amelia draws things

Hello, old friend. And here we are. You and me, on the last page.  

4/? scribble edits


hello friends finals are almost over so here are some cruddy artemis fowl sketches colored very cruddily in krita (im so glad to have my laptop back sobs)

i haven’t reread the books in ages and i’ve nEVER drawn these guys before so i’m sorry if they look off but here’s what they’ve always looked like in my head??

y’all if you haven’t read these books go read them they’re so good…. so good


team artichoke makes silly faces part 1 (the rest are coming once zach and caleb decide what faces they want for their characters :U)

apparently multisided tokens on roll20 are a thing so we’re using them for expressions for the characters :D

this is my first time making gifs be nice pls