in regard to one of my posts about netflix stock going down, a couple people have mentioned that there was a general dip in the stock market.  i’m not an expert, so i decided to do a little comparison.  (screencaps were all taken at 6:35 AM EDT, 6/25/17.  however because the stock markets technically close on the weekends, the dates shown are for this past friday.)

there was indeed a dip in the stock prices for amazon as well.  however, they have recovered pretty nicely.

not only is netflix stock worth significantly less, but it is also not recovering nearly quickly.

just food for thought.


A Princess Bride Betty and Jughead aesthetic set.

“..And then he spoke of a girl of surpassing beauty and faithfulness. I can only assume he meant you. You should bless me for destroying him before he found out what you really are.”

“And what am I ?!”

“Faithfulness, he talked of Madam, your enduring faithfulness.Now tell me truly. When you found out he was gone, did you get engaged to your prince the same hour or did you wait a whole week out of respect for the dead?”

“You mocked me once, never do it again! I died that day! And you can die too for all i care.”

ID #40306

Name: Polina
Age: 18
Country: Russia

Hello, I am Polina (if you have trouble pronouncing my name then call me Polly, I am OK with it). Now I am living in Russia but I really want to make friends and penpals in other countries. I speak English fluently due to my job so I can talk by WhatsApp, Skype and chat via email. I can help anybody studying Russian literature and language.

I am easy going, very talkative person. Also I’m an artist so my main hobby is drawing ( i like to draw fanart an my OC’s). I like cosplaying, singing and playing weird instruments as well. I like tribal cultures: from remote tribes of South America to berbers and tuaregs and Native American cultures. I really like to talk about it.

I am quite interested in shamanism and other spiritual things.

My music preferences are: Theodor Bastard, Dead can Dance Betray My Secrets, the Beatles, Megadeth, Metallice, Wardruna, T.Rex etc.

My movies/cartoons preferences are: James Cameron’s Avatar, Atlantis: the Lost Empire, Zootopia, Brother Bear, Gotham, Vikings, Hannibal and many others.

I am quite a gamer so I like BatIM, Undertale, Dreamfall and the Longest Journey, the Witcher, Skyrim.

Also I am really into musicals of any kind. My favourite is Phantom of the Opera.

Preferences: 16+ and if you’re OK with me being Russian and being LGBT. I am also Ok with all types of gender.

Okay this post is not directed at anyone, it’s just something I noticed in fandoms over the years. I know a lot of people on here want attention and notes, in the best case  you’ll get them for hard work. In the worst case people go around steal other people’s content, label it as their own and get notes for something they snatched. 

I am not just talking about fanart, gifs, edits, crack posts, sometimes even whole metas are snatched from people just for the sake of getting attention from the fandom without putting any work into it. As someone who’s been around long enough I know there’s no reasoning with everyone, but if you see someone who straight up steals someone else’s idea and then gets all the attention for it… do you really need to reblog it?

Sometimes you just have to go in the tag and you’ll see that a smaller blog actually posted the thing first and got maybe 19 notes and the popular blog that just hit Ctrl + C gets 2k+ notes, that’s super discouraging and rude. 

People put their time and effort into their fanwork, please respect that.  

Leon is the onlyRE Character (as far as I am aware of) to talk about ALCOHOL (beers and such) in like almost EVERY single game he is in:

RE2: Late for work because got drunk

RE4: Invited Mike to drink

REDamnation: Invited Buddy 

REVendetta: …………….

Only RE6 and Degeneration left

diferents from reality and fiction?

So…after all this drama lets talk about the differents of the “fantasy” and “reality” in a drawing and in real life.
We artist love draw everything no metter what, even if is something horrible (like gore, sad storys, characters that suffer and etc.) and everything is ok in a drawing. Why? ‘cause we are not drawing real people or doing that things in real. Only because we draw them dosn’t mean that we like them in real life or that we support them. Yes I’m talking about the drawing rape too. I don’t care if people say “but the kids!! will only understand that rape is good so they can do it!!”
1- Internet is not for kids (and I am the one that talk lol but still)
2- welcome to the internet m8 <3 you can find literally EVERYTHING. I can understand if ya don’t like this things but try to understand that if you don’t, just close the page and to what you like…don’t go to complain to the artist for nothing doing ussles drama. Yes, ussless drama. I’ll repet this all the time. Drawing is fiction is not reality, we are not talking about real person. Like in a normal paintin…I don’t like in a nude painting, there is people that complain that there is a person that is nude. The decision is by the model so ? and its still a drawing there is not a real person in front of you. Its “art”. I can understand if someone actually draw a real person on this things without the permesion, but we are talking about characters guys…so why complain about it? complain about characters that isn’t yours? at one or two drawings when there is other artist that do this? seriously…there is better to do in life. Don’t waste your time like that.

Interrupting your scrolling to have my larry shipper moment! *clears throat* Harry always had a good stage presence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s got that ownership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He comes across very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOUIS SAID THAT ABOUT HARRY!!!!!!! EXCUSE ME, THAT’S THE MOST LARRY WE GOT IN YEARS BLESS

Hustling (Sam Winchester x Reader)

“Dean, I’m pretty sure it’s a vamp nest so all we need to do is locate them-”

“And gank ‘em, I know Sammy. Come on. Relax. Drink your beer, pick up a chick… Drink more beer. Now I am going to talk to that one by the bar.” He drains the rest of his beer, hopping off his bar stool and carries the empty beer bottle to the bar where the tall, long-legged, skinny brunette is stood swaying slightly to the rhythm of the song in the background with her two friends, both very similar to the first.

She’s pretty but not shockingly beautiful.

I push a hand through my hair forcing it flat against my head, taking a long drink of my beer whilst gazing around the room.

It’s a small bar with a small crowd for a Friday night.

By the single, wooden door decorated with various posters and notices are two girls - red-headed, short, skinny and wearing black cocktail dresses.

To the right by the bar are the three girls and Dean.

The girls by the bar are definitely Dean’s type. Skinny. Brunette. Short skirts. Fruity drinks.

No girls at the jukebox and at the pool table - 

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bocchan-phantomichaelis  asked:

2, 23, 40 for the ask ^-^

2. what would you name your future kids?

Kids? What are those? Sounds kinda gross.

23. fear(s)

Already answered :D

40. favourite memory

May 29th, 2008. First summer after staring college, it was a cool night, got picked up by my friend in his beat up old Saab 900. We drove around all night, until 2 or 3 am, laughing and talking and listening to music. Ordinarily, I fall in love pretty hard. That was the first time it happened softly.

I finally watched Arrival and I have to say I am impressed. This movie is so clever. I am about to talk about major plot points, including the ending. Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers.

The film is structured in such a way that is functional to the plot and its themes;  it plays on your preconceived notions of how a movie is usually made (think of the starting scene, that seems like a flashback, this video essay explains it quite well) the same way it plays with your notions about language and understanding. All of this subverts your expectations and leads to a great plot twist.

Additionally, even though it is an American movie with capital A, at least it acknowledges that other countries do exist and it’s improbably that if aliens invade Earth, they do so only in the US and that it’s impossible that they would speak English of all the languages. Plus, the cooperation between China and the US reminds me a little of Firefly, which is always nice. But apart from that, one of the key concepts is that humans need to stay together and collaborate (and to communicate). Humanity as a whole is amazing.

The narrative is compelling, but above all I was was thrilled by the concepts of the film – language, alien evolution and intelligence, perception of time and the purposefulness of life.

Quite interesting is also the use of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis (that a given language alters one’s perception) to suggest the way in which the alien language unlocks new ways of thinking about time.

Very similar is Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five (“The most important thing I learnt on Tralfamadore was that when a person dies he only appears to die. He is still very much alive in the past, so it is very silly for people to cry at his funeral. All moments, past, present, and future, always have existed, always will exist.”). Yet, one of the main points the movie touches is determinism.

In an interview Denis Villeneuve said that “The short story ["Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang, on which the movie is based on] was far more rigid about determinism. Ted’s message within the short story was to embrace the inevitable. It didn’t give Louise a choice in the matter and it just let her be at home with that. I got very rebellious and said, “Well Ted, that’s not going to work for me in the film. Sorry. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to change the core of this.“” His message, rather than simple acceptance, is about embracing life (and the knowledge of time is a tool, not an excuse for your life).

But one can either think that Louise choose to love and lose her daughter because she felt it was worth it, or that she just accepted a future that was fixed.  Historical determinism (the belief that historical, and by extension present and future, events unfold according to predetermined sequences) makes sense when we talk about time slips and time travel, because eventually everything falls into place because in reality the change in time was presupposed to happen already.  

The question that stands is about free will. I want to ponder more about this quote from Being and Time about Martin Heidegger’s theory of historicality: “Death is only the ‘end’ of Dasein; and, taken formally, it is just one of the ends by which Dasein’s totality is closed round. The other ‘end’, however, is the ‘beginning’, the ‘birth’. Only that entity which is ‘between’ birth and death presents the whole which we have been seeking… Dasein has [so far] been our theme only in the way in which it exists ‘facing forward’, as it were, leaving ‘behind’ all that has been. Not only has Being-towards-the-beginning remained unnoticed; but so too, and above all, has the way in which Dasein stretches along between birth and death.”

I think I stand by the original Hegel’s view (“Real is rational and rational is real”), which in my opinion is an elegant solution that doesn’t exclude the importance of human action.

Though determinism usually is about all the future being fixed, an interesting concept is fixed points in time, as shown in Doctor Who for example (where generally time can be changed but we also have organic fixed points that more flexible and in which only some elements are fixed, and inorganic fixed points that can’t be changed at all), but also El Ministiero del Tiempo. Thus, some details could be changed as long as the outcome remains the same – and that is how we change our destiny.

And it’s indeed the interwoven concepts of space-time and determinism that stand above all else.

This reminds me of Nietzsche’s (not original) idea of The Eternal Return, whose message is similar to the one intended by the movie.  And since Villeneuve’s style (in particular in Sicario) reminds me of True Detective, I feel oblidged to add also the relevant Rust Cohle quote “This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, ‘Time is a flat circle.’ Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again

 Furthermore, the movie is build around the concept of space-time and the fourth dimension (time as a space, comprising of past, present and future, within which we might move). As Max Tegmark in Our Mathematical Universe says “In summary, time is not an illusion, but the flow of time is.”. But he continues “So is change. In spacetime, the future exists and the past doesn’t disappear. When we combine Einstein’s classical spacetime with quantum mechanics, we get quantum parallel universes. This means that there are many pasts and futures that are all real-but this in no way diminishes the unchanging mathematical nature of the full physical reality.” What does the multi-worlds theory says about us? I often catch myself thinking about what my life could have been under different circumstances.

This all correlates to Derrida’s Hauntology (the impossibility to eradicate knowledge or ideas once they have been conceived, as from the moment they exist they remain forever a part of our collective knowledge, haunting our perception of both the past and the future).

I don’t believe in the implication that, since only by returning to a time before the idea we can hope to shape our future differently, fantasizing would mean hoping to achieve a different future. I acknowledge that every moment leading up to now has shaped me in who I am, and since I like who I am, I don’t want to change anything. But still I like to entertain myself with this sort of mental exercise just because.

Moreover, the same concept was applied to emerging trends, especially in arts, that have reached an evolutionary cul-de-sac. For example, Mark Fisher says that because of the nostalgia, we are losing the capacity to conceive of a world radically different from the one in which we currently live in, and thus an escape from such cul-de-sac is impossible.  But more fascinating is Arthur Koestler’s concept of the drawbacks to leap. In his work The Ghost in the Machine, he demonstrates that not only is the history of evolution littered with cul-de-sacs and dead ends, but that some of the greatest revolutions were dependent on them, as it isn’t until period of cumulative progress reach the inevitable stagnation, we are left with no alternative but to go back and find a new way out. While I don’t know much about him, other than what I heard on Unexplained, this resonates with the concept of cyclical history conceived by my beloved Vico, so of course I tend to to lean towards the latter idea.

like bitch i got the pink triangle tatted on my forearm so it’s always visible because i never wear sleeves past my elbows why am i so uncomfortable with just saying to ppl “hey….i’m also not a man” 

like obviously i know why but like….bitch Just Do It! 

i like remember being coked out and sitting in my friend’s back patio area  watching the sun rise at like 6 am in kensington & talking to this other person i’ve partied with a few times who told me they’re nonbinary & i was just like….same! me too bitch! and i have another partying friend who just openly identifies as nonbinary like on fb & ig & everyone we know mutually is so affirming of that & like. It’s Time! 


I am better now !!

Visiting doctor and taking pills make me feel better now.

But I have something to say here

My boyfriend , also as my Dazai-san partner 

Broke up with me about almost one to two months , I had a really tough time these days , that’s why I haven’t do so much Bungo Stray Dogs Cosplay these days. :(

But please don’t worried !
I am real better now ! 

But I will keep doing some New DanganRonpa V3 Cosplay latest.

So less Bungo Stray Dogs , I am sorry :(