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Lena Luthor x reader (For as many miles and hours apart, I’m with you)

Request: “You look super cute right now , and it’s really hard not to kiss you ” with lena

a/n: well well well… guess who’s back again from gallivanting around a very small corner of the world… yes, that’d be me! I’ve taken the time I needed to recover from the jet lag… tbh I am still very affected lol. I think I’m done for this year, no more trips for now unless the universe decides to surprise me! Time to get this blog back in running order LMAO. I have a masterlist now for all you wonderfully organized people as well since it’s been asked for. Moreover, it’s kinda made me realize how very little I’ve written… I definitely want to expand my collection! Thank you all for sticking around though! Whether you’ve read one thing or a handful of things, I appreciate you all so very much :D

Now… guess who seems to be moderately inspired by their adventures that directly influenced the direction of this fic! Yeah, LOL. This one’s pretty fluffy… just pure fluff actually who am I kidding. A very cute fic for a very cute prompt?? Why the heck not! And because I always need to have at least one cracky headcanon in all the things I write, for whatever reason, I just want to say Lena would be the absolute worst with dogs, because she would be the biggest Sucker of all time, and she has the dumbest nerdy baby voice she uses for them, I don’t make the rules y’all

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You’d say you did quite alright thank you very much, if anyone were to ask what it was like dating someone as big of a deal as Lena Luthor. It’s no surprise that having a big-time CEO for a girlfriend would have its perks as well as its challenges, but like any other relationship, you figured all that was needed was to just take things in stride.

Much to your delightful discovery, in fact, Lena had a harder time letting go of you than you did of her. She travelled less often for work than you anticipated she would. She’d told you once she tried not to travel too much if she could avoid it - you found it rather peculiar that someone wouldn’t want to indulge such an opportunity as she could.

You realized then Lena had a fear of flying, and moreover after having an incident with a helicopter and her brother (you’d only discussed this once), she was even more disinclined to be anywhere that wasn’t on solid ground.

She travelled on her private jet if she absolutely had to, and though you weren’t too shocked by this, she was just as quick to admit her fear of flying commercially with so many other innocent people on board and how she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if anything were to happen to them on her account - that made you all the more reluctant to let her go.

Still, she’d left your apartment with her head held high and a steely resolution. And still, it wasn’t even ten minutes before she’d messaged you and sent you one inconsequential heart emoji and a smiley face, just because she wanted to.

Lena wouldn’t be gone for too long, and you’ve become used to not missing her too much like you first did, but you knew you’d miss her now for not being able to kiss her when she did stupidly adorable things like that.

You supposed it could wait for when she came back - absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.

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okay but like my friends (irl) were asking my story about meeting taylor and the biggest thing happened. I told them the truth, after hiding my fan pages for 6 WHOLE YEARS. This era and meeting taylor has truly already made me care less about what people think of me because you know what? They can think what they want. I just don’t care anymore. This fan page/blog is a HUGE part of the person I am and has saved me from so many things, it’s an escape and it’s a source of closure for me and it’s the best thing that’s ever been mine and there is no way I’m letting other people’s unnecessary opinions take that away from me. Taylor is my idol but not only that, she is literally like a big sister to me and this is how I can support her and show her how much she means to me. They will probably talk about me behind my back and think I’m embarrassing BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? WHO CARES. TAYLOR SWIFT THINKS IM BEAUTIFUL AND FUNNY AND I THINK HER OPINION MATTERS 113% MORE TO ME. THE END.

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Can I still be punk without a self-made or anyway a punk jacket? But,, obviously still doing the punk stuff, because that's what I am doing, and I feel ashamed of calling myself punk.. It's not because I don't wanna wear it, but it's all an economic stuff ahhhhhh ;-;

No, of course you don’t “need” to have any sort of jacket or type of thing to be punk. The idea that you need to buy something to be punk is ludicrous, it goes against what punk is.

If you want, you can always look through this blog and others to learn and get ideas to make your own patches! Some people even write things directly onto their jackets/backpacks/pants or anything! But as long as you have the punk attitude you’re punk to me my buddy!

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Riverdale confession: I love Riverdale so much because I am Betty who is reaching for Archie but falls short. I am Jughead who pushes people away when things get hard bc I'm used to being on my own. I love Riverdale bc it brought the two things I hate most about myself and made it into something beautiful. Sorry this got deep, I just had to share it with someone ❤️

This is deep but it’s really pretty. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.


I think it’s so important to realise how far you’ve come with time.

In the top picture, I was barely holding on - Taylor was the only light in my life. I struggled for so long and I isolated myself from everyone and detached myself from the world. My strength was deteriorating. It was a really dark time for me but Taylor and her music kept me holding on.

Now though, I am happier, I am healthier and I am now in a place where I want to meet new people, experience new things and find who I am. Taylor, you have been there every step of the way for me and I will always be forever grateful for that. Meeting you on Friday made me so happy and that smile in the bottom picture is so real and genuine. I don’t think I’ve ever lived a happier moment. I will treasure that day forever. Thank you for being there, thank you for everything.

I love you.

abbie x @taylorswift

10 Songs I’ve Been Vibing To Lately

I was tagged by @lookirosefromthedead Thanks for tagging me!! I love these things!! :)

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1. Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

2. Sit Next to Me - Foster The People

3. Good Old Days - Macklemore ft. Kesha

4. The Last of The Real One - Fall Out Boy

5. Million Bucks - Smallpools

6. Feeling Whitney - Post Malone

7. Thinkin’ - Miley Cyrus

8. Til I Get Found - Marc E. Bassy

9. Don’t Take The Money - Bleachers

10. #Grownupz - FEiN

I am gonna tag @mywide-eyedgaze @omgitsthatblondegirl @wond3rstruk @inyourwildestdreams-1989 @13incrediblethings @wunderstruck13 @1989bad-blood @rosemural @lookwhatyoumademedots and anyone else who wants to share what they’ve been listening to!! :)

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The world would be a better place if more people were like you

I’m not perfect, i have done bad things before, i have made wrong decisions, too… :(

But those are things i am willing to never repeat again.

I do what I do because if not; how will I be able to sleep at night? Knowing I could have done a difference, even if just in the life of these Kitties…

Some people may see it as dumb, pointless or stupid…

But i see as a small deed that will help me rest my head at night; to know i did all i could have done.

Is a small deed, but one i’ll never forget.

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Thank you the message and support.

Thank you for give me strenght to keep strong and fight for this cause. Thank you

Dear NaNoWriMo Friends, 

So last year I made some 8tracks playlists for people participating in NaNoWriMo, and in the past I have also made people inspo Pinterest Boards for different fics and au’s they are writing. 

If I did like a giveaway/offer* thing to do that for people this year would anyone be interested??

Just like, reblog, or comment on this post or something so I can see what the interest level is!

*It would require you to give me some information about whatever you are writing for your Pinterest Board or a bit about your music taste for a playlist. 

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miya!!! i just wanted to say how grateful i am for what you do! it's really, really, really helping me understand how people operate, which is one of my biggest struggles. it's so much easier to forgive people when i understand why they do the weird things they do. thank you <3

Hahah you’re very welcome and I sooo get you! I get annoyed easily with some attitudes irl and understanding how charts explain them helps me a whole lot when it comes to forgiving or, at least, trying to understand what exactly is going on. Like how some people might be mean because that’s what they were taught to be like (bad parenting) or even how some people can betray others out of insecurity, etc. I mean. Doesn’t mean I forgive it all easily, but Astrology certainly helps me get how people’s choices come to be and how I should understand them and not only judge, etc… Makes us better people, I think! And more peaceful since we’re literally connecting to the universe and its ways. :) So this ask made me really happy, I’m glad you’re seeing things this way too. <3

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Mary, I have schizoaffective disorder and I am reading Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman. This has the most honest representation of schizophrenia that I have ever encountered in literature let-alone YA. I feel less invisible. I was even able to laugh about some of the things that I relate to because normally I never get to talk about my experience so it is so wild being able to relate to a character that way! Representation is so important! That’s all I wanted to say. Love you!

This made me so so happy <3 I’m soooo glad for you, Nonnie! <3 *hugs forever*

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Soph. What did you just put me through? I thought I was ready but hell no. Nothing prepares you for that. I was determined to be shaken. I knew it was gonna be sad but bruh my heart shattered and now I'm ugly crying like a baby. Thanks! Very well written btw x

Surprise? Friends, I do not play around with angst. 

I am glad you thought it was well written though-always what I strive for. I would say I’m writing some more fluff before I do another really angsty thing but for some reason people have decided to send me all of the prompts on one or the other dying in each other’s arms. 

Together, Protect Them, All an Act, and Stay Alive are the biggest angst ones in my opinion because they all made me cry writing them. 

Headcanon #78: “What’s this bug lady gonna do on board anyway?”

“What’s she gonna do here,” Rocket grumped.  “This boat is crowded enough already.”

“We can’t just leave her at some port,” Peter reasoned.  “She’s a complete innocent.  Someone will take advantage of her.”

“I will strive to be help so the crabby puppy doesn’t think I am useless,” Mantis said.  “I made food for my master, so I can cook for you if there is nothing else to do.”

And so the Guardians gained another member, a powerful empath whose touch-ranged ability seemed useless in combat, negotiation, or most other situations.  Sure, she would be wonderful to have if they needed to question someone,  and she’d saved their bacon on Ego, but what else was she good for?

It turned out she was good for many things.  First, her ability to simply listen to the Guardians was more therapy than most of them ever had before.  There wasn’t a single Guardian who was not emotionally hurt in some way.  Everyone needed someone to listen.

Peter, who carried throughout his life the loss of his mother, a tough upbringing, and recently the death of his father. (None of the Guardians accepted anyone but Yondu as his father these days.  Ego’s name, if it was spoken at all, was always followed by spit.) Who until recently had hidden his hurt with shallow romances, right up until he met the Guardians.

Gamora, trained to care for no one, to be an emotionless killer.  Who too had only now begun to genuinely care for someone.

Drax, who after the loss of his family became little more than a berserker, a brute, hiding his pain with violence. And like the others, finally beginning to relax.

Mini-Groot, raised by hurt, broken people, and taking from his “father” Rocket the pain and anger that followed the raccoon wherever he went.

And finally Rocket, lab experiment, horribly abused little “monster”, who only now realized he wanted to be part of something greater, to have real friends.  A real family. To be something better, something besides a thug for hire. To maybe even help people, if they’d let him. To do something with his life besides just survive.

Besides the simple therapy of having someone there to listen, and if need be – and they all could use it, little though they’d admit it – a bit of empathic soothing, the simple fact that there was now someone nice on the ship made a difference.  It reminded them that the universe didn’t consist entirely of horrible people out to kill them, steal their stuff or abuse them.  

Not everyone was bad.  There were good people in the world.  And gradually, whether it be in quiet conversations over dinner, or her silently helping do chores, or as Drax or Gamora or Rocket or Peter taught her about the ship and how to use weapons and tools, they began to accept her as part of the family.

Then came the bad time when Rocket, as he often did when he hurt the worst and couldn’t suppress the awful memories of the lab and the surgeries, curled up in a public area hoping someone would pet the sleeping raccoon and comfort him, something he couldn’t bring himself to allow while awake.  And Mantis, petting him for the first time since nearly being bitten, made the mistake of reading his emotions as he was gripped by a nightmare.

And after what followed, after trying to bite her as she hugged him (“You poor thing, what did they do to you?”) and after the his pent up emotions finally burst out in a storm of tears, he realized that the others already had.

It wasn’t just powers that made a person useful.  It was personality, too.  And they badly needed at least one genuinely nice person around just to remind them that the world was not all bad.  Her powers were occasionally very useful indeed, too.

And, it turned out, she really did know how to cook.



  Hi Taylor! There are few words…. okay… sentences….a lot of them, that I want to tell you. I have been your biggest fan since I was 6 years old. Everytime people at school were mean to me, I wanted to cry and hide from the world. I never felt good enough. I didn’t feel like I was even worth it. The only thing that could make me wipe my tears and smile even for a while, was your voice, and your lyrics that made me feel better right away. When I first fell in love, when I went through my first heartbreak… there was only ONE thing, that made me feel better, made me feel like everything would be okay. It was YOU, your calming voice. You’ve made me feel confident. And thats was THE MOMENT I KNEW, that I am your biggest fan and that I love you with all my heart. Everytime I imagine being in front of you, seeing you on stage… everytime I imagine that in my head, I start crying so bad. LITERALLY CRYING. On August 23. You made my LIFE. I was sitting by my desk photoshoping all info I have into a picture that I was drawing few moments later. Then there it was. ANNOUNCEMENT. I started crying like crazy and screaming, called my dad right away, he heard me crying and was like ‘’Honey what happened’’ I told him that you announced new album and he started laughing so hard!! I really wish I could meet you one day. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in 1 month. But one day…. And if you made it this far, I love you with all my heart. Btw. I wrote this while watching Speak Now world tour ♥♥ @taylorswift @taylornation

- Ellen/13y.o./Czech republic/the biggest swiftie you’ll ever know ♥

‘‘If I can touch her in real, lemme just touch her virtually’‘ ♥♥

Things I've noticed in BBS thumbnails

Do you noticed that majority of drawn thumbnails have white outlines in their drawings? Like the drawings of one of the bois, with full color and black out lines, is surrounded by white outlines behind the background. I see them in their channels and most of the BBS have these.
There are exceptions of course. The ones made by an0nym0use (who done some for Mini, Moo, Vanoss etc) don’t have these white outline as far as I know (or a haven’t seen one that has). Of course the cartoon style ones, which don’t have one because it will ruin the style.
I don’t know, but it’s something I cannot un-see from on out. Even the old ones with white outline most look weird to me a bit.


a year and a week. that’s how long it has been since you last spoke to me. longer than we were ever friends for. it stuns me still, it hurts me still, but i know i am so much better off without you.

it was as hard as any break up could possibly be. it doesn’t matter we never were anything more than friends. it tore me to pieces i didn’t even know i was made of. it broke me down to the very basis of my being and tested every ounce of who i am.

i knew i was strong before you did what you did to me. there were times that i didn’t believe i had what it takes to be even stronger. but i did. i do.

you left me for the enticement of drugs and alcohol and the rush that you get with them. that’s the only thing i can guess. you shattered a life you thought you were protecting. but i scrounged on the ground and picked up the shards, my hands and knees and heart bleeding from the pieces. but they scabbed, flaked, slowly and surely healed. yes, they scarred, but they healed.

to the next person who breaks my heart, i know how long it takes to get better now. i know it won’t always be entirely better. some days the hurt is just there for no reason, dull and numbing. but most days it’s entirely gone. you’re entirely gone. when i see you walk down the street, i just want to scream and laugh and tell you how much better i am than i ever was when you were in my life.

i am my own person, and god am i strong.

in a twisted way, thank you for being such a horrible person. it made me find people who truly care about me and who truly make me happy. and who knows if i would have found them without what you did. 

i pray you don’t ever do this to anyone else. no one on this planet deserves it. 

be kind to yourself and be kind to others, eric.


softboys are OUT…softgirls are the hot new trend!

edit: this most is mainly but not only for wlwoc bc we’re stereotyped by our oppressors to be mean, rough, tough, etc. i want us to know that we’re allowed to be soft and sweet and gentle and like things traditionally associated w that. i did not intend for it to seem like i was encouraging hyperfeminity that’s already forced upon women by men. im sorry if my wording made it seem like that!! i myself am a gnc wlwoc

this post, however, is not for trans exclusionary radfems. fuck you