ameda yota


恋★学園: 雨田陽太
Love★Academy: Ameda Yota

Photo Stills Set 1

Another route done. I might do Takumi next.

I think the one thing I hate about this game is that sometime it doesn’t save from the spot I was at. So I have to repeat the same chapter twice. And I wish the KOYON would accumulate.


Ameda Yota - Love Academy CGs

He’s the bossy and confident student council president, determined that everything goes his way. He basically points at you and POOF! You’re the general affairs manager. He has a strong sense of responsibility, and despite his confidence the part where he confesses was rather hilarious, hahaha. 

Thoughts on Ameda Yota's Route

Ameda Yota…

Let me just start by saying: yes. He’s a jerk. He’s rude, arrogant and totally conceited. He calls everyone else his “peasants” and “slaves” and he has no regard for anyone but himself–except maybe Togo. He’s kind of a terribly pompous, conceited jerk.

At least… He is at first. But, if you’re able to strip that away, you get to see the real Ameda Yota. And the person he really is. He’s been running away from his past, from everything he’s suffered, his whole life and, like Haku, he doesn’t know when or how to stop running anymore. He also doesn’t know how to express himself–which is probably why he and Togo get along so well, as they can both read each other without having to express anything at all.

The one thing I wasn’t too fond of was just how much you seem to get closer to some of the other guys instead of Yota for awhile. Booo. And miss MC is kind of a little, hmm, slower and more dense in this route, so it takes a LOT longer than usual to resolve.

Poor Ameda Yota.♥

But his route was so cute and I actually enjoyed it. I didn’t think I would, because generally I don’t care for pushy guys, but Yota’s really a sweetie when you get past the pushiness so… ♥ He tries so hard to get you to accept his feelings, to make you stay with him, but he clearly has no real idea how to actually go about it. In fact, he really has no idea how to express himself period, which is why he’s so bossy sometimes. I just wish his best ending had a little more romance to it rather than pure heat, but then again, Yota’s probably not that type, anyway. Haaaa.

Anyway, he’s not my favorite, I think, of all the guys, but I think his route is definitely worth the play-through. :)