ame and lulu

  • jinx: janna, did you call the doctor and schedule my appointment yet?
  • janna: yeah i did but jinx, why do you still wanna go to a pediatrician?
  • jinx: 'cause a regular doctor doesn't give me candy at the end. duh.
  • janna: i cant keep doing this, i'm not your mom.
  • jinx: weeeelll..
  • lux: you do exhibit rather...motherly behavior, janna!
  • jinx: yeah, my parents live in bermuda. lulu's parents died in that train accident.
  • lulu: trains are fast.
  • jinx: so you're like a mom. team mom! team mom, team mom, team mo-
  • janna: i'm not the team mo-
  • all: team mom! team mom! team mom!
  • janna: poppy, why are YOU chanting?!
  • poppy: it's catchy.
  • *silence*
  • lulu: TEAM MO-
Tokiya’s Punishment

or as it’s known in my google drive, “FUCK YOU TOKIYA THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”

Summary: After Tokiya threatens to quit STARISH and join Raging Agency instead, the boys are hurt and want to punish Tokiya for his actions. Fortunately, Ren knows a little secret about Tokiya that will be of incredible use to them. Tokiya has no idea what’s coming to him.

Word Count: 2,442 (jeesus)

A/N: prompt given to me by an anon, fic itself somewhat inspired by otomiya-tickles’ fic “Jumin’s Punishment,” 10/10 read please check it out

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THIS TOOK ME MONTHS but it’s finally done! I literally cannot believe I’ve gotten this far! Thank all you guys for supporting me this far, it means the world to me. You are all the best!


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Who is still in FFX/Leokumi hell (it’s me I am)

Edit: I realized the resolution was god awful and it’s been fixed

I actually had energy today!! ✨⭐

Polywog Ponderings :)

So Nadi, the kids, and I have been living with Lulu as a poly family for a couple of weeks now. There are many things we all - including the kids - have been learning during this time. Our 5 year old daughter knows we are a family, but it’s apparent she’s still trying to figure out all the family titles based on story books she’s been read, and shows she’s seen.

The other day Lulu and I were getting ready to take the kids to the park. My daughter was chattering away, when she suddenly paused for a couple of seconds. Then the following conversation ensued between her and Lulu. Keep in mind that Lulu has been a part of our family for nearly 2 years now and our daughter is very comfortable around her.

K: “Lulu what are you in the family?”
L: “I’m the Lulu”
K: Giggling, “I mean who are you in the family”
L: “I’m the Lulu in the family”
K: Still giggling “But… I mean,… are you the mommy, or the sister, or auntie?”
L: “Your mommy is still the mom, your daddy is still the dad, and I am the Lulu”

She thought about that for a bit, seemed satisfied with that answer, and said ok can we go to the park now.


never back down on love ➻ yuri kuma arashi, episode 1