“Do you need anything?” Maggie asked again, even though it had barely been two minutes since she had asked the last time.

“I’m fine.” Amelia said, reaching to put her cup down and scrunching up her face, immediately trying to pretend that she hadn’t actually felt any pain and she was 100% absolutely fine.

“What was that?” Maggie said, because she knew that face. That was the face of someone in pain. At this point, pain was normal, pain was expected, but that didn’t mean Amelia should have to suffer in silence.

“I feel how you’re supposed to feel.” Amelia answered. “And now I need to pee.” She added, the urge suddenly massive like she hadn’t peed in days. “I really need to pee.”

“Okay, do you think you can get over there?” Maggie asked. Even though movement was encouraged, Amelia wasn’t on any kind of pain medication and walking over to the bathroom was definitely bound to cause some.

“Maggie my legs still work fine.” She said, twisting herself around and slowly swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, clearly a mistake. “Maybe shouldn’t have done that.” She put her hand over where it hurt without even realising.

“Okay, I’ve got you.” Maggie said, putting her arm around Amelia’s shoulders and providing some support for hopefully not too much pain.

Amelia clenched her teeth the whole way to the bathroom, walking slowly was still walking and walking was equal to hurting. The amount she needed to pee though, outweighed the effort it took to get to the bathroom.

“I’m gonna close the door, let me know if you need me.” Maggie said, pushing the bathroom door shut and standing outside.

“Thankyou.” Amelia said through the door. “For, sleeping here.” She added. It gave her this nice warm feeling to know that people cared. People cared enough to sleep by her bedside when she was recovering from surgery. It wasn’t like she didn’t think people cared, because she knew people cared, but showing it, it was a really nice feeling.


Temperance is just clingy and wanted to sit with Nessy and Amelia on the couch.💜


Flashback família Shepherd Private Practice 

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