amc's the walking dead


@TheWalkingDead is NOT @WalkingDead_AMC.

@WalkingDead_AMC  is the official site of the show The Walking Dead, whereas @thewalkingdead is for the comic.  Please do not let the B.S. comic twitter handle fool you.

AMC has treated Richonne, Michonne and Rick with respect, acknowledgement, and advertisement.  I don’t know what is wrong with the comic people and their hangups, tomfoolery, and overall shipbaiting bullshit, but don’t blame AMC for it.

AMC…they treat us, right, y’all. The treat us right.
AMC Networks to Offer Voluntary Buyouts to 200 Staffers
The cable networks group, which is led by CEO Josh Sapan and is known as the home of 'The Walking Dead,' is the latest industry player to turn to buyouts to reduce staffing levels.

“AMC Networks, the company behind The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul home AMC, is looking to cut some of its nearly 3,000 staff positions via voluntary buyouts, sources confirmed on Monday.

One source said that about 200 staffers, or a bit more than 6 percent of employees, at the cable networks group, which is led by CEO Josh Sapan, would be offered buyouts. The typical take rate for such moves is up to 10 percent-15 percent, which would mean 20-30 job reductions in this case…

… AMC Networks is understood to not be targeting any particular departments, and it wasn’t immediately clear how much money AMC Networks was looking to save via the moves….”

Kay, soooo...

I just went into TWD tag, and I literally found like only five walking dead posts because there is just a bunch of weird click-bait, disgusting spam clogging up the tag. I’ve noticed it going on in a lot of other tags. For example: The Fire Emblem Fates and Lucaya tag. Is it just my phone or what?

ok but twd reruns are on and I didn’t realize that Carl shot a boy in 3x16 ???? if he never met Ron (ron is still alive in my mind bye) & didn’t shoot the gUY THEY WOULDVE MADE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE WTF HE HAD A BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF GREEN EYES AND A NICE FACIAL STRUCTURE??? AND HE SURRENDERED AS WELL??? FUCK C A RL CMON


Michonne’s stuff was full of Rick’s thangs on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. That’s right. The #Richonne hashtag came to life as the two main characters hooked up. Plus, Jesus returned…. wait, not that Jesus. Different Jesus! All that, and Carl does something unexpected for Spencer. Watch/Share/Enjoy my review of “The Next World.”