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‘The spiked leather codpieces?” Sam says. “Do you think I like to wear that stuff?”

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((So I’ve just had an ask about RPing non- consent (non con) and I know exactly where this has come from because although I have been no part of the drama that has been going on, I am aware of it. I haven’t posted the ask because frankly I didn’t like it’s accusatory tone and would have preferred the poster to contact me via chat or not on anon…never be scared to express your views to me, I may not agree with them but I will always be polite during the debate of them.

So here we go folks, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, I knew I would only inflate this issue which has already grown out of all proportion but hey, so….

I RP a villian and I RP a lot of dark shit on this blog…sex, murder, necrophellia (the last one admittedly hinted at but not RPed) and while I am well aware ER has made non-con threats towards other Ricks this was only actually RPed with consent from the other mun in Feral Youth an AU of my current ship and it is something I believe is also about to be explored in another thread with someone else that is due to be continued…well perhaps not, we’ll see how they feel about it after all this.

Yes it is an ugly, awful thing, but life is ugly and this exists in our world and it is one teeny tiny aspect of this blog, in fact non con rarely features at all. But that is not to say it is out of bounds for my muse…that is what it is important for me to let you know, I may choose to RP it at some point.

I tag my stuff when this rarely happens usually with #noncon I am happy to tag what people ask me to.

Most significantly I feel that mun and muse are separate…my muse’s perspective and views do not necessarily represent my own. In fact some of the best character writers are those that can express something that sits entirely at odds with their own perspective. There is an important differentiation here and it should not be overlooked. Which I think is a large part of the debate that has been going on between some factions of this community tonight.

If you want to unfollow me because of my views / the fact I may RP non con at some point you are quite welcome to. That is your choice just like it is my choice to unfollow or block C-137 cest blogs.

I know there is a lot of talk about triggers going on but I think if you are going to have a discussion about that there needs to be an equally important discussion about censorship. By publically vilifying a mun whose muse says something or does something you find morally repulsive/ triggering you are censoring them and accusing them of holding beliefs which may not be their own. There needs to be careful discussion about this kind of thing not flared outbursts and accusations.

These are my views, as always I make no apology for them.))


im rlly glad i figured out that it’s easier being myself than being someone else
ppl who do that are pretentious and boring