She does a thing where she nudges this toy so that it rocks back and forth or side-to-side  gently…and then she sticks her head under it like this.

She has learned how to make her toy give her scritches.

The 'Feed Me' Chronicles

She waited the entire day for him to come home, an entire day that could’ve been spent creating sustenance for herself, but instead was spent waiting for him to so she could tell him to feed her.
“Feed me.”
“Really?” Owen huffed as he closed the door, “You waited for me to come home so that I could cook for you?”
“Yes,” she said, shrugging, “what’s wrong with that?”
“You can cook, Amelia.”
“Waffles. I can cook waffles. Make, actually.”
“Well then MAKE waffles,” he said, putting down his briefcase and loosening his tie.
“Waffles are for breakfast,” she stated as though it was a fact, “It’s dinner time. Feed me.” She linked her hands behind his neck and dramatically hung onto him, repeating ‘feed me’ over and over again. He held onto her waist and walked her backwards, lifting her up on to the kitchen island. “You’re a big girl, feed yourself,” he said, patting her thighs as she pouted, walking towards the fridge to get a drink. Amelia followed him, hot on his heels once again.
She jumped on his back and latched on, catching him off guard, “Feeeeedddddd meeeeeee.”
“Back, she-demon,” Owen exclaimed, flicking some of his beer, with his hand, at her.
“Did you just flick alcohol at me?” Amelia inquired, looking over Owen’s shoulder at him with her eyebrows furrowed.
“Yes,” he muttered, taking swig of the drink, “it was supposed to burn you.”
“I can’t believe you,” she said, still astonished by the act. She used this to her advantage however, “Now you have to feed me.”
“Because I threw some beer on you?”
“Yes,” she whined, “I feel physically harassed.”
“I’m not the one physically harassing people,” Owen pointed out, walking over to the couch with Amelia still latched on to him.
“I just want chicken,” she wheezed. Owen was casually leaning back on her, crushing her between him and the couch as he turned on the TV.
“Then make chicken,” he responded simply, flipping through the channels.
“I’ll do the thing,” she whispered, slowly running out of oxygen. She could feel him tensing in front of her and, a few seconds after, he was up and heading to the kitchen.

“I strongly dislike you, Amelia Shepherd,” Owen said, taking the chicken out of the oven.
“No you don’t,” she said, smiling sweetly.
“Here,” he put the chicken down on the stove, “I held up my end of the bargain.” He took off his mittens and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her close as he seductively whispered, “Now it’s your turn.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she joked while he pulled a piece of the meat off and put it in his mouth. She grabbed the finger he used to pick the chicken and put it in her mouth, pushing it all the way in before pulling it out slowly. “Mmm, tastes good,” she said, knowing what she’d done and feeling the effect it had on his pelvis.
“You’re a tease, you know that?” Owen stated, letting her go so that she could finally have her chicken.

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Text: Hey, i might take the kids to Disneyland before school goes back, and if you'd like to join us, i know Ryan would appreciate someone his own age on the trip?

Text: Oh I wouldn’t want to intrude.. And it’s expensive…

The Daydreaming Chronicles

Serendipity - the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

“Think of a place I would go, I’m daydreaming. To where the sycamore grows, I’m daydreaming.”

Was he dreaming?

“And oh if you knew what it meant to me, where the air was so clear.”

He opened his eyes, catching his bearings; she was no longer in his bed. He reached across and clenched the covers where her body had once been, wishing she’d stayed, wondering why she didn’t.

“Oh if you knew what it meant to me,
Anywhere but here.”

Was someone singing? He became suddenly aware to the sound of running water.

“Oh now look to the east, great mountains remember me. Oh I wound around you for miles, I sat down right there and I stretched my bones.”

He got out of his bed and inched slowly towards the sound, making sure his steps were silent.

“And oh if you knew what it meant to me, oh if you knew what it meant to me, oh if you knew what it meant to me, you’d see, too.”

She didn’t leave.

“Oh the unspeakable things.”

“It’s land I can see for miles, with only the wind whispering,” he sang softly when she stopped; she didn’t flinch when she heard his voice.
“Land I can see for miles, with only the wind whispering,” she continued as if his presence was always there. Although the translucent glass of the shower held them apart, they’d somehow felt like it wasn’t there; they felt like they were connected despite it. “Oh land I can see for miles, with only the wind whispering,” he added, standing outside. For some reason, he didn’t want to invade her space, instead pressing his hand against the glass separating them.
“Oh I’d run as fast as I can. Land I can see for miles; oh I’m searching, with only the wind whispering.” The outline of her hand became visible as it pressed against the other side of the glass, right where his was. It was only for a moment, disappearing soon after. It was an invite.
He opened the shower and entered, wrapping his arms around her torso from the back as he whispered, “Oh if you knew what it meant to me, oh if you knew what it meant to me, oh if you knew what it meant to me, you’d see, too.” She closed her eyes and leaned into his soft touch, resting her head in the nape of his neck, her hands on his as they both continued the song she’d begun.
“Oh the unspeakable things.”
The warm water didn’t seem as warm anymore with Owen holding onto her. She turned around and caressed his face with her thumb, wiping away the trickling water from it as he drew small circles on her lower back.
“Oh the unspeakable things. Oh the unspeakable things. Oh the unspeakable things.”
She tiptoed, lightly pressing her lips against his while the shower head continued to soak the two, the water becoming a part of the kiss.
The moment was unique, the song giving the same meaning for each person. They rocked slowly as Amelia hummed the song, Owen resting his chin on her head, feeling the small vibrations of her humming under him.
It was serendipitous.


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