Super Stiles!

Oh my goodness this episode was amazing! I love Stiles and all his plaid glory. He was finally able to be Batman for once in a serious situation! He saved the love o his life and if people were unsure about how Lydia feels about Stiles, tonight should have cleared things up for you. LYDIA LOVES STILES AMD CARES FOR HIM AND WANTS TO PROTECT HIM, JUST LIKE HE IS WITH HER! I seriously hope they get together or kiss or at least tell each other how they feel before the end of this season. We have waited to long and have been through too much with theses two to be traded any longer!
P.S I wasn’t the only one who thought Stiles was going to kiss Lydia in the car was I?

i am so so scare right now plesae pleas if youre an anti please block ‘the // blue // informant’ (withought the spces and //) 

they suppoert pp suicide baiting and triggering antis and just have said a lot of horrible amd triggering and disgusting stuff, ill provide proof if someone asks but id rather not post it cause there is triggering nsfw text and im not trying to make a big deal i dont support calloits for minors but its so triggering and upsetting i dont want anuone seeing it please stay safe

please please stay safe please dont argue with them just bloack them and sstay away

mabye if it wa s a long time ago i could assume they have changed for the better but these were recent posts, from like a week and a half/two weeks ago, and they get worse and worse plese stay asafe

dragon1598121 asked:

I have a problem with sugar ants in my bp's tank!!! I don't know what to do or how to get rid of them, please help me!!!

Step 1. Take snake out of tank and put him in a temporary enclosure for a while.
Step 2. Empty tank, wash tank and all decor with a bleach and water solution, then rinse everything off with hot water amd let air dry completely.
Step 3. Use paper towels as substrate for a while then switch over to regular substrate
How did you get sugar ants? Just curious so you can make sure it doesn’t happen again

Shit Aph Belarus Does #70

Has once taken America’s stuffed minion and burned it right in front of him

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WHAT IF WE GET to see Lexa finding out Clarke slept with Niylah and lexa gets pissed and Clarke is all like "why does it bother you so much, lexa?" AND FUCKINF LEXA LOSING IT AND TURNS AROUND AMD SAYS "because I love you Clarke!!" ISMBSHS IM JUSTS SJSH

This ask makes me want to go outside and stare at the sky until I understand life


“Emboldened by its YouTube performance, I started using the Compute Stick as I would a typical computer. I loaded up several browsers with multiple tabs, opened up multiple programs in the background, including Spotify and Slack, and proceeded to go about my usual workflow. And, surprisingly, the experience wasn’t half bad. The Compute Stick slowed down a bit as I quickly alt-tabbed between programs, or streamed Spotify music while downloading large files, but whereas the first model felt too slow for comfort, this one simply feels comfortable” - Engadget Senior Editor, Devindra Hardawar

Read our review and see more photos of Intel’s 2nd-gen Compute Stick