Ward 83

         “Have you been doing well, Levi? How do you feel?”

         Erwin opened the green curtains, letting sunshine into the room. The sky outside was clear with almost no clouds in the sky, and Erwin could see the beautiful scenery outside – the trees outside had lost most of their leaves thanks to the cold weather, and some leaves from the other trees had turned red while the other stayed green – it was so beautiful, or at least so did Erwin thought.

         “It’s gotten pretty cold and dry outside, and nobody’s cleaning the front yard because I’ve been so busy. Maybe I’ll clean it this Saturday, or if I don’t have time, I’ll call someone over to do it. By the way, Eren and Armin are visiting tomorrow, and they said that they want to see you. They also mentioned something about staying here for a few days and such.”

         Erwin then stood still by the window, as if he was waiting for an answer. Probably an agreement, or disagreement – either of them would do, as long as it was an answer. Or it didn’t have to be an answer – a simple response would do.

         However, a few minutes, later, Erwin was still waiting for that answer.

         He didn’t want to give up – not yet.

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