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What do you think the likelyhood is that TS can makw up .5 in the FD amd win the GPF?

I think anything’s possible. And I wouldn’t disregard VM as the losers just yet, they’re going to bring it Saturday and if they win or not, yet to be determined but I think they’ll put up a hell of a fight to make up that point and more.

I said this weeks ago that GPF isn’t the end of the road, its a road block that they’ve faced twice before with different outcomes. 

u know what I love about ucl days?? nothing. absolutely nothing. we gonna suck, we gonna lose, another injury will be added to the list, the stress, we gonna get kicked out, the end.

Winning the AMD World Championship of bike building takes genius and commitment. And @fred_krugger has done it twice… This is his third effort, and we reckon he’s got a good shot at another title. ‘Ladd’ is in Cologne right now, being showcased at the @intermot show and scrutinized by the AMD judges.
A 103ci @sscycle motor sits in a handcrafted frame, with bodywork inspired by 1960s gasser custom cars.
Hit the link in our bio for the exclusive story and more amazing images by @thierrydricot.
#harley #custom #intermot #amd #caferacer #LiveYourLegend #bikeexif "Kyary wins 2013 AMD Award"

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has been selected as the winner of the “Award for Excellence” in the 19th annual “Digital Content of the Year ‘13 / 19th AMD Awards”.

The committee chose Kyary Pamyu Pamyu because of her efforts to connect with her overseas fan base in creative ways, even holding a successful world tour just 1.5 years after her debut and maintaining her popularity in her home country of Japan. They further explained that Kyary has incorporates 'good’ elements about Japan while pushing forward at a relentless speed with her daring mindset, establishing Kyary as a Japanese pop icon who is carving her own path ahead.

Other winners of the Award for Excellence include the OS Windows 8.1, the online game “Kantai Collection”, the smartphone app “CocoPPa”, the drama “Kodoku no Gourmet Season 3”, Honda’s “Sound of Honda Ayrton Senns 1989”, the anime “Shingeki no Kyojin”, the event “Niconico Chou Kaigi”, and the simulation game “Nobunaga’s Ambition”.