amelia i love you

So Taylor I have some exciting news that I haven’t told you yet. I’ve been accepted to my dream school, North Central College, with a large scholarship. I’ve also been accepted to major in biology and study in their Pre-Veterinary Medicine program. I have theater auditions on February 4th so wish me luck!!! I just really wanted to tell you since I consider you one of my best friends (hope it’s mutual) I love you.

so to bring in the new year I have decided to make a little follow forever (friends are bold) banner made by gravelyhumerus


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I just got my new chokers from @ameliastardust and omg they are so perfect! I was surprised when I saw my name on the note inside. She writes out a message for every order! Really you guys should all get your jewelry from her, she’s so nice and it’s a lot cheaper than any other store online.

absumpsi  asked:

"I see you are paying attention to someone that isn't me, why is that?"


             “ Well, because, my dear Amelia — I am, at heart, an unfaithful, deceptive, and easily bored human monster. I would apologize for this terrible behaviour, but it so happens that honesty is one of my few redeemable qualities and I shan’t tarnish it now. So, no, I won’t say I’m sorry for not affording you any attention tonight, as I am not sorry. Perhaps it was my mistake to think that the 14 hours of attention I gave your starting this morning at 7:38 was enough, but alas, it would seem that the bigger the back-end, the larger the requirement for attention. It’s an awful burden you carry, Ms. Sinclair. I do not envy you. However, if I were paying attention to you…I would have to ask: do you believe those trousers were the right choice?

Sacrifices must be made


“ Uh… I know we don’t really have a choice, but will you marry me? ”

This was not the way the princess imagined it to feel. Not in a thousand years.
Of course she was royal, of course there had always been the idea of becoming married to someone she didn’t knew properly, but in her imagination things always endet up well. Was she that naive? Was she such a romantic, moony girl    not seeing what she was really born to? The bitter pill she would have to swallow, wrapped like a piece of chocolate? No. Amelia was not one of these dumb women! Of course she knew    even if she tried to deny it all the time.
Staring at the young man in front of her, his face hidden beneath a dark and frightening mask, she could do nothing else than pressing her lips together. For a second Amelia felt like someone pressed the air out of her lungs, pushing her to the edge of an abyss. No. This was no man. This was a monster.

  Lord Ren,  I.. , she stammered, her skin as pale as the moonlight.
Don’t be foolish. Don’t hope for something else. This is your life. This is what you were raised for and in the end she saved at least her people and her planet. That’s the deal!

 I would be honoured to. 

Her life wasn’t her own. It never was and it would never be. Even less she was now the property of the First Orders killing machine.

  • Amelia: *giggles*
  • Klaus: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Amelia: You're in love!
  • Klaus: I am not!
  • Amelia: You keep looking at MC with sad puppy eyes every time her back is turned.
  • Klaus: There are no puppy eyes.
  • Amelia: It's alright, you know? Even you can be happy every once in a while. It won't kill you. But your face might crack if you smile so be careful.

Amelia: You know, one day, I want to visit France! I hear it’s absolutely marvelous! 

Alfred: Err, quite a dream you got there, Em’. That’s quite a ways from home.

Amelia: Of course! Think big and go greater, right? It’ll be the bee’s knees, I assure you, especially if you company me. Oh Alfred, tell me you’ll come with me, darling!

Alfred: Aha… If I’m with you, how could I possibly deny?

Amelia: !!!
Splendid! Oh love, I’m so excited!💕


Andrew - “I gotta go get Amelia.”

Liz - “OK I’ll see you two at home.”

Andrew - “I love you.”

Liz - “Love you too.”

Laura - “Remember when we were like that Will?”

Will - “Before we had kids? Yeah.”

Laura - “That’s bad logic William….they’ve been married six years and they have an almost 5 year-old daughter.”