ameemabackwards asked:

I didn't send you my address, but I saw what you're doing and I think it's super sweet :) Hope you have a LOVE-ly Valentine's day :) you certainly deserve it! :)

Oh golly, thank you. I just wanted everybody to feel like somebody cares.. you know? I hope they don’t take too long to start showing up.

And for the record, yes, my Valentine’s Day was nice. My hot date was records and Starbucks. 

Hey everyone,
I’m a first-year, here at Mac, in the faculty of Social Science,
i’m running for chair of the first-year council 2011-2012,
i’d love to represent all of you as first-years,
Here’s a video that goes into some more detail about what me and first-year council are all about:

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me and ask!
also, don’t hesitate to share this link with your other first-year friends at McMaster!
Thanks so much :)

i also have a facebook group:

check it out, and make sure you come out and vote!

Optimus and I

Yesterday, I got a brand new laptop… for ME.

I’m super excited about this. It’s silver, and small, and it’s my baby. I’ve already given it a name… yup.. i do that…my laptop is now called Optimus Prime. So now, I am not just protected from viruses, but from Decepticons as well!

i don’t know much about computers, but Optimus is pretty great. [He] is fast, and portable, and with [him] i have the whole world at my fingertips… okay, so it’s a little weird talking about my laptop as a person… maybe i’ll eventually get used to it? maybe i won’t… we’ll see.

But having my very own laptop has opened my eyes to how possible everything is for me now… I can blog all the time.. I can blog from my bedroom, from my garden, and soon, from my dorm room, from my common room… from class, even !

of course, I also have a smart phone.. I have the Blackberry Curve, and it’s my other baby.. (my hot pink iPod Nano Chromatic is my third baby). and I have the Tumblr app on my BB, so I can blog from it too..

It just sort of opened my eyes to the fact that the whole world is literally at my fingertips now!

So I plan on blogging more often from now on… after all, why not?

I’m about to start a brand new chapter in my life… University, and i will probably have lots of free time.. i will definitely have access to a computer !

So, stay tuned for more blogging.. who knows, maybe i’m interesting!

to finish off, i’m just really excited to have Optimus. I can Skype, Facebook, Tweet, Tumble, Stumble, Bank online, feed my neopets, and do literally anything !

So here’s to a new life, here’s to Optimus and I…

and here’s hoping i don’t become completely anti-social.