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This may seem cold, but I’m going to say it anyways. It’s time to get new people in charge of the show. Creator Robert Kirkman made some very successful comic books. That doesn’t mean he’s very good at producing a TV show. Showrunner Scott Gimple is quite frankly running this show into the ground. And the writers show no interest in creating complex, interesting characters or believable plots. Time for fresh blood across the board. I don’t think anything will change for the better otherwise.

Forbes: 5 Ways ‘TWD Needs to Change In Order to Survive Last Night’s Terrible Finale, April 4, 2016


Something I made for AMC

just tweeted it in reply to that kiss poll.  Also, I voted “I don’t know” even though I do know that I was & AM against it.  But, it gives the wrong impression to let the high % “yes” stand, by not voting, so guys, please vote “I don’t know” too.

I know ppl are tired of their trolling.  Me, too. They’re just so off. Instead of promoting the new episode with Daryl, they’re reminding ppl of the lowest-rated, worst-reviewed episode of the season?  Why?