amby photo

Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there’s no reason to fear starting lines…. or other new beginnings.

-Amby Burfoot, photo from Laurie Wisotsky

trying to live in the present, not scared of the various paths the future could take


Hey folks, Paul here for FEATHERED FRIDAY! Usually I do some kind of bird-character-fan-art for the Friday posts, but…

  • Today I’m driving from Savannah to Raleigh, and
  • It’s short-notice to the point I’d feel bad asking Meg to fill in for me again (like she did here, here, and here… all fantastic!)

So! Today’s post is a flashback to my photo shoot with a chicken.

When I finished THUNDERCLUCK: CHICKEN OF THOR, I wanted my filmmaker photo to have a chicken in it. Some family friends had this bird, and we did a great shoot together!

  • Fun Fact #1: Looking at the files’ time-stamps, the shoot was 12/9/14, two years ago today! (Cue Adele’s “When We Were Young.”)
  • Fun Fact #2: My fly was down the entire shoot. The pictures have been cropped.

Next week should be a return to fan-art, so be sure to check back… on the next FEATHERED FRIDAY!