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Can ask for 'Concupiscence: ardent sensual longing/ strong lustful desire.'

NO ONE GET EXCITED! …Yet… I know I usually put the chapter for Come on Baby, Light My Fire as an answer to the ask with the word prompt, but I am still editing and brushing up a few things that bother me. Also…I have an awesome surprise for the last chapter, courtesy of the amazing @akai-echo and the ever sneaky @peetabreadgirl. Seriously ladies, you’ve made my day, my week, the entire month! However, since I didn’t want to let another Friday pass without something, here is a short snippet from the next (and last) chapter. A Five Phrase Friday, if you will. The sentences are jumbled and in no particular order.

1. “No. Don’t. Please.” I swallow and shake my head frantically, cupping his cheeks in my palms. “I love…having your sketchbook on my table. I love having your toothbrush next to mine on the sink. I love waking up beside you and cooking with you. I – I need you – Peeta, please?”

2.  “Exactly how am I supposed to explain that to my mother?” 

3. He lifts the covers of his bed and doesn’t need to say a word for me to recognize the invitation. I dive across him and settle beneath the blankets, keeping a good foot of space between us as he turns the lamp back off and lays down beside me. 

4. “I was daring with my fashion choices from an early age!” she protests our teasing. 

5. “I’d love to help, Annie,” I say, completely insincerely. “But I’m just too busy what with the spring musical kicking off next month with tryouts. Ms. Seeder really needs my help, especially since you can’t this time. Besides, if the guy is volunteering to help coach little league, he can’t be all bad, can he?” 

I’ll be sure to tag you when I post the final chapter, @alliswell21, since it is your prompt that inspired it. ;-) Should have it done soon-ish. Monday at the absolute latest, like that’s the worst case scenario.

#REALTALK… how has sense8 never won an editing award? in fact, it’s never even been Nominated for an editing award… like?? a series featuring Eight leads from Eight different cities across the globe (all filmed ON LOCATION, with multiple global film crews!!) who literally weave in + out of each other’s environments, seamlessly taking over each other’s bodies + minds, all while trying to act without suspicion in their own real world surroundings… joseph jett sally, joe hobeck, fiona colbeck and their entire editing teams make this pseudo-time-travel, out-of-body plot device feel tangible and easy to follow, without ever making the audience feel lost or confused on which character to focus on… and none of this has ever been given any recognition within the industry. i am….. disgusted.


#goD these two #peggy’s literally on the edge of her life #running away from people she works with #some of which she probably even trusted #who are after her for crimes she hasn’t committed #and they don’t even bat an eyelid #all of them instantly go to find her so as they can lock her up #they don’t even think about if Peggy is actually not guilty #even though Peggy has done countless of things to prove herself trustworthy #and then here’s Angie #precious cinnamon roll Angie Martinelli #(who doesn’t even fully know about her friend’s double agent ‘job’ #and the reality of Peggy’s life) #deciding at this very moment #that she is going to protect Peggy #she’s going to lie to FEDERAL AGENTS #put her life and job and home at risk #because Peggy is in trouble #and she’ll be damned if she’s just gonna watch that happen #if Peggy’s life is on the line #then so is hers #Angie Martinelli is Peggy Carter’s shield just as much as Peggy is hers #and I love it so so much