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I got tagged by @deet-doot-diz (the one before i’m not doing, cuz i did it once already, the one with shufflin music xD) and i usualy don’t do this stuff, but it’s about myself, and i LOVE to talk about myself (also it’s weekend and i have time). So here goes:

RULES: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously!

1) I love chips. I ate them daily for 10 years of my life and got addicted to them, like to drugs. They almost killed me at some point, but I could still murder for a 200g bag of store brands.

2) I’m terrible at drinking. Everytime my friends take me to a pub, i order hot chocolate or soda.

3) I love to watch people dancing. I wish i could go to a club and just sit there, listening to bad music and watching people go crazy on the dancefloor.

4) I can’t sleep without earplugs (years spent in dormitory).

5) when i was 15 I wrote a semi-novel about everything that i liked at the moment, and it’s a huge mess of awfullness of over 2000 pages.

6) I’m extremely stingy with my money.

7) I love getting artistic supplies for any occasions. I could never get enough sketchbooks.

8) I’m very moody. I can be happy for no reason one moment, and bitey-agressive towards everyone the next.

9) I love jewelry, the bigger and shiny-ier, the better.

10) I’m waking up at 8 am everyday. Sleeping longer makes me feel guilty, that I’m wasting time on not-drawing.

11) I come from a small village, where for 20 years i lived in a large cottage, without a toilet, or a shower, or hot water. I got immune to mice, slugs, bats, bugs, mold, dirt or anything that grosses ppl out.

Thank you for tagging me, that was…actually hard to come up with, dang XD I won’t tag 11 people, but here are few i wish to know random facts about :E

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If you don’t want to do this, feel free to ignore the tag ;) And if i didn’t tag you, go ahead and try it anyway, it’s fun!

Got tagged by @soloshikigami and @ameb-stuff for the 11 fact thing, and I figure since I’ve been quiet lately (I feel vaguely guilty about being on here when I don’t have fic to offer, lol) I’d go ahead and try to think of 11 things.

1. My blood type is A+ (for those of you who attach meaning to that sort of thing).

2. I’m the middle child in my family.

3. I like pineapple on pizza.

Man, this is hard. I’m so uninteresting!

4. I’m a graduate assistant (still trying to get used to this one, as a person who didn’t think they’d get to finish school, let alone go on further).

5. I’m a chronic insomniac, and have been since childhood.

6. I curse a lot in casual settings.

7. I have a really nice day planner that I always forget to use.

8. I’m attempting a novel (during the one year of my life that I really don’t have time, lol).

9. I like toys and miniatures, the more detailed the better.


10. I’m too squeamish to watch a lot of horror movies, and zombie movies in particular give me nightmares.

Frick, I still need one more.

11. I have freckles? There.

Anyway, if you wanna do this and no one’s tagged you yet, you can consider this your tag. 


Tagged in a random facts thing!

I got tagged by @ameb-stuff , my dearest friend and sweet potato :3 LET’S DO THIS.

RULES: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously! 

1) I have 5 fangs aka canines. I never had upper lateral incisor developed so one baby canine stayed in it’s place and adult canine pushed in place of incisor. It makes me have all four adult canines, one baby canine… and one baby upper incisor.

2) I love spider, snakes, reptiles in general, bugs, scary and disgusting things… but I am god damn scared of jellyfishes. Also I hate ticks and mosquitoes.

3) My first console ever was… a famicon bootleg straight from China called Pegasus. Poland missed the golden age of consoles that happened in US and Japan so we were happy with what we get and god damn, I love my [still working!] old gaming platform.

4) I have to thank my bro for introducing me to PC gaming in age of 7. He thought his lil sis will love playing a strategic game called M.A.X. 2. He was right. How i played it without knowing English - I have no idea, but I had a BLAST

5) I have an OC that is 20 years old. I mean he literally was made up 20 years ago. FUCK. 

6) I’m travelling around since I was 2 years old. I visited almost whole Poland, i was in Germany, Ukraine, Russia [Moskwa], England… i constantly moved from home to live in dorms, various flats, having sleepovers on the other end of Poland… right now I’m living in UK with sis.

7) My whole life was spend on art and creating of all sorts - from drawing and painting, to writing and creating worlds and characters. I was in Art Club, Art School and passed ASP in Cracow [Academy of Fine Arts] with master degree.

8) My favourite games of all times is Thief Trilogy - Thief Gold, Thief the Metal Age and Thief Deadly Shadows. Ironically I played them completely out of order. First I played the last game TDS, then I played the first game and then the second one - which by far is the best one!

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9) <— I hate writing “nine”, I keep forgetting this key doesn’t work on my keyboard. It’s broken ;_;

10) My favourite pokemon is Sableye.

11) Long time ago I couldn’t drink water alone cos I found it disgusting! I had to blame my mom who was giving me only juices and tea. Then I forced myself to try it on cos damn, it was not natural. Now I love water and even tho I drink juices from time to time it’s my main source of… well… hydration.


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I finished. Take it.

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Meglio una stronza che una piattola che ti lascia passare tutto, è vuota e senza carattere. A sto punto meglio mettersi con un'ameba ahah

Non tutte le ragazze buone sono delle amebe noiose e senza carattere.



When you require physical comfort from your family, but you were never that close in the first place…

A little doodle, cuz i’m leaving tomorrow for home! FOR CHRISTMAS! So the schedule will get even wonkier than before XD I’m sorry, but it’s CHRISTMAS!!!


Birthday part 3 (CollegePapyrus)

It’s Sans’ b-day and it seems things are looking as gloomy as always…

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Flare Up

I love the idea from FINAGLC, that Sans gets sick whenever he’s involved in too many activities. I mean come on, he only has 1HP, that’s an awesome idea. I like when Sans suffers….

Also I’m sick rn and I want Papyrus to scold me for being irresponsible, while taking care of me ORZ



I really enjoy synchronised dance….The idea here is that human child-the player approaches Papyrus’s puzzle (Dance Dance Revolution thingy basically), and bros wait for them to complete it. And since it’s Dancetale-based…. :D

Papyrus doesn’t even realise he’s swaying too. Power of the rhytm.