amc 2011

AMC 2011 Day 3

So I got back last night around eight. Which means I am going to really have to rack my brain to remember what I did yesterday. Bear with my fogginess.

  • Woke up at 6.10. Showered, finished my book, hung out until breakfast.
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Went to the strategic science fiction readers caucus/discussion thing! It was pretty great, and sparked some interesting thoughts in Me.
  • Was very kindly treated to lunch by wildunicornherd
  • It was MORE CREPES. Win.
  • Got back too late to go to the post-lunch session, so instead had a bunch of cool conversations with various and sundry folks. One about community radio, one about being members of racial groups frequently left out of the discourse (Métis for me, Berber for my conversational partner), and two about Canadian politics, because I like confusing USAmerican people.
  • Then I went to the Soul in the Machine session, dealing with healing and with sci fi, and talked in a small group about chronic illness. This is the one cofacilitated by nicocoer, by the bye.
  • But before that I had a chance to say goodbye to radicallyhottoff and to meet quixotess and blackamazon, the latter of whom hugged me! She is a very good hugger.
  • Aaaand then we drove home.

And that was my AMC!

AMC 2011 Day Two

Today I actually am rested, go to awesome workshops, and suffer a catastrophic loss.

  • I woke up at 6.20! I sort of wafted aimlessly around the campus until the doors to the main building opened, reading Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin, which, incidentally, is awesome (I hadn’t read it in years).
  • I had breakfast! Which was a muffin, and a danish, and also grapes. And tea.
  • First workshop of the day was Our Safety, Our Selves: Community Strategies for Ending Hate Violence. It was pretty cool, and geared toward LGBT* people of colour, so you know, that was neat. The subgroup I was in talked a lot about how to deal with when an abuser is part of the same community as the folks they’re abusing, so yeah. Heavy stuff, but good.
  • Then I went to one on game design, run by a Torontonian, Una Lee. It was originally supposed to have a hands-on component, but we all got kind of caught up in discussion. Which is not a bad thing.
  • My group wants to have a D&D/pen-and-paper roleplaying caucus for next year’s AMC.
  • So yeah, I like crépes a lot. Mine had, um. Bleu cheese, walnuts, spinach, cherries, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Magical.
  • Then I went to the DJ Geekout Interactive Dance Party and, as might be surmised, danced a bunch. It was fun! I don’t dance often enough, though part of that is pain.
  • I swear, like one in three attendees of this conference is a hot queer dude, it’s kind of distracting.
  • Though part of that is probably because I miss my boyfriend and my libidinous urges require some kind of outlet.
  • Anyway
  • Last workshop was Radical Typography, with Una. Again! And it was really interesting and I got a Very Helpful Pamphlet thing which I will show to my coworkers at the school. Job-Relevant!
  • Fortunately the contact info for the folks I got contact info for was not in said notepad, but ALL OF MY CONFERENCE NOTES WERE, which means I will have to rely on my (comically unreliable) memory. So BOO to that.
  • But I had a really good conversation with Demetria about marginalised identities, and passing, and Métis culture, and relating (or, uh, not) to mainstream/hegemonic culture. And that was awesome.
  • And now I’m reading Tam Lin some more and we are going to have PIZZA for dinner. Pizza! Detroit-style pizza, so it will be a New Experience.

And that was day two! Overall a fantastic day except for the loss of the notebook, which I will mourn for always.