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I didn't send you my address, but I saw what you're doing and I think it's super sweet :) Hope you have a LOVE-ly Valentine's day :) you certainly deserve it! :)

Oh golly, thank you. I just wanted everybody to feel like somebody cares.. you know? I hope they don’t take too long to start showing up.

And for the record, yes, my Valentine’s Day was nice. My hot date was records and Starbucks.
Vote Ameema for Chair of McMaster's First-Year council 2011-2012

Hey everyone,
I’m a first-year, here at Mac, in the faculty of Social Science,
i’m running for chair of the first-year council 2011-2012,
i’d love to represent all of you as first-years,
Here’s a video that goes into some more detail about what me and first-year council are all about:

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me and ask!
also, don’t hesitate to share this link with your other first-year friends at McMaster!
Thanks so much :)

i also have a facebook group:

check it out, and make sure you come out and vote!

Optimus and I

Yesterday, I got a brand new laptop… for ME.

I’m super excited about this. It’s silver, and small, and it’s my baby. I’ve already given it a name… yup.. i do that…my laptop is now called Optimus Prime. So now, I am not just protected from viruses, but from Decepticons as well!

i don’t know much about computers, but Optimus is pretty great. [He] is fast, and portable, and with [him] i have the whole world at my fingertips… okay, so it’s a little weird talking about my laptop as a person… maybe i’ll eventually get used to it? maybe i won’t… we’ll see.

But having my very own laptop has opened my eyes to how possible everything is for me now… I can blog all the time.. I can blog from my bedroom, from my garden, and soon, from my dorm room, from my common room… from class, even !

of course, I also have a smart phone.. I have the Blackberry Curve, and it’s my other baby.. (my hot pink iPod Nano Chromatic is my third baby). and I have the Tumblr app on my BB, so I can blog from it too..

It just sort of opened my eyes to the fact that the whole world is literally at my fingertips now!

So I plan on blogging more often from now on… after all, why not?

I’m about to start a brand new chapter in my life… University, and i will probably have lots of free time.. i will definitely have access to a computer !

So, stay tuned for more blogging.. who knows, maybe i’m interesting!

to finish off, i’m just really excited to have Optimus. I can Skype, Facebook, Tweet, Tumble, Stumble, Bank online, feed my neopets, and do literally anything !

So here’s to a new life, here’s to Optimus and I…

and here’s hoping i don’t become completely anti-social.