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I was tagged by @76bloodytrombones. Thank you!

Relationship status: Single.

Favorite color: Red.

Pets: Two cats: Ned Stark and Luke Skywalker, but I’ve been looking after my nephew’s Jack Russell named Daryl. I’m not sure when my sister’s going to pick him up. It’s been over a year :/

Wake up time: 6:00 AM

Cats or dogs: Cats. Definitely a cat person.

Coke or Pepsi: Neither.

Text or call: Text. But I am lazy with texts.  

Chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick.  

Last song I listened to: On the Bible by Tech N9ne.

I’m tagging: @take94; @atelosx; @stronglikemusic; @itblackgirls; @liberiangirl85; @snakevenom; @infiniteimperfectperfection; @armygirl2003; and @jenashpee-blog