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Sonequa is a devastating loss. Sonequa is my sister in so many ways and she’s wise, she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s smart, she’s lively, she’s talented. She’s a real example to everybody. I don’t know even know i’d where to begin with how amazing she has been to work with and to have in my life. We lose her, but it’s such a deeply original and heroic way that just  seems right for someone as astounding like Sasha. I have so many memories of laughing a lot with her and learning from her and getting support and comfort from her. It’s family. That never ends.

Danai Gurira


The cast of The Walking Dead poses with former cast members onstage during AMC presents ‘Talking Dead Live’ on October 22, 2017 in  Los Angeles, California

prompt 45 and 48 with daryl, please? <3 - @dxsturbxa


#45- “Stop trying to push me away!”

#48- “I’d fucking die for you.”

TWD prompts.

Today’s going to be a complicated day. I don’t know how I know that, but I do. It’ll be stressful and trying and exhausting. Thankfully, I have the motivation to actually get out of bed and be somewhat helpful, so I decide to do exactly that. I get up, get ready, head out of the door and then over to Rick’s place. 

It’s a sweltering day in Alexandria, beads of sweat start forming along my hairline and my entire body begins to heat up. I quickly tie my hair up to get some air to the back of my neck, but to no success.

I jog up the stairs to Rick’s house, already noticing Michonne and Tara through the window. I knock on the door a couple of times before the door swings open and Daryl appears before me.

“Hey,” I smile politely. “You coming today?” I ask, referring to the run that Rick and I organized.

“Yep.” Daryl grumbles and moves aside to let me in.

Daryl’s been acting… off with me lately. He’s been completely blanking me and anytime I attempt to start a conversation with him, all I receive are blunt, one-word answers.

I concede in trying to talk to him and walk past the threshold of the doors and then into the lounge where I find Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Glenn, Aaron, Tara, Sasha and Abraham.

“Hey Y/N, you all set?” Rick asks.

“Pretty much,” I reply, checking that my gun and knife are attached to my belt. Rick nods and lets me take the lead. “Okay, this should only take us a couple of hours. We go to town, grab what we need and we go. Quick, simple, easy. That good with everyone?” I announce.

“Sounds good to me.” Glenn nods, relatively satisfied. Everyone nods along with Glenn in agreement, causing a me to grin from ear to ear. Everyone but Daryl, who’s still sulking against the door frame. I roll my eyes and ignore his petty attitude, my mind purely focused on our main objective.

I don’t know why he’s been acting like this. Daryl and I used to be so close. We’d go on runs together, keep watch together and we’d always hang around my house. But one day, he just kind of switched and he hasn’t been the same with me since. I miss him, I really do, but every time I ask him what’s wrong, he ignores me. I just wish I knew what I did wrong, then maybe I could fix it. The not-knowing is killing me.

When we arrive into town, we all split off into pairs and head in different stores, but before we can initiate pairs, everyone does their own thing without discussion. Rick heads off with Michonne, Glenn pairs up with Tara, Aaron and Rosita run towards the west side of the town, and Sasha and Abraham walk off together leaving Daryl and I completely alone. We stand in place awkwardly for countless moments before I head south. Daryl catches up and walks beside me with his crossbow at the ready, still not uttering a word. I spot a grocery store and head in that direction, Daryl immediately copying my path. I quietly open the door, gingerly stepping over some fallen items. I search the aisles and throw whatever canned good I can find into my backpack, all in complete silence. Daryl barges past me and grabs a load of random items and tosses them in his bag, but is caught off guard when a walker falls through the damp ceiling and directly on top of him.

“Daryl!” I cry out and shoot at the walker, not hesitating to rush over. The grumbles die down and the geek goes limp, letting Daryl push it off of him. “You okay?” I ask, kneeling down beside him and checking him for wounds.

“Yeah… thanks, I guess.” Daryl pants.

“You’re not hurt or anything?” I panic, pulling off his vest to find and bites or scratches.

“I’m fine…” He sighs.

“Are you sure? It looked like-”

“I said I’m fine!” Daryl snaps.

I scoff and and sit back onto my heels, staring at him with utter disbelief.

“What?” He asks after a while.

Stop trying to push me away!” I yell.

Daryl lets out a deep breath as his head falls back against the floor. His eyes close for a few seconds before he stands up again and begins to walk out.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Daryl!?” I shout, following him as he storms out.

“Shut up. You’re gonna attract unwanted attention.” He hisses, turning around.

“Talk to me, Daryl! Stop avoiding me and just say something! What did I do wrong!?” 

“Can this wait? You couldn’t have picked a worse time.” He mumbles and walks away.

Run after him. Make him tell you. Run after him. Make him tell you.

I can’t. I’m frozen. Petrified, even. Scared that if I ask him once more, he won’t be delicate with telling me what I’ve done and I might lose him for good. I’d take one-word answers over nothing. That’s better… right? I stressfully run a hand through my hair and sulk off outside and get back to where I left the others. We rejoin and take inventory, then getting back in the trucks. I remain quiet the whole ride back to Alexandria, even when I notice Rick and Glenn looking back at me worriedly. Sasha, who’s been sat next to me the whole time, lovingly rubs my arm and flashes a warm smile when I look over to her. She knows not to ask, but to just… be there.

Finally, we return home and I take a long, well-earned shower, trying to wash away the thoughts that Daryl left. All I’m able to feel is hurt and confusion as to where it all went wrong. It’s like he just woke up one morning and decided that I no longer mattered.

I lay on my bed in a sullen silence, desperately trying to think of anything other that Daryl. I begin to think that I can concentrate on something else when I hear a knock at my door, but when I reach it, I can already tell who it is by the silhouette on the other side of the distorted glass.

“Hey,” I sigh, opening the door. “What’s up, Daryl?”

He shuffles awkwardly and coughs out something inaudible.

“What?” I raise an eyebrow, too tired to care if I’m being rude or not.

“We need to talk.” Daryl states and pushes past me.

“Come on in.” I say sarcastically.

I shut the door and head into the lounge, where Daryl is pacing nervously.

“So, you going to tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” I ask, leaning against the door frame.

“Yeah… probably ain’t a good enough reason, but I might as well tell you ‘cause you don’t deserve the way I’ve been treatin’ you.”

My heart breaks at his clear sincerity and I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his waist. He takes a while to respond, but hugs me back after a few moments. I release after a while and gaze up at him.

“I’ve been pushin’ you away because… I’m… I’m afraid.” Daryl admits.

“Of what?” I ask softly.

“Loving you,” he blurts out, making my heart skip a beat. We got so close and I started to get all these feelings and it scared the shit out of me. Then, I realized… if we were ever in trouble or under attack, I wouldn’t even think about protecting anyone else but you. Hell, I’d fucking die for you, Y/N.”

I stand absolutely still, not able to comprehend everything I’ve just heard. My mouth opens to say something, but my vocabulary isn’t wide enough to justify a reply.  Before I can even think about it, my hand snakes to the back of his neck and I pull his lips against mine. His hands travel down to my hips and he pulls me closer, eliminating any space that was between us beforehand.

We pull away from each other and he rests his forehead against mine as we both catch our breath.

“You don’t need to worry, Daryl. II know that if anything ever happened, you’d be the first out of the door to protect anyone you could. That’s just the type of guy you are. Everyone has each other’s backs. But you really do have everyone’s best interest at heart even if you don’t act like it sometimes.” I tell him in all honesty.

Daryl looks down into my eyes and his lips curve into a small smile.

“You’re somethin’ special, y’know that, Darlin’?”

“I could say the same.” I smile, grateful that I finally have Daryl back.


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