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It’s cancer season and our two favorite women are celebrating their birthdays! Use the hashtag #iris and daisy birthday week and appreciate the beauty that is the two flowers for the whole nine days between their birthdays. ♥

June 24th, Day 1: Why You Love Them / Characteristics:  - It’s Iris West’s 28th Birthday! 

June 25th, Day 2: Flowers / Beauty: i.e. moments from each show that are centered around the significance or beauty of flowers, name symbology Or favorite outfits, hairstyles, looks 

June 26th, Day 3: Colors: i.e. those you associate with them, your personal favorites throughout their scenes

June 27th, Day 4: Songs / Poems: i.e. your favorite wlw anthems, narrative quotes or tumblr poetry

June 28th, Day 5: Marvel And DC: Crossover Ships with either or both of the Two Flowers within either superhero universe i.e. Daisy and Cisco, even Iris and Sara Lance

June 29th, Day 6: Femslash: Crossover and/or Poly Ships with the Two Flowers from any universe your little heart desires i.e. Iris and Daisy and Buffy, Daisy and Izzy

June 30th, Day 7: Heroes: i.e. how they’re both heroes in their own right, their actions and traits that show this

July 1st, Day 8: AU: i.e. any scenario, meet-cute, canon divergent, episode combining rewrite, an adventure they could go on together to anywhere in this world or another 

July 2nd, Day 9: Why They’d Love Each Other / Parallels: - It’s Daisy Johnson’s 29th Birthday!

Any type of media is welcome: graphics, gifsets, moodboards, aesthetics, fanfic, you name it. Sharing the love for both of these beautiful women above all else is everything this event is about, so let’s!  ♥

Imagine while traveling with the Doctor, you hear lots about the Ponds and what happened to them. After confessing that you want to meet them, the Doctor takes you to one of the nights when they were apart and you spend the night eating and watching movies with the Ponds. After the night is over, and the Doctor and you go back to the TARDIS, the Doctor cries.

(I may or may not be about to spam you guys who knows at this point XD.)