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A long time ago someone told me about a sci-fi book that was off the beaten path about a group of scientists living underground in a post apocalyptic world that has been all but destroyed by aliens. The aliens are experimenting with the scientists. One has been made into a primate. Another scientist was homosexual but hormonally altered into a heterosexual. Do you have any idea what book I am talking about?

This is actually a very famous science fiction short story called “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison. Your friend misremembered one detail: it was a superintelligent supercomputer that destroyed the world and experimented horribly on the last surviving humans, not aliens. “Experiment” isn’t the right word; it kept them alive to be the targets of the computer’s cruel sadism. It doesn’t have a happy ending.

John Byrne did an incredibly good comic adaptation of it in 1994, in Dream Corridor. Pick it up if you can get it. Also, there was a really good video game adaptation during the DOS days that I recommend getting at Good Old Games. As of yet, though, there has been no film version. 

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how do you move on from a crush?

you!! don’t!!!

(but seriously, this takes time and self work. what you’ll want to do is call out the attraction when you see it and in a sense, disconnect the attraction from the person. eg: if they’re talking to you about something and you feel that crush hard, you observe your physical feelings from an almost third-person perspective)

(if your heart is beating fast, if you’re breathing funny and then look for reasons. then, think about the situation in a logical sense and try and normalize the fact that they are just a normal person talking to you. eg: ‘i am talking to (x) i am currently feeling (x), because i have a crush, but really, they are just doing (x).)

(this will take time, i promise you, but without this, most crushes just fade with time? also! this is just what seems to work for me and my overlogical compartmentalizing self, so whatever works for you, works!)

(anybody got any tips??)

A symbol in Game of Thrones and what it can mean for Jon and Daenerys.

I don’t think I will surprise you when I tell you that Game of Thrones’ makers are dedicated. This dedication for example gave us a very subtle and repeated symbol before our face for years and very few noticed it, not even saying how many went into analysing it.

What symbol am I talking about? Well actually I would use plural here, but they all go back to meaning one thing.

I’m not sure who was given the job to put those symbols in there, as they are taken from ancient art and mathematics, for example these ones:

It’s a Greek Letter Phi, which symbolies The Golden Ratio, which is shown on the right.

So it’s the same thing really, just one has a specific symbol to define it, like we could write 3,14…..or use the Pi symbol. And they reveal a hidden link between two obvious characters and foreshadows their fate.

I want to explain what those two mean before showing them used in the show. D&D obviously never directly explained any of it, but they had suggested that its meaning agrees with the mathemathical meaning. They said that “we see the creation of absolute evil, (referring to the Night King), but since we can see its creation, it isn’t really absolute”,  Golden Ratio is all about proportions, which you can see in the pic up there. It is often called the Magic Ratio or Divine Proportion. So if Night King is a part of this and represents evil and those symbols being about proportions and balance, who is the good to balance the evil in the story?

These two symbols are shown in different ways on the show.

 They can use the Phi Symbol inself:

 Season 1 Episode 1 with bodies that later become the wights, spread in a weird pattern, the first time we see them, we are shown this symbol right before:

Or Season One Episode 10 when Daenerys Targaryen burns Khal Drogo’s body, setting the pyre rather strangely.

And then we see her in the middle of it.

With the spiral pattern, that means Golden Ratio.

In Season 3 Episode 3, when we see the dead horses, cleary the White Walkers’ doing with Jon Snow being the one in the middle, his companions a bit to right.

And obviously in Season 6 we see those two shots.

Connecting us to the creation of The White Walkers - the evil

Before that we’re shown these two:

Dany in the middle of a circle, which are connecte both to the Phi and Golden Ratio.

And in the middle of a spiral:

Did you ever wonder why the Dothraki did that? It was so weird the first time I watched it.

And for me, the most important part in 7x04. When both of those connected to these symbols characters go into a cave, full of them.

Other easter eggs were present in the series as well, but only these two were shown in the middle of them, and Jon is already directly connected to WW and later Dany becomes too. They are the two leaders who are fighting them now. 

So what does it mean?

As i said, all those symbols mean balance. Between good and evil perhaps. They are the ones who will fight the evil, not eliminate it all maybe, some losses are bound to happen, but find the balance. Betweem life and death. Love and Duty. And Ice and Fire.

It’s another argument for them being the title’s meaning, if that wasn’t obvious already. Those symbols mean them balancing the NK,but also each other. All their parallels (READ ABOUT THEM HERE) connect them and also contrast them,as they faced similiar problems for different reasons, but with the same outcome that eventually got them together. Their fates are prophetic. They are borh tied to prophecies and magical events. 

So if all this is right, they are the ones to defeat the dead with their union. Their love scene was called a Union of Ice and Fire. Their fates were always bound together.

i hope youre all having a solemn, reflective and safe tdor. my thoughts are with rita hester, with leelah alcorn, with blake brockington, with the hundreds of us unjustly taken before our time. if anyone ever needs to talk i am here

Transits come exactly when they are needed

“A nearly fail-safe astrological principle is that no transit or progression happens unless it needs to happen. They all represent evolutionary necessities. They are all essentially soul-contracts we signed with the universe, along with our first breaths. One way to express it is to say that we are all sick – and transits and progressions are the medicine. Calling us “all sick” does sound unfashionably negative, but ultimately why are we here, on this earth, in these physical bodies? Earth is not the most prestigious address in the galaxy. It is good to be alive and there is no shame in being in these vehicles of flesh and bone, but it’s just a stage in a larger evolutionary journey. That larger evolutionary journey is reflected in your birthchart, while transits and progressions simply trigger its unfolding stages. The point is, they always happen when they need to, always at the right time. They arise to expand something in our awareness, to correct something, to heal something.”

Astrologer Steven Forrest

Ugh after so many years of hating myself and feeling utterly useless, it feels so nice to be loved. And not just by others… I’m actually appreciating myself and the good things that I do. (Sometimes.) I can look at old pictures of myself and feel sorrow for that poor, miserable girl instead of nostalgia. I can have an interaction with someone without immediately delving into negative self-talk. I am still learning, but I am getting there. 

I almost had a heart attack this morning?? I heard loud footsteps right outside my window and what sounded like someone stepping over our small fence into the backyard (basically just there so our dog doesn’t wander off) and y'all.. I thought it was my mom that disappeared 3 months ago. I thought she just… Had the audacity to show back up & break into our backyard. Oml. I was ready to die,, BUT it was just at&t ppl coming to fix our wires or something bc I’m getting actual internet set up on the 22nd,, false alarm sksnkss

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I saw your post about platonic abuse, it’s great that it’s being addressed. Reading through the list of abuser behaviors, I feel like I might be guilty of a few of them. I know that I’m clingy to my IRL best friend, and he & I have talked about how I can adjust to be less smothering; I’ve been trying to improve & am open to talking with him about issues with things I️ do. Do you have any advice for how I can work on being more aware of my behavior? The last thing I want to turn into is an abuser

Hi, Anon! It’s great that you’re taking this step. :)

For the record, I don’t believe that being clingy necessarily means you’re an abuser. BUT, it can still mean that you’re overstepping some of your friend’s boundaries, and you want to avoid that so you’re both happy to be in a relationship.

I think that being clingy has a lot to do with feelings of loneliness. Maybe this article is a good place to start?

Good luck and take care of yourself. <3