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Merry Belated Christmas, Smi! I was your Secret Santa this year and I hope you enjoy your gift! Sorry it looks kinda…‘eh’– I’m on a new computer and I feel like my eyes are gonna bleed from how big the screen is 6w9

Prompt:- Both of them sitting in the dark, basking in the glow of Christmas tree lights, cute kissus or just sweet nothings or cuddling oh gosh /) )3( (\ babies  -Art (could be 2p if you’d like)
AmeCan Summer Exchange FanFiction!

Okay, so this is for ! Her wishlist asked for America and Canada either trying something from eachothers country (like poutine) and/ or a protective Al. Also that England and Russia were both cool.

[I hope you like it this is my first finished fanfiction ever so yeah, um, it’s been interesting. >_< but fun.]  Sorry if most of the ending is nonsensical, I stayed up until 5am finishing it. O.O anyways, thanks if you can read it, and Lieutenant-Kattok I hope you enjoy it! :)

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Shout Out #15

All aboard the fifteenth issue of the Shout Out! On it, you can find a list of creators and bloggers new to our Directories, as well as brand new community leaders and cultural ambassadors!

Get arty!

Two art blogs joined the Creator Directory this week! Head to @i-n-k-ink to see some lovely art, or alternatively head to @sweetsugaryscoop for their pretty pieces! Or even have a look at both!

Write it down!

@keiimos joined the Directory this week, not only with their main blog and its fics which can be found here, but also with their South Asia appreciation blog, @aphsouthasia! The fics for that blog can be found under #drabbles!

Ask about it!

Four ask blogs joined the Directory this week! Can you spot the odd one out?

  • @askladykirkland features art of Nyotalia England, as well as some friends, in a human AU set in the Victorian era!
  • @ask-aphmagickclub is a magical art-based ask blog with four characters at the helm: Norway, England, Belarus, and Romania!
  • @ask-aph-cupcakes contains cool cosplay of 2P!England himself! If you’re a fan of the cupcake king, check it out!
  • @ask-dog-germany is all about dogtalia! Specifically, Germany’s dog form! Head there to see lovely art of puppos!

Mind the miscellany!

Wondering what Romania does on a day-to-day basis? Wonder no more, as @dailyaphromania is on the Creator Directory and can satisfy your curiosity!

Build a community!

This week saw a lot of community blogs added to the Blog Directory!

  • @hetavols is the new hetavols! After the previous iteration of the blog deactivated, a new owner took up the mantle! Go help out if you can!
  • @amechuprompts, a twice-montly prompt blog for shippers, also joined us! If you’re in need of inspiration, check it out!
  • @amechuweek and @rochuweek joined as well! With both running events in July, you can get a headstart by following them now!
  • @scriptorium-rp also signed up! If you’re over 21 and want to participate in a canonverse, modern-day RP, then go have a look!

Lead others!

America and China shippers rejoice! @keiimos, admin of @amechuweek and @amechuprompts, has become the Leader for fans of the ship! If you need help with anything related to it, be sure to ask them!

Act as ambassador!

We’ve had a few new Ambassadors join the ranks this week, too!

Fair exchange!

A couple of blogs have been added to the Idea Exchange by @keiimos, who wants to find them good new admins! They are @fuckyeahcaname and @amecan-exchange! If anyone’s a fan of the ship and would like to take them on, contatc Kei!

As well as this, @hetaliamatsu suggested a blog idea! They’d like someone to run a blog with daily prompts for Hetalia creators, much like the Twitter prompt accounts! If anyone wants to take that on, please contact us so we can help you set up!

Birthday reminders!

A reminder that this week is Portugal’s birthday, with his non-canon celebrations occurring on the 10th! Also remember that tomorrow (June 8th), though the canon-given date, is not Hungary’s birthday! Her birthday is better being the 20th of August! Please celebrate then instead!

Have something you want us to promote? Contact us off-anon!

                      *~ AmeCan Halloween Exchange ~*

Hello and welcome to Project-AmeCan’s first Halloween Exchange! 

This is a brand new blog dedicated solely to AmeCan prompts and gift exchanges, and the three mods are all proud to present the opening exchange! To join this exchange, here is what you must do:

  • Reblog this post and submit this form with a small wish list for this exchange’s theme: HALLOWEEN!

There are some simple rules that must be followed, so please read these carefully before signing up to join!

  • Make sure your wish list can be filled by people of all talents; artists and writers alike! Include at least three wishes! “Anything you want” is not allowed to be on your wish list, as this makes filling it quite difficult!
  • Please be conscious of people who are uncomfortable with writing/drawing NSFW, and have wishes that can be filled by everyone. NSFW is allowed, but do not request only NSFW wishes, or you will be asked to add SFW ones as well.
  • All variants of AmeCan are allowed, but please specify if you prefer to receive/write certain versions over others!
  • Any piece you submit as a gift must be your own work!
  • If you don’t think you can get your gift completed by the due date, please do not join! If you join but then feel as if you might need extra time for whatever reason, contact us ASAP and request an extension!
  • You may message your assigned partner, but only on anon! Keep your identity and gift a secret until the gift giving day!
  • KEEP YOUR ASK BOX AND SUBMIT OPEN! This is not only for the admin so we can contact you, but also for your partner if they have any questions regarding your gift, for links to your gift to be given, or if they simply want to make you happy and excited for it!

PLEASE JOIN BY THE 20th OF SEPTEMBER! On the 29th of September, we shall be contacting you with who your partner is via your SUBMIT so that we can give you their wish list. You will then have until OCTOBER 31st to submit your gift! When your gift is completed, please post it on October 31st with any of the following tags to be found easiest: AmeCan, CanAme, AmeCan Halloween Exchange, ProjectAmeCan. If possible, also submit a link to your gift directly to Project-AmeCan so it can be reblogged and shared!


                                  *~ AmeCan Summer Exchange ~*

Hello and welcome to Project-AmeCan’s Summer Exchange!

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in our previous exchanges! These holidays, we’re eager to spread some love for the month of July and August with the wonderful theme of Summer! To join this exchange, here is what you must do:

  • Reblog this post and submit this form with a small wish list for this exchange’s theme: SUMMER FUN and BEAT THE HEAT!

There are some simple rules that must be followed, so please read them carefully before signing up to join! The rules can be found HERE!

PLEASE JOIN BY THE 15th OF JULY! We shall be contacting you with who your partner is via your SUBMIT so that we can give you their wish list. You will then have until AUGUST 31st to submit your gift! When your gift is completed, please post it on August 31st with the following tags to be found easiest: AmeCan or CanAme, and AmeCan Summer Exchange. If possible, also submit a link to your gift directly to Project-AmeCan so it can be reblogged and shared, and added to the Gift Master Post.