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I don't watch Hannibal, but isn't the finale queerbaiting? it seems like what would happen if Supernatural went 'canon' with Dean/Cas - build-up but then no pay-off, or one that isn't really canon?



- one thing a lot of people on this site don’t get is that not every single instance of ~homoerotic subtext~ is queerbaiting. and, like, I’m not trying to say that everyone needs to chill and queerbaiting doesn’t exist – I watch Supernatural, I watched Teen Wolf until I decided I should only hatewatch one show at a time, I watch Sherlock when it airs because the trauma is very short and spread-out – I know it’s a Real Thing and that it fucking sucks, but gay undertones =/= queerbaiting. queerbaiting is a very specific Thing, and not every thing that has homoerotic subtext queerbaits. which leads in to: 

- no one involved with this show is denying that the Will/Hannibal relationship is romantic. almost all of the post-mortems and reviews of the finale I’ve read have been focused on the fact that this is a romantic relationship between two dudes. they’re in love, Fuller’s said they’re in love, he’s confirmed that Hannibal is omnisexual and Will is heterosexual, but that they have the kind of intimate connection that makes you question the limits of your own sexuality. Fuller is very open about it and happy to discuss it – it’s not being denied or played for laughs or Gay Panicked about. everyone on the show knows that it’s a romance and that’s what they’re working with. the guys who play Hannibal and Will filmed a kiss for the last scene on the cliff (then rang Fuller up like “hope you like it!”). no one is pussyfooting or implying that “you never know what could happen! stay tuned!” or that the fans are reading into it and think it’s romantic, isn’t that hilarious, lol fangirls. the whole season was written and filmed before they got cancelled; it wasn’t some mad dash to reign in more viewers; it wasn’t a ratings stunt; it’s not fanservice. it’s a natural progression of a relationship, the first shoots of which you can see as early as the first half of s1. Hannibal and Will are in love. here’s a bunch of critics talking about how they’re in love. l o v e. LOVE. 

- I’ve seen a couple of people (who don’t watch the show) talking about how because we got a hug at the end and not a kiss that we were being queerbaited all along, it’s not REAL canon, we’re all just this excited about SUBTEXT because it’s NOT CANON. and, like, I can see why it would maybe seem like that from the outside, but I don’t think you can understand how incredible EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE FINALE IS if you haven’t watched every episode of Hannibal and watched this relationship and Will’s character progress through 3 seasons. they could have snogged for the entire 42 minutes and it wouldn’t be as canon as this episode makes it; Will gets Hannibal sprung from prison, he leaves his wife to run away with him, he murders someone with him, he calls the act of murder “beautiful” and EMBRACES HANNIBAL in such an OPEN, TENDER WAY, like. it is so unbelievably huge. it’s like TECTONIC PLATES SHIFTING huge. I literally FELT THE EARTH MOVE when I watched it happening, because it was that big of a deal. the whole season (from 2.09, even) was building up to that moment on the cliff – it was THE PAY-OFF, AND IT WAS AMAZING. it’s been textually (!) unrequited love from Hannibal since the s2 finale at least, the show has been very fucking plain about that (every single Italy episode talked about Hannibal’s love for Will, LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE EPISODE). Will asking if Hannibal was in love with him and Bedelia’s subsequent question – “Yes, but do you ache for him?” – was set up for this finale: Will makes his choices, Will thinks it’s beautiful, AND YOU KNOW. YOU FUCKING KNOW. THAT MOMENT HAPPENS AND YOU KNOW HE’S IN LOVE WITH HANNIBAL AND HE CAN’T FIGHT IT ANYMORE. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO WATCH SOMEONE SUCCUMB TO THE DARK SIDE. so, yeah, there was no SNOGGING on the clifftop, but I would have been very surprised (and a little taken out of The Moment) if there had been – they filmed one, like I said, but Fuller didn’t think it would be right for that moment in their story, which I (I, me, the girl who has done nothing but reread the same 3 50,000 word Will/Hannibal fics for the last month and a half) completely agree with. I know it’s hard to grasp that I love that they DIDN’T kiss, but it’s a little easier to get if you know how much of a fucking mile-long leap forward Will letting Hannibal hold him like that is… my god… 

so yes: kissing is not the be-all-and-end-all of Canon. I understand that if this happened in the Supernatural fandom, 50% of fans would be going IT’S NOT CANON! THEY JUST HUGGED! THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING! but Hannibal and Will have a very distinct and Different dynamic than any other pairing I’ve ever shipped, and every single thing that happens in that finale is another nail in the “just friendship” coffin. I know it’s weird and gross that killing a dude is the single most erotic and intimate thing these two men could do together (narrowly beating out them eating someone in season 2 and the thing with the illegal bird dish), but there it is. and I haven’t seen anyone who actually watches the show trying to deny what that ending means. they’re in love, we all know it, the actors know it (and LOVE IT, which is honestly such a strange and amazing feeling), the writers know it, the showrunner WON’T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT, it’s canon. we know. we all know.

I mean if you’ve watched Hannibal from the off and feel like you’ve been queerbaited since May 2014 then okay, I’m not trying to invalidate your feelings, sorry the finale wasn’t everything you wanted, but mate. MATE. REWATCH S3 MAYBE.


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Nathan vs. Nathanael.

June 6th 2014 vs. August 30th 2015.

Boy got through the most overwhelming overhaul from top to bottom, from a man with nothing but a man a pretty face and no context, to one hot motherfucker that has a son of a bitch as a best friend. Man I love them.

kind of makes me sad that taylor swift is getting so much love for bad blood being this feminist music video when the song is literally about her fighting with another girl???

i mean its a perfect metaphor for taylor’s white feminism really. shows her thought that only some women deserve support and love, not all. she’s not above “pitting” women against each other