recently had enough with pro-palestine people who only care because of some warped idea of muslim solidarity. its a specific type of person. its the algerian turk who denies the armenian genocide, its the bengali who retweets anti-semitic propaganda, its the egyptian who uses “fuck israel” as an aesthetic but does nothing more to learn history and nuance amd nothing more to aid palestinians… you dont give a fuck about human rights, you have zero compassion, youre not any better than a right winger at all…

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What qualities do men find attractive in women, generally speaking? I'm afraid i'll be alone for a long time, and I hate feeling this way.

Never worry about what men find attractive. Just be yourself, and only accept a man that accepts you.

Men, and people in general, aren’t worth the effort to change for them. Most of the time you’ll change amd they won’t accept you anyway. 

As they say, you can be the sweetest fruit on the tree, but there’s still going to be someone who doesn’t like fruit.

the signs as things nozomi tojo has done
  • aries:started a pillow fight during their summer camp and put the blame on maki
  • taurus:talked about how cute umi looks in a swinsuit in detail to not go through her pool training routine
  • gemini:sent rin to chase nico because her boobs were the flattest
  • cancer:acted like the local mom for the entire time she was on μ's
  • leo:has her boobs listed as her charm point
  • virgo:wakes up earlier than usual everyday to do household chores
  • libra:said that if nico was a type of bread, she'd be a meatball sandwich
  • scorpio:said she wanted to see eli wearing a sexy dress
  • sagittarius:made a suspicious face when she talked about "eating parfaits" with eli
  • capricorn:sent nico flying with the sole force of impact of her boobs
  • aquarius:tricked maki into thinking she was seeing her future to teach her a lesson about doubting her spiritual power
  • pisces:kept a framed picture of μ's in her room and got embarrassed when the others found out

Let’s catch the culprit, ojii-san!

Kid!Naoto convinces Kanji to play as detectives. She’s been pulling his hair off and calls him ‘ojii-san’ which annoys him but he can’t get angry because she’s too cute.


Kids are smol and adorable

That’s so cute, Onee-san!

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im a messy person