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As you doodle’s Ninjago season 8 prediction

(Non of this is or probably ever will be canon… I just got bored and honestly can’t be bothered to draw it out in a comic (definitely not because I can’t draw), though I feel it would look better in that format.)

But you know, trigger warning if you’re the sort of person who hasn’t seen the new season and hate it when people start talking about it…


*Krux, Acronix and Wu are floating about in the time vortex wishing they were somewhere else*

Krux: This is all your fault Wu! If you had just stayed still we wouldn’t be in this mess!

Acronix: *floats by upside down* I can’t reach my Borgphone…

Krux: Will you shut up! *ahem* Aaand the Iron Doom fell out twenty years ago-

Meanwhile, in a park in Ninjago city…

Man: *sitting on a bench eating ice cream*

*Suddenly Iron Doom falls in front of him*

Back in the vortex…

Krux: -So now we’re stuck here!

Wu: *meditating*


Acronix: *looks up to see a blue police box in front of him* Brother?


*A strange man in a trench coat sticks his head out of the box’s door*

Man: Hullo! Fancy seeing someone out here… I’m the Doctor by the way and you are…?

Acronix: Acronix?

Doctor: Acronix. Interesting name. Anyway, have you seen any strange silver metal men with a sort of antennae on their heads?

Acronix: No?

Doctor: Ah. Well, that’s a shame… Say, you really shouldn’t be out there, you’ll get destroyed by the forces out there, miracle you’re still alive. You should probably come in.

Acronix: Is there enough space in-?

Doctor: Surprisingly, yes.

Acronix: *looks at Krux then shrugs* Yeah sure.

*Acronix ends up being pulled into the blue box and it disappears, Krux & Wu completely oblivious to what just happened*

Krux: *crosses arms* When we get out of here I am going to-

*Krux & Wu are abruptly spat out onto the ground*

Krux: *sits up* YES! AT LA- *six katanas are pointed as his face by a group of definitely mysterious hooded ninja. He sighs* Of course…

Wu: *groans and sits up*

*The ninja look around at Wu before pulling down their hoods and running over to him*

Ninja: SENSEI! *tackle hug him*

Wu: *looks at his students* … You’ve… changed?

Jay: Weeell, it has been forty years.

Nya: We can’t believe you’re back!

Cole: We’ve been looking for you everyday!

Lloyd: We’ve missed you!

Zane: It is great that you are still alive.

Kai: And in one piece, we were starting to worry about you.

Krux: *tries to take this as an opportunity to run but find himself face to face with a rather angry looking ninja with a scythe*

???: Don’t. Move.

Krux: 0.0′ *backs away into another angry looking teen*

???: Wouldn’t try that if I were you.

Krux: *sighs and raises his hands in surrender*

Wu: And who are th- *gets tackle hugged by a small child*

Child: Great-Granpa!

Wu: *looks at child and chuckles* I see you have families now…

Kai: Well…

Jay: Maybe just a little…

Cole: And perhaps some grandkids…

Nya: Or several…

Wu: *smiles* And who is this?

Child: I’m Mai!

Wu: Hello Mai… And whose are you?

Mai: *points at Lloyd*

Wu: … What? *glares at Lloyd*

???: OOOOOooh family beef.

???: Jake please stop.

Jake: As you wish my lady Catrina…

Wu: You… Have a grandchild?

Lloyd: Yes?

Wu: So you have a wife?

Lloyd: Yes.

Wu: *shakes head*

Lloyd: Uncle I am fifty seven years old! I am allowed to have a wife!

Wu: Not to me you’re not!

*All the younger ninjas gather around, hoping to watch a fight*

Kai: HEY!

*Younger ninja flinch*

Jake: Beef?

Kai: *smacks him upside the head* Quiet.

Wu: … And who is your wife?

Lloyd: She’s actually pretty busy right now and not here so…

Wu: T.T

Lloyd: Uncle…

Wu: Lloyd…

*Just then the reversal time blade falls through the portal and lands next to Wu*

Wu: *grabs it*

Zane: Sensei what are you doing?

Wu: I’m sorry Zane, I have a duty to you to be around.


Wu: And I plan to change that… *glances at Lloyd*

Lloyd: Oh no, don’t you dare…

Wu: Sorry. *holds up time blade and it starts glowing*

Forty years earlier…

Lloyd: I… Can’t believe he’s gone…

Kai: *gives him a pat on the shoulder* It’ll be okay Lloyd, wherever he is, he’ll be-

Wu: I’ll be what?

Ninja: SENSEI! *tackle hug him*

Wu: *sighs*

Jay: What happened?

Cole: How’re you back?

Nya: What about Krux and Acronix?

Wu: *shakes head* That. is a very long story… *Glances at Lloyd* You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?

Lloyd: No, why?

Wu: No reason, no reason at all…


If any of that happens then I will eat Cole’s chilli.

But hey, that’s just an unrealistic story about time travel and Wu being disapproving…


Wu has a time blade now.

That means so many things…


ID #11901

Name: Roo
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey ya’ll! I’m Roo. I’m a junior in high school. Haha I don’t have much to say, except i’d really like a penpal! I am fluent in english (obviously) and i’m learning Japanese. My interests are art, movies, music, comics, and dogs!! Im really into the X-men. In terms of music, I like a bit of everything! I’m a pretty negative person, and tend to complain about school and life a lot, just a heads up haha. I would like snail mail, preferably with someone outside the US. Anyway I wanna be your friend!!

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