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P I A N O   C O L L E C T I O N S  -  F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   X V

Music composed & produced + quote by: Yoko Shimomura

#Photog @candidjohnkim’s awesome shot of @cosplayhaus as #YokoLittner. #cosplay

Regrann from @candidjohnkim - ‘Stay back kids…I am a teacher.’ ~Yoko Littner. Real fun photoshoot with @cosplayhaus and many thanks to @marlondavid_photography for letting me grab a few pictures! Definitely looking to come back next year to #anime #manga @animenextcon in #atlanticcity. #fb #tb
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mazin-go  asked:

do you know what game creator is really good at making you have The Feels for a character in any given scene, but solely so he can show you How Strong his characters are or w/e? david cage. what im saying is; i want a no holds barred bare knuckle cage mage between yoko taro (in his emil mask) and cage.

You Fool! David Cage’s games are painful, and Yoko Taro only gets stronger when you give him pain!


I Need No Scabbard- A Youko Nakajima Mix

A Mix for the sword slinging, ex- good girl Empress of Kei, tracking her character arc from beginning to end.

1. 100 Ways to Be a Good Girl| Skunk Anansie//2. Just a Girl| No Doubt//3. I Will Not Bow| Breaking Benjamin//4. Fragile| Megan McCauley//5. Butterflies and Hurricanes| Muse//6. Woman King| Iron & Wine//7. Prayer of the Refugee| Rise Against//8.Monster verse| Nicki Minaj//9.Steer| Missy Higgins

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