5am adventures

Yahabae 5:14 AM

You (kyou) 5:16 AM
Why /the fuck/ are u awake

Yahabae 5:17 AM
Cat woke me up
Why are YOU awake

You 5:17 AM
I’m nocturnal I get a free pass on this
You 5:18 AM
Also insomnia is a bitch

Yahabae 5:18 AM
Wait so you haven’t gone to sleep yet??? Are you going to be okay for morning practice

You 5:20 AM
Stop being such a mom
not like it’s the first time its happened

Yahabae 5:20 AM
We both know Watari is the mom friend but still dude
Yahaba 5:21 AM
At least that explains why you always look tired and pissed off

You 5:22 AM
Fuck off

Yahabae 5:22 AM
Just being honest

You 5:22 AM
Your honesty is not welcome at this time
You 5:23 AM
Anyway why’d you text me instead of going back to sleep? What do you want

Yahabae 5:23 AM
Why do you assume I want something

You 5:23 AM
I know you value your beauty sleep

Yahabae 5:24 AM
well I know something I want that would help me get to sleep faster….
Yahaba 5:24 AM
A pair of big strong arms to hold me tight ;)

You 5:24 AM
do I even want to know
You 5:24 AM
You 5:24 AM
I’m too tired for your sexting nonsense

Yahabae 5:25 AM
Yahabae 5:25 AM
Yahabae 5:26 AM
Yahabae 5:27 AM
but seriously though I kind of do feel like cuddling a bit

You 5:27 AM
you texted me at 5am because you’re lonely and want to be spooned

Yahabae 5:29 AM

Incoming call from “Kentar-Hoe♡”

So,  @my-mind-palace-blog tagged all trans followers so here u go:

Nickname: None

Gender: Male 
Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′6″

Sexual Orientation: technically pansexual but?? idc
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Favorite colors: All
Favorite animals: oh god don’t make me choose
Time right now: 2:15 am
Cat or dog person: both but I’m allergic to cats
Favorite Fictional Characters: Everyone on Skam and the walking dead 
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
Favorite Singer/Band: …………………..
Dream trip: I really just want to stay living in New York forever but i guess Norway
Dream job: Artist or someone who helps children out of abusive situations
Current number of followers: 384
When did your blog reach its peak: Idk
Date: 1/14/17
How many blogs do I follow: 1,916
Do I get asks regularly: NOPE 
I tag: @flowerkid-do @softooth @isak-skam-even ummmidk @every-cool-username-is-taken @rykerzanef @cerebellumpunk 

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I was tagged by @76bloodytrombones. Thank you!

Relationship status: Single.

Favorite color: Red.

Pets: Two cats: Ned Stark and Luke Skywalker, but I’ve been looking after my nephew’s Jack Russell named Daryl. I’m not sure when my sister’s going to pick him up. It’s been over a year :/

Wake up time: 6:00 AM

Cats or dogs: Cats. Definitely a cat person.

Coke or Pepsi: Neither.

Text or call: Text. But I am lazy with texts.  

Chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick.  

Last song I listened to: On the Bible by Tech N9ne.

I’m tagging: @take94; @atelosx; @stronglikemusic; @itblackgirls; @liberiangirl85; @snakevenom; @infiniteimperfectperfection; @armygirl2003; and @jenashpee-blog