I’m not very imaginative with romantic stuff, so a lot of this came from references, aside from the two larger poses. You can tell I don’t do this a lot. My virgin ass was blushing all the way through this.

Since I missed Valentines Day, I decided to may up for it with some belated kiss sketches. I’ve been trying to work out some love interests for Amelia, so I figured this may help.

(used faceclaim and pose references)


I need prompts people! I have many grown up responsibilities to avoid and want to bang out a fic tonight! So please someone send me a prompt!! I think I’m going to stick to my pre-established Omelia universe, but what do you want to see?

I asked a friend (more just a school friend) who doesn’t know I have DID if he would be scared to meet someone with DID after seeing split and he said yes. Another friend told me her dad thinks people with DID are violent like how split shows…. so can people stop acting like works of fiction don’t effect how people think. They do. In fact I have heard several times there is scientific data that they do which I will try to find sources for in the morning. (Unless someone has them and can reblog adding them on) I just couldn’t sleep and wanted to make this quick post now.

Let me just make something clear

If you want to go see Split for whatever reason I am not mad at you. I’m not thrilled but I’m not going to yell at you about it or call you a horrible person. All I ask is that you remember this is a work of fiction and not an accurate representation of DID. and that you ask questions if you have them to help you understand what DID really is. I would be happy to answer questions. is a great site for info on DID. I personally am not going to see it because I don’t agree with how it represents people with DID and feel like it would probably upset me but if you really really want to see it I won’t blame you…I blame the people who made the movie and even then I tried to work with them rather than against with the PSA petition but they are ignoring us so time for a different approach I suppose…I just want to be understood and not feared. Of course I wish people wouldn’t see it but I know some people will no matter what and I respect their choice. So go see the movie if you really want to see it but don’t let it effect your opinion of us. ~Amelia