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The Ultimate Survivor! New Promotional Photo from Season 8 featuring Rick Grimes.

Released by: @WalkingDead_AMC (Official Twitter Account from The Walking Dead).

He once told me the universe was a cold place where love had no purpose. Yet he became an astronomer of renown, and married the sister of Sir William Herschel, who’s writings on the stars he’d admired so much.”


Just a thing to say thanks to Turn and the AMAZING cast for singlehandedly inspiring me and my art these past few years. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve drawn. That pretty much sums it up.

So much love.

So, about Leo’s age

(all in relation to Mattie so we might feel less guilty for shipping them)

I’ve been rewatching episode 6 and Leo’s childhood. Mia is 14 years old, and when doing my first calculation (I thought wrongly that she was created at the only age Leo’s ever given the audience, which is 13) I got 27 years old for Leo which is literally too old for this ship to be confortable.

But Mia was created when he was only a kid. He still played with toys and looked up to Mia. The next step is then to guess what age Leo was when Mia was created, and a first guess would be that he was around 8 (estimation due to his size). That would make present Leo be 22 years old. (!!)

Another clue we’re given is Mattie saying that the technology David Elster used for Leo to keep his memory in digital form is ten years old, but Leo told her that it was not to his father, that he still used it after it had become obsolete. Now, this could be related to using them on Leo’s siblings, but Leo’s accident was after Max, the little brother, was created. This line concern’s Leo’s accident. Therefore, Leo’s accident must have been less than ten years from now, maybe 8 or 7. He was thirteen years old. 13 + 8 = 21. (therefore, he would have been 7 years old when Mia was created. I’m such a good guesser).

Leo’s in his early twenties, not 30 years old. Mattie’s been seen driving a car, and Wikipedia tells me teenagers in their seventies can already have a driving licence. She’s in high-school. She must be 17, at best 18.

That makes like an age-gap of four years.

I think it’s pretty much safe to ship them :)

New Promotional Photo from Season 8 featuring Carl Grimes.

Released by: @WalkingDead_AMC (Official Twitter Account from The Walking Dead).

First Photo from Season 8, Episode 1 with Carol and Daryl

Released by: Entertainment Weekly.
Ted Bundy-inspired scripted project to air on AMC
In addition to Rodney Ascher's horror documentary, the service, Shudder, has several other projects in development, including one with 'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins attached.

After the announcement of  Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, another new Ted Bundy project has just been revealedAn untitled Arkasha Stevenson project focusing on a serial killer, loosely based on Ted Bundy, and his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, written and directed by Stevenson (Pineapple).