amelia curtis

Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy superlatives.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Most Likely to cheer you up:</b> Guy Brighton, Amelia Nile, Randy March.<p/><b>Most Likely to Get Away with Anything:</b> Luca Orlem.<p/><b>Most Creative:</b> Randy March.<p/><b>Most Likely to Succeed:</b> Elias Goldstein, Klaus Goldstein.<p/><b>Most Likely to be Late to Graduation:</b> Guy Brighton, MC.<p/><b>Best to Take Home Mom and Dad:</b> Cerim Leiado, Yukiya Reizen, Sigurd Curtis, Amelia Nile.<p/><b>Most Athletic:</b> Vincent Knight, Guy Brighton.<p/><b>Best Eyes:</b> Joel Crawford.<p/><b>Best hair:</b> Azusa Kuze, Luca Orlem.<p/><b>Most Fashionista:</b> Leslie Roseblade.<p/><b>Most Forgetful:</b> Leon .-.<p/></p><p/><b></b> Feel free to add more!<p/></p>

I thought it was strangely coincidental that Metatron’s line here from 10x02 is almost identical to one from 4x20. As you may recall, in “The Rapture” Castiel had been called back to Heaven and forced to vacate his vessel (leaving it without Grace, if you will). Jimmy Novak then returns to his wife, Amelia, and his daughter, Claire, but they are cornered by demons. In the ensuing confrontation, Jimmy is fatally shot and a demon is about to kill Claire. Fortunately, Castiel returns in time to use Claire as his vessel and save the day. Initially, he intended to continue his mission with Claire as vessel, but Jimmy heatedly insists that Castiel take him instead.

In “Reichenbach,” Castiel’s stolen Grace is quickly fading; unless he takes additional Grace or recovers some of his own, he will eventually die. Metatron has said before (previously in season 9 and then again in 10x02) that he could restore Castiel (presumably with some of his original Grace). Obviously, Castiel is opposed to making any more deals, even to save his own life.

However, as we learned in 9x11, when an angel inhabits a vessel, it leaves behind a measure of Grace within the human body. Combine this with the news that the part of Claire Novak is being cast for appearance in season 10, and it seems like there might be more than one way to save Castiel’s life. Is this parallel merely a coincidence? Or deliberate setup for the story? Either way, I’m excited to see what this season will bring for my favorite angel.