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¡Qué bonitas tus fotos! Qué cámara usas?


Hora de una confesión: No tomo casi ninguna de las fotos que publico aquí.

O sea, sí tomo algunas. Si son selfies, particularmente situacionales o lo digo directamente, pueden asumir que sí tomé la foto. Aparte sí tomo mis propios screenshots y si aparezco en una que otra foto de algún dictador yugoslavo, algún disidente soviético, algún puerto en el Golfo de México o alguna iglesia poblana, pueden asumir que al menos estuve ahí cuando la tomaron. 

Fuera de eso, todas las imágenes las saco de Google bajo el entendido de que no me pertenecen. Este blog ha sido descrito de muchas maneras, pero nunca como un blog de fotografía. Si eso es lo que buscan, permítanme dirigirlos a Alejandro y su blog lleno de fotografías super bonitas de nopales, pueblos y pugs. 

Y contestando tu pregunta, uso la cámara de mi celular. Ups.


My grass, my temples. I [A trip through my eyes]

I had a professor in college that used to say: 

“I could never leave Mexico permanently for I’d miss the golden grass in winter, I’d also miss our food. But man, I’d miss my temples the most.”

I can’t say I blame him.

Rest in peace, Mr. Cubillas.

Thanks for this project, mi Laura!

All the best <3


It is my duty...

To show the world that there’s a different side of Mexico. Not everything’s bad news and crime. There’s the good side of it too. A side where culture is grown within ourselves from the day we’re born, where moral values are taught way before we can even walk, a side where poverty is not everything you’ll find.

Yes, we have a different side than what’s shown by the media. Mexico is beautiful, and I’m talking about the real Mexico. Forget about Cancun and the other typical Spring Break destinations, sure they’re beautiful but that’s not the real thing. As a friend would say (american btw) “it’s gringo central :/”.

We may not have cities filled with humongous skyscrapers all over but we have places that come alive with color, truth, emotions, and a sense of belonging. Places where people are still friendly and care about each other, something quite rare these days.

I’m not good with words, I have never been. That’s why I speak in a visual way, or at least I try to. I don’t know if this is what is sensed from the photos I post, but I certainly hope so.

This is the Mexico I see, and I want to share it with you.