Mexico - Day 4

The plan for the day was to visit nearby Teuchitlán Springs where Phase I of the Tequila Splitfin (Zoogoneticus tequila) reintroduction project is underway. This project is run by Dr. Martina Medina and students from the Aqualab. Afterwards we would explore the prehistoric site of Los Guachimontones. During breakfast Claire and Citlalli from the Universidad de Guadalajara joined us and would be tagging along for the day.

We arrived at the town of Teuchitlán and after a brief talk about the recovery status of the river we started a short walk upstream to the springs.

An interesting site in the river.

Once we reached the springs we got to hear more about the Tequila Splitfin project and saw the initial pool where Phase I was being implemented.

The Tequila Splitfin Pool (Photo by Ben)

Afterwards we went to the lower pools, which were swarming with hundreds of Butterfly Splitfins (Ameca splendens). In short order I caught both a male and female.

Species #190 - Butterfly Splitfin female

Species #190 - Butterfly Splitfin male

There were a few Blackfin Goodea (Goodea atripinnis) and Two-Spot Livebearer (Heterandria bimaculata) in the pool as well. Also heard rumors of La Luz Splitfin (Zoogoneticus purhepechus), but none were caught.

I started fishing in the river outside the protected pools and managed to catch this baby Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus). First Tilapia of the trip, but as you will see it was not the last.

Ben also caught a Blue Tilapia, which was a new species for him.

Ben on the hunt for Tilapia.

After awhile we headed to nearby Los Guachimontones, which is pretty interesting prehistoric site which consists of circular stepped pyramids surrounded by circular building complexes. Additionally, there were also ball courts where prehistoric games were played.

One of the stepped pyramids (Photo by Ben).

Los Guachimontones

After our tour of the site and museum we stopped by a local restaurant on the lake which was built around a spring and allowed fishing. It was a very neat experience. After our meal was done, we fished for awhile and caught dozens and dozens of Tilapia which filled the pool and loved tortillas.

Sign says something along the lines of “The fishing rod is the responsibility of the user to avoid accidents”.

View of the spring in the restaurant and the lake in the background.

Overall it was an interesting day and we returned to Guadalajara for the night.