AH in Asagao AU
The tournament is changed up amd everyone needs to compete.
The finals come and the final four combatants are Hana, Ian, Michael, and Ryan.
The final game is revealed.
It is Monolopy.
Hana and Ian are like ‘whatever it’s just monopoly.’
Michael almost breaks the table and Ryan almost kills the Announcer.
AH is screaming.
NB and HB are scared.

Sorry about my horrible voice amd sorry about the lag bit you see what I mean by lag and pausingXD so here’s a short preview almost done!


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and also fucking the tennessee promise thing was supposed to pay for college for the first two uears amd i did fucking everything for it and it still made me pay money so i dont know what im gonna do


I’m scared. But… I want to tame my own weakness! - M.T.

You’ll become the person you have imagined for yourself
          Even if nobody recognizes you right now
                   It’s not a winter night’s dream
              If you feel the warmth of your heart.    x x

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frog you were the first vendor on this blue website but seymour followed very quickly, were you friends as you are today before that?

Listin. I tell a Story. One Upon A Time While Juggling Bag of Sand And Throw At Custimers, I Say “Grat.” Next Day I go into Deserts And See A New Stand, A New Little Hole Of Bungalow Variety. I Go And See Babyboy tapir, Stripes All Over Hide, Little Nose Fill With Wise Mucus. The Little Babyboy says to me “Long Snouts For Long Shouts. Sands Smelling For Good Sands Selling.” I sit Back And Reelise, This Boy Knows The Things. I say “What is You’re Named Boy” Amd he says “Seymour Tapir Babyboy” I say “You Treacherous Fiend You Cannot sell Sand Good as Me But We Shall See” This Spark Altercations. After many Yelling And A Shouting We say “Yoyre not so bad… Could be Great Allies.” Now Seymour Babyboy my Closest Friend

They’re adding an AK style rifle to Fallout 4 in the new DLC.

It is an homage to the AK a dude built out of some scrap metal and a shovel.

Here’s one that is configured in a more typical assault rifle format, but curiously the dust cover has been removed, likely as a reference to Escape from Tarkov.

Lower handguard appears to be inspired by the Hungarian AMD-65, their version of the Russian AKM.

Also the aesthetic of the Dragunov SVD.