amd 65



Hungarian AK variant with one of the most easily distinguished silhouettes. The actual military models have a barrel length that would classify them as SBR’s, so civilian models have an extended barrel or flash hider to meet the 16″ requirement. This one is odd because the builder used a full length barrel and original muzzle brake. Usually it’s a shortened barrel with an extended muzzle brake. (GRH)

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  • pain - distress, burning, sting, smarting, colic, agony, soreness, growing pains, aching, torment, hurting, torture, throb, burn, suffering, ache.
  • pleasure - pleasance, enjoyment, comfort, delectation, delight.
  • hunger -  starvation, hungriness, famishment, lack of food, malnutrition, famine.
  • thirst - thirstiness, dryness, dehydration.
  • cold - frigidness, coolness, iciness, cool, frostiness, coldness, chilliness, nip, gelidity, frigidity, low temperature, chill.
  • heat - warmness, torridity, hotness, high temperature, calefaction, fieriness, white heat, warmth, incalescence, hot weather, warm weather.
  • tiredness - fatigue, weariness, exhaustion, burnout, enervation, inertia, sleepiness, drowsiness, somnolence.
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  • revolvers - 44 magnum, 45 long colt, 357 magnum, 38 special, 41 magnum.
  • pistols - 30 carbine, 45 winchester magnum, 45 acp, 22 long rifle, 9x19mm parabellum.
  • assault rifles - Adaptive Combat Rifle, ADS amphibious rifle, AEK-971, AK-47, AMD-65, M4 carbine.
  • knives - dagger, poniard, broadsword, stiletto, rapier, saber, katana, axe, switchblade.

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Another of my favorites: My parts kit build AMD-65.

Some of the rivets aren’t the prettiest, but I love this rifle. It was fun to build, and definitely learnt a lot from it.

The base kit was off a Hungarian AMD-65 with a new US 16" barrel I got off classic firearms. Receiver flat and miscellaneous parts from Ak Builder.

I got together with a friend to do most of the work in his garage, then we did the final assembly at Huff’s cabin on a weekend trip.

I’ve added:
AMD-65 Tech Cheek Riser
AMD-65 Tech Rear Sling Mount
Magpul AK Grip - with a relief cut for the stock button
Krebs Selector
Tromix Charging Handle Knob
Burris Fastfire w/ Midwest Industries Mount

I got the Burris and MI mount from a buddy for dirt cheap just to try out. I honestly think the mount isn’t the best. I had to add some washers (seen in the pics) to keep it stable because the stock screws wouldn’t hold the mount to the rear sight platform under recoil and the mount would flip up after a few shots. In addition it makes field stripping a little annoying. But for the price I paid for it I’m pretty happy.

AFGHANISTAN. Kabul Province. Outside Kabul. Afghan policewomen handle AMD-65 rifles at a dusty firing range. Joining the police force is a bold decision for an Afghan woman. Insurgents often attack the police. Very few women get permission to sign up from their husband and male relatives. Of 100,000 officers, only about 700 are female. Yet women are welcome recruits. They can take on tasks that men cannot because of Islamic custom: frisking other women, searching homes where female family members are present. Many who take the job are widows of fallen officers cast in the role of breadwinner. The pay is about $165 a month.

Photograph: Lynsey Addario



Made and sold through Century Arms International, the AK-63D is a variant of a Hungarian AK platform. The major difference with the Century model is that it uses a milled receiver whereas the real Hungarian model uses a stamped receiver. Note the distinct Hungarian pistol grip, the same style seen on the more commonly known AMD-65, albeit the 65 generally has polymer grips in that shape. (GRH)



Looks like something out of the Khyber Pass. Seller listed it as a “Matilda”, which looks like a cut-down Hungarian AMD-65. He also mentioned overall length with stock collapsed is 12″. The forward grip appears to be a modified Yugoslavian M70 pistol grip. If it were refinished it would look kind of adorable. (GRH)