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I was thinking what if Victor didn’t get to pack all of Makka’s stuff so Yuri lets them use Vicchan’s but Victor sees his name on that bowl and collar and his mind jumps right into Eros Land because his thirst just can not be contained.

so I started listening to The Black Tapes last week and finished only yesterday (I'm a little bit dead right now and still not over the ending) and I haven’t felt that excited in a long time actually
this show is so good

Confession: paint mixing videos stress me the hell out

I realize most of it isn’t actually being applied to anything and is being done purely for the sake of some relaxing instagram fodder, but they almost never mix it enough- there’s always a clump or five of pigment stuck to the palette that didn’t get picked back up and reabsorbed into the vehicle or there are still streaks running through it when the video ends and just

Give me half an hour of oil paint being milled at the actual factory, getting scooped up by trowel and slopped back through those giant rollers until nary a micron of pigment remains uncombined

tl;dr: local asshole applies compulsive instinctual perfectionism to innocuous things, finds joy in nothing, always generally ill at ease


I am really out of the loop in the oso fandom but!!! oso’s white day outfit on tabimatsu is really cute and I had to draw it

the matsus are really hard to draw by the way forgive me for how not-great this is? I spent 2 hours on it tho so I’m posting it anyway

Long time since I’ve updated something here. I’m a very very lazy person (and a busy law student). 

Reader-chan aka Paige Turner from Misconduct (yeah, the readerxdaddy76 fic). Because last chapter was about France and I’m chauvinistic af (don’t know if it’s even an english word).

I give a lot of love to all the @miss-conduct fandom (I know it exists, don’t tell me otherwise), Fivetail and Antiloquist. And I give hugs too. Hugs are cool. 

Pardon my english. I can study english for years without speaking a damn word. 


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I had to draw this rn
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I had
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drawn this prior