Walking Dead Actor Struggling to Find Other Roles

Walking Dead Actor Struggling to Find Other Roles

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Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun is writing and producing his own projects to create better opportunities for Asian actors.

Steven Yeun started working on his acting career in 2005. He left behind a lucrative career to movie to Chicago and become an actor. It is often times difficult to start a career as a working actor but, according to Steven Yeun it is even harder to do it as an Asian-American.

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It’s quite the feat to imagine The Walking Dead without Carol, especially from Season 3 onwards. 
Her teased relationship with Daryl would have never happened. 
We would never have seen her commit vigilante justice on child psychopath Lizzie, who killed her little sister, Mika. 
Who would have broken Rick and co. out of Terminus? 
And her presence in Sanctuary would have been missed, especially as she was around to stifle the brutal attack of the Wolves. 
The outcome of that assault would have been unimaginable without Carol to deter them. 
True, she is playing a more quiet role in recent episodes, but the fans all know she is about to break out of her silent disguise, possibly with the arrival of Negan. 

February, 2016 - InQ