Eruri Blog Masterlist

Hi! I just hit 2k followers a few days ago! Thank you all so so so much for just tolerating my presence on your dash, haha. You’re all incredible and I’m very grateful to have you all as followers. :’)

So I decided to put together an Eruri blog master post for you guys. I’m sorry if I missed anyone, mixed up URLs (especially for the artists), or put you on here if you didn’t want to be on here (my fellow RPers…? ahh), but I sincerely hope I got all the Eruri blogs that I frequently see on my dash. Hopefully it’ll be useful for all of you Eruri shippers out there. Without further ado, and in no particular order:  


  1. worldofchicken
  2. the-lone-sky [also check out their art!] 
  3. mamebo
  4. konekojita
  5. kingro6918


  1. chiekit
  2. aileine
  3. hamletmachine
  4. ekaitz // origamically
  5. lesmoules
  6. buttsketch // februeruri
  7. kyhle
  8. shingekinokitty
  9. oldmenyaoi
  10. omniboner
  11. jen-suis
  12. kisu-no-hi
  13. happyds
  14. rhymewithrachel
  15. commanders-pants [also check out their writing!]
  16. erwinoutfitters
  17. ame801
  18. emperorofruin
  19. aivelin
  20. angleterre
  21. lps1


  1. heichousface
  2. komlin
  3. cosmonaut-field
  4. sassanids
  5. eightmin
  6. stereobone


  1. memos-from-heichou ~//~ memos-from-danchou
  2. mademoisellelevi ~//~ monsieurerwin
  3. heichou-bitches ~//~ askboloboy
  4. mommylevi ~//~ papa-erwin
  5. rivaille-heichou ~//~ orderandsophism
  6. shinymetalwings ~//~ charismatic-commander
  7. memosfromlevi ~//~ the13thcommander
  8. actualheichou ~//~ commandereyebrows 

Notable Blogs

  1. eruri-erotic
  2. eruriweek
  3. eruri-eruri
  4. erurivaille
  5. eruri-aus
  6. levisrnith
  7. irvin-rivaille

Hello :) I know we’ve hardly spoken and I’m sorry for imposing but I was sort of hoping you’d indulge a request of mine…I read your conversations about the Eruri tag with xpyon and it really intrigued me, to be perfectly honest Eruri is my notp but I’m slowly trying my best to change that because I have seen and heard of all the talent that flows from that ship lol. I was just wondering if you could point me to the direction of your favourite Eruri fanworks? Or to people in the Eruri fandom whose works you greatly admire? I would like to see it for myself and hopefully be inspired one way or another.


*cracks knuckles* here it comes here comes a list of my favorite people and works in the Eruri fandom- I hope I didn’t leave anyone out okay this turned into a huge post, I’m sorry if it’s more than you asked for ; A ; I hope some of these works/art will make you adjust to Eruri!  Art: 
  • chiekit draws the cutest Eruri things. Ever. Trust me. Her art is amazing and she’s also super nice and easy to talk to. don’t be fooled by her cute art she’s a perv like the rest of us
  • commanders-pants also has some amazing art, and also writes and roleplays (like what, this person is talented as fuck). 
  • kisu-no-hi is in a lot of fandoms but her Eruri art is amazing. She’s got this really distinct style and I love it. holla for priest kink
  • ame801 and I often talk about random Eruri stuff on Twitter. She’s the artist behind that stupidly angsty Eruri week doujin (the one for clean up prompt, where Erwin dies in a plane crash and Levi’s cleaning out his things). 
  • diesturbia draws some nice porn if you’re into that. I mean. Eventually, I’m sure. Sweaty hot middle-aged buttsex?
  • ekaitz/origamically, aka LMC. I can gush about her art for days and she always has great ideas for AUs? Like I don’t know how she doesn’t run out of ideas. There’s always so much texture with her work, guhhh I love it. 
  • happyds - her work seems to be pretty popular throughout the fandom but gosh the way she draws Erwin makes me go to a corner and swoon. 
  • lps1 - artwork amazing, reblog the art from her and not the reposted ones people like to put for some reason.
  • jen-suis has so many cute doodles of Eruri like ?? I want to squish their cheeks together too adorable jeez
  • roseunder - her art is often reposted, which why would that be when she has her own Tumblr I don’t understand- but anyhow her artwork involves a lot with shadows and such.
  • ichibrose has a very unique art style and at first you think it’s cute and such and then you see the dicks when you squint- it’s a nice surprise. 
  • onorobo - I only recently found her work but dayum nsfw art 
  • heichousface - great prompts A+ creativity really, I wish there was some way I had time to fill them all 
  • cosmonaut-field - really super cute Eruri baby fics, and other amazing AU ideas as well. 
  • memosfromlevi && the13thcommander - they’re RP blogs but super decent people and Memos is too hilarious. Their rp, Take You to the Coffeeshop, is a great read as well. 13th recently started writing a new fic, Unnamed, which I found really funny. It’s about how Levi gets the wrong number and texts Erwin instead of Isabel, and things escalate from there. 
  • orderandsophism - you can read her eruri week fics and cry because you realize how stupid this ship actually is 
  • persisting - Audacity. Hella hella must-read. 
  • sassanids - for the greatest pirate!AU ever (Kindle and Char) and the daddy kink fic series that gives an unexpected punch in the feels. 
Other Blogs/Individual Works
  • irvin-rivaille posts a lot of quality Eruri posts- everything from art to prompts and fics. Most of the stuff is on queue so things are usually organized and come out periodically. 
  • worldofchicken is the mastermind behind most of the translations on the Eruri tag. And she writes to boot! So if you want translations this is the blog to follow, super quality, her typesetting.
  • Now, Forever by Kuri – Reincarnation AU, basically. Levi’s dead but Erwin finds him again on the streets as a kid, raises him, and it’s all just adorable and cute until you realize that there’s…. angst.
  • Meditation (I Thought of You) by coinseller – WWII AU where Erwin’s an American soldier in Paris after the war, and Levi’s a street musician. It’s super cute and amazingly there’s angst in here too.
  • Beyond Normal Proportions by gunpowderlatte – Okay so Levi’s the mangaka of this yaoi manga that’s not doing so well, and Erwin is his biggest fan. It’s a really great read, super funny, and of course it ends with a delectable dick joke. What more can you ask for in an Eruri fic. 
  • Ungirthed by stereobone – Some porn, some feels. Have them all.
  • Love Like Ours is Never Fixed by engonasin – Sugar daddy fic. Erwin’s a darling high schooler from the South who needs money and who to ask but a sharp tonged writer in this thirties (Levi)? 
  • This Feeling I’ll Forget by thefangirlingdead – In which Levi has short term memory loss and forgets a lot of things, including Erwin. Don’t worry, the ending is happy.
  • Throw Your Absolution in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care by bluebackstabber – WELCOME TO THE ERURI PRIEST KINK. 
  • I’m Only Going to Heaven (If it Feels Like Hell) by stereobone – I think this is THE sugar daddy fic to read? It’s a little long, but it’s more than just porn, bahaha. 
  • Serendipity by gunpowderlatte – Talk about angsty reincarnation AUs. 
  • Ex Gratia by asuralucier – Modern AU, in which Erwin is a lawyer working on a rather risky case and Levi is his shady janitor. It’s a little slow to read, I think, but it’s not bad. 
  • The Ring – Originally a Chinese fanfic, English translation is linked. It’s super depressing and full of feels. It may or may not be your piece of cake, but I’ll just tell you about how tears roll down my face whenever I read it.