SKAM needs to come back already.

I’m running out of stuff to watch and do.

Plus I really really need you to peel me away from the stress that is RobRon

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Once when i was really little,my family and i went to those swim with the dolphin things amd one of them tired to hump my mom and my sister cried

Destroying families. What won’t they do.

talesfromcallcenters: Happy story from roadside assistance.

I work for a large membership based national emergency road service club. My job is to take the info from people who are broken down about their location, vehicle, amd where they would like it towed, etc. This story happened on my Friday (which was actually Wednesday) before I was supposed to leave work. The next day I was planning on going to the Emerald City Comic Con. The first day of the con. This is important.

That night, I got a call from an out of state member needing a long distance tow across the pass into Seattle. When I asked where they wanted it towed they said any shop as long as it was close to the convention center. I said, “Oh! You’re going to comic con!” They were surprised that I knew and said they were vendors with a booth, so I said that our call center for the region was local and I was going the next day. (I don’t think they believed me). I managed to get them faster service (nerds of the world unite) because they needed to set up that night (it’s a long story which is full of little things peculiar to my job but I went WAY out of my way for these people and they knew it.) I clocked out, and the next day went to the Con.

The first thing I did was visit their booth. I picked up a really cool necklace they were selling and said I wanted to buy it. As I got out my wallet, I said, “Well, the real reason is that I wanted to make sure you guys made it here okay.” They looked at me, and slowly comprehension dawned on their faces. The look on their faces was PRICELESS. “Oh!! YOU’RE the roadside assistance lady!!! Oh my gosh!” They got so excited, and they were really really grateful, and tried to give me the necklace free but I insisted on paying. When I wouldn’t take it, they gave me a free lanyard instead, and wouldn’t let me leave without taking it. It made my year. I now wear my work badge on that lanyard to remind me that not everyone is an ungrateful SOB. Every time I see that lanyard I feel good about myself and my job.

By: Swordofmytriumph

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Dude!! I I am working on a fanart bc " and nearly letting go" ch8 wrecked me (honestly one of my favorite fics like hoyl shit) AND I OPENED TUMBLR TO FIND SOME DETAIL ABOUT MOBS CLOTHING IN A SCENE AMD I SAW YOU JUST POSTED THE NEW CHAPTER AND I HAVEMT FELT SUCH JOY IN ALONG TIME HOLY SHIT

Did you say fanart? :D

That must have been really perfect timing, I think you sent this ask literally minutes after I posted! Thank you so much my man, I’m so happy I could make you happy! ^-^

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Hi ☺️👋🏼 what about Josh and Tyler fucking ftm reader, he's lying between them and they're being so gentle and giving him so much praise bc they know he's been struggling lately uwu Sorry this is so bad it's my first one amd I'm super nervous 🙈

josh reaches down to thumb your clit, grinning into your shoulder when you jolt against him, fingers wrapping around his wrist to try and press him away.

“you don’t like it?” he murmurs, lips gentle at your ear.

you jerk again, and whine as tyler dips his head to suck at your nipples, dark eyes lidded and his hips rocking into you. “’s…too much. too good.”

“’s what we want,” tyler mumbles, muffled with his lips still wrapped around one of your nipples. his hands join at the small of your back, between where you and josh are pressed together. “wan’ you t’ feel good. you deserve it.”

josh nods, hair tickling at the nape of your neck. he sinks his fingers down further, scissoring them around where tyler’s inside of you. “how’s he feel?”

“good,” you and tyler say at the same time, and tyler blushes as he grins up at you, abandoning your nipple to lay his head instead against your chest, listening to your heart beating.

“he feels really nice,” tyler sighs, and the smattering of facial hair across his chin makes you shiver when it brushes against the swell of your breasts.

you say, “he feels better,” and reach around to palm gently at his ass, making him squeak and rut harder into you.

“my beautiful boys,” josh mutters, brushes your hair back and kisses your temple. “all mine.”

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I fully understand you guys. I'm a swiftie but also a big Ed fan. And I noticed the same that the bigger Taylor is becoming the more hate she got. And it's sad. I don't know if you like her or no but I can tell that she's real sweetheart and generous person amd I don't know why people are trying to tear her down. Same with Ed he's amazing and I've never heard about neither Ed or Tay that they hated on someone. Always speaking kindly and nicely about everyone. Love them both.

It’s easier to hit a big target, is all. 

I’ve never met Taylor, but I think she seems like a cool person. She’s definitely never done anything to justify the sheer volume of hate she gets from the internet. It actually seems like every positive thing she does ends up getting her more hate, people questioning her motives or wondering why she hasn’t done more. It’s insane. 

But it’s really cool to me to see good people like this continue to be good people despite being told so often that they aren’t. 

Headcanon that might've been done before.

Because Danny was hit with the energy of the ENTIRE ghost zone when he became a halfa, he potentially has all the powers of every inhabitant of the ghost zone. But the thing I’m excited for are the little traits he’ll pick up because of this once he’s older and more developed. Maybe late twenties when his powers are in full maturity but a touch of youth still.

He suddenly has an interest in how his parents’ tech works. Every circuit, every button. People think it’s because he’s their son, or maybe Tucker? But no. It’s Technus.

He tends to give out amazing and specific advice because he understands how the average person’s brain works or thinks. Was it because of Jazz? Nah. Spectra knows how the mind works like the back of her hand.

He gets overly competitive during gym sometimes. Now he doesn’t hold back as much and doesn’t TRY to lose at anything. Was it Tetslaff? Dash? Nope, it’s Skulker.

He needs attention. He’s very emotional and needy. Whenever someone gets upset with him, he’ll try to fix it immediately. Did it come from his sister being so smart and achieving her goals while his grades are in the shitter so he has to be reassured and get constant confirmation that he isn’t a bother? Haha not even close. Klemper.

He takes a slight notice in botany now. Everyone assumes it’s to impress Sam, but by this point it’s apparent that Undergrowth is to blame.

Somehow he manages to recreate any melody he’s heard. Whether it’s tapping his pencil on his desk or fiddling with one of the band geeks instruments, he can make amazing music. Hidden talent or was it Ember?

While he struggles to fit in, he isn’t afraid to take charge and lead when necessary. However, he isn’t always the leader with a iron fist (though at times he can be). He often is understanding and guiding. A mentor but also a calculating machine. Where’d he get this? A combination of Paraiah Dark, the Ghost King and Frostbite, Leader of the Far Frozen.

He gets into interior decorating as well. Setting up the rooms so the furniture matches the paint’s accents. He loves drawers and closet space. Lowkey Box Ghost…

Speaking of, he’s like the lunch lady because he can cook up a storm. He makes the kitchen look like a natural disaster but the food is SO WORTH IT!

He never needs a GPS. Whenever going on long road trips, he somehow has a strong sense of direction. Animal instinct? Or an Animal’s Instinct? Wulf, mi amiko.

He’s stubborn. Sometimes playfully, sometimes painfully. Whenever he sinks his teeth into a thought, he won’t let it go. He’s such a dork sometimes. But he’s cute even if its annoying. Cujo.

He knows manners though. And when he’s talking to a superior he listens with the upmost respect. Its like he is afraid to so much as put a toe out of line. Fright Knight and Walker.

So he’s amazing at things like cooking and interior decorating but he isn’t any less masculine, because he still knows how to fix machinery and cars like magic. But it isn’t magic. It’s Johnny 13.

I havent been sitting on this for years btw. It just sorta flowed outta me.