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In the near future I will be writing/posting pieces that will feature a new perspective, a woc (woman of color) perspective. Specifically the black woman’s perspective. I feel like there aren’t many (or any) stories that feature a black reader, or any other ethnicity for that matter. I think that should change. I have no problem with writings that don’t have ethnic readers, trust I do understand why we don’t have them. As a writer I understand having the piece fit the reader and not giving specifics. It’s easier to write that way. I get it. However, although easier, I feel that the creative process is being robbed when we don’t include specifics. In all honesty, not every reader is going to have silky long hair and green eyes. I know for a fact that I’ve had my run ins with those small details but on a real note, it disconnected me from the writing completely. Wouldn’t you love to read something that felt more like you?? I’ve always had the idea of writing in this particular perspective but I never knew how it would be perceived. But recent events (BamBam💖) have fueled my passion to write in this perspective and I feel like this will inspire other writers from different cultural backgrounds to do the same. Wouldn’t it make the experience of reading more enjoyable? Relatable even? I hope I’m not the only one who feels/thinks this way. I will gladly accept feedback and suggestions for ideas to write. Please do not hesitate to flood my ask box or send me a message. I will be hard at work trying to portray this perspective in the best way possible. – aniyah

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LOVE YOUR BLOG 💕💕 ambw is amazing! Can I request a ambw with V , where they are on a date and he gets really horny bc shes showing cleavage and her curves, so he anxiously leaves with her and fucks her in the car where everyone can see them xDD

Can’t wait:

“I really love french fries.” You said happily munching on another one that was covered with Chili and Cheese will you sat beside your boyfriend V and his members around the table. He had taken you out on a date to a drive in movie but you all had gotten out to walk down the street and get some food not wanting to move the car.

“I really love your dress.” Jimin said playfully, flirting essentially with you drawing daggers from Taehyung.

“Oh!! Do you really??” You asked excitedly squeezing your hands (and breast together) for them all. Everyone’s mouth dropped open and even Taehyung himself couldn’t stop looking at your breast that were on display. He wanted to lick them god he wanted to suck them while he fucked you under him. 

He was so frustrated with you, it was hard for him to keep his composure especially with everyone looking at you like you were a piece of meat. And it wasn’t just them it was everyone who say you today. You were too attractive for your own good.

You had on a sheer pink and black dress. The black sheer part covered your arms and the top part of your chest, the pink only covered part of your breast but it was a big opening in the center, and then the rest of your body was covered in the pink fabric material until it got to the midway thigh section. Even your panties were showing if anyone were to stare hard enough. Even the color of your green bra show through the dress and it made it worse for Taehyung and better for you but the color of your brown skin radiated against the dress (and the fact that he made love to you for more than one hour last night). 

Shifting in his seat he looked off. Trying not to think about how your voice softly spoke to the others. He tried not to let the way your hands played in your dark brown curls affect him. And he definitely tried not to notice how you’re makeup was so light, red lipstick so soft against your lips. He didn’t want to think about any of it but he couldn’t help it because everything about you made him tick. He felt his eyebrow twitch as Namjoon tried to become all philosophical because he knew it wooed you every time. His friends flirted with you to piss him off and to really show that they found you attractive. Taehyung was the first of them to date outside of his race and though it was hard at times to be a Asian male dating a black woman; for you and Taehyung both it payed off in the end because you both loved each other so much and had so much fun together.

“We need to get back to the car before the movie starts so that way we will all be situated and have what we need.” Taehyung said abruptly stopping all forms of communication. You were laughing on the inside you loved making him get all worked up for you, because when he needed you he had no care in the world, and that meant that you were doing something right. Some days you had your doubts about your looks because no one person just woke up everyday thinking they looked the best. And because of that you often times got nervous when you wore stuff like this. 

But seeing him practically drag you back towards the parked mustang you owned made it worth it so much more. He unlocked the doors to the black car pushing you into the backseat with him. His hands slammed the door as he looked forward at the screen like nothing was wrong. 

“Are you.. Ok?” You asked staring at the screen with a half smirk.

“Wipe. That fucking look off, or I will make sure they see me cum on your face as well.” Was all he said to you while you waited for the movie to start. 

Gulping you nodded your head eyes gluing to the screen. You saw the rest of his friends walk up to the van on the left side of you and because it was so high up and close to the car, you knew regardless of what you guys did or what he refrained from they would still see it. 

The movie started another slow agonizing fifteen minutes later. Taehyung let the movie play on for a good five minutes and the moment he heard your voice, that soft laugh at something, the moment your breast jumped from your doing he pushed you down against the seat. If it could be seen from the rest of the members point of view it was like he was a wild animal jumping on his dinner. 

Taehyung grabbed at the sheer ripping the dress at the top and some of the middle until the pink fabric came in. He turned you over to face on the seat your bra covered chest pressing against it. Smirking you wiggled your ass teasing him to hurry up. “Daddy please just fuck me. I don’t care who sees. Let’s make out own movies. Fuck I need you.”

And it was true for the most part but the extra adding on the cake was just for you to tease him and make the adorable thing snap. And he did. He didn’t even bother with foreplay he just wanted to put you in your place, he just wanted to fuck you. Pulling back he undid his pants only bunching them around his knees letting his boxers soon rest against them. You thought he was going to turn you over fuck you on your back and cover your body. SO wrong.

Taehyung gripped you by your shoulder, lifting your body up he had you facing his members who were all facing you. He wasted no time lifting your dress and sliding your panties to the side slipping his dick into you in one push.

“Want to be a sneaky little slut. I’ll treat you like one.. Baby.” He nipped your ear whispering those words deeply to you. “Since you want to tease me in front of them, they will be the ones with a hard on while you get me off.”

He moved to roughly rip down your bra to reveal your perky brown nipples, a fan of red painting over your brown skin because he wasn’t one to act like this. The way he pulled back and pushed into you deeply over and over had your head back on his shoulder. Your mouth was open and he watched you take his dick again and again as the car shook. His hand went down from cupping your breast to playing with your pussy, alternating between rubbing your clit and rubbing up and down your slit. He was driving you crazy working you up so that you would come for him.

He leaned down kissing your lips deeply slipping his tongue into your mouth it was a battle of the tongues, he pushed your body forwards with every thrust making you have to lean your hands against the window as it fogged up from how hot the car got.

“It’s like the titanic.” J-hope mumbled softly sneaking his phone up to take a picture. 

Taehyung rolled his hips snapping them against you angling it so that he could pound into your pussy against the seats. Your legs started to drip with sweat causing them to open wider. You had to break the kiss in order to breath screaming out his name you felt your orgasm coming closer and closer to the top. He didn’t stop grunting in your ear calling you all kinds of names ‘my little slut’ ‘daddy’s good girl’ Taehyung knew what you liked and he knew just how to unravel you when he wanted it. 

He moved to sit down in the seat grabbing your hips he made you take him again. Gripping you from under your knees he planted his feet on the floor thrusting in and out of you harshly, his hips smacking against your slowly. His head rolled back as his own orgasm built up, in and out of you he thrust rolling his hips. One of your hands reached up to play with your breast and the other went back down to rubbing your clit, and in no time you were cumming crying out his name. Taehyung slammed your hips down a few more times, holding you onto of him he filled you with his cum releasing content moans. 

“And since you think that you’re such a slick girl we are going to watch this and even the credits. Let everyone who has been staring at you see whose you truly are.”


I am sorry I wanted some comedy in this if it failed for give me lol but I never really write like funny sex and I wanted to try it because I was having a shit day. I hope you half way like it anon.


Hope you guys are having an awesome week! A glimpse at how we typically spend a week during the summer. I hope you like it!

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Yo girl, you can just ignore this if you want, but why do you think the ambw community is so shitted on? Like other interracial groups I've seen on here aren't so negative and always fighting each other. People within the community or even people outside the community always have a problem if a black girl likes a Asian guy or an Asian guy is interested in a black girl. I just don't get it...

Yes! I’ve noticed that too and it’s ridiculous, it’s like high school drama and there’s always seems to be drama in the ambw community to the point where I don’t look at ambw blogs anymore because there’s usually someone hating on us/ or someone hating on the thought of Asians and Black women dating or drama in general and I haven’t been in the ambw tag since last year and never will look again, but there’s some nice people in the ambw community though . I just look at what you guys send me.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one tired of that ambw music blog thing. At first I really did like her and I thought it was supposed to be for entertainment only, but I realized that she really has some weird fetish. It's so weird and distasteful and she honestly makes me ashamed to be a black kpop fan because there are so many people out there like her. Like it's 2017 when will we stop seeing everything in color? The second someone of another race talks to a black girl HE WANTS THAT "CHOCOLATE"

Honestly mood anon

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Hi! I'm not sure if this is related, but I have a question... I just started a kfashion/ulzzang blog bc I really really love the soft, sweet look of it. I also started posting selcas of me with ulzzang inspired makeup...but sometimes I see posts that talk about black ulzzangs saying we're disgusting bc were fetishizing something that doesn't belong to us... Thoughts? I wanna continue but these kind things are really disheartening and really makes me lose courage... :(

This is going to be long <3

Omg! I would like to say that you’re beautiful for one!!. and about that ‘‘F’‘ word, let me tell you! On tumblr they attack EVERY BLACK WOMAN! (some times they even attack White girls too that shows you how to dress up Korean/Japanese styles) That has any interest in Asian culture, Asian men! they attack every AMBW blog, yes! even mine. It’s so ignorant, I’m immune to it now lol! that’s how much I don’t care any more! But did you know, you can NOT be a Black WOMAN AND attracted to Asian men…and in some cases ANY race other than your own, OH! and you can not say that any K-Pop idol is sexy, or admire their sexy dances, because you’re not a fangirl IF you’re Black, you’re actually fetixhewkkeong how ever you spell that over-used word. Sarcasm over, That’s actually according to them, NOT me! I guess we should ONLY stick to your OWN race. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Belongs to us? Umm well Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian weave don’t belong to us, but we put it in our hair?  that don’t belong to us either! but we wear it lol!

You love what you love. If you’re attracted to Asian men, or like their fashion and inspired to dress like them, or both who cares?!, That’s YOUR life, that’s YOUR business! as long as you’re doing you and love what you do, who cares what people do with THEIR lives! You’re not hurting any one! People like to play the role of God, and judge people when they’re not.  I don’t understand why they’re so bitter with what Black women do with their lives or who we’re attracted to!

PLEASE CONTINUE! If you like it, why stop for others? I know it’s easier said than done, BUT please do not care what people think! Let them keep role playing as God by judging others and let them stay bitter, who cares. You’re beautiful, keep it up! Don’t lose courage!


I am offically 4'10/4'11 ish and 20 years old and I look 10 years younger than that WOOT!


So anyway I havent been updating my personal life on tumblr because 

one: school started

two: too busy dealing with drama of all kinds

three: takes too much time to blog everything on a day to day basis

four: takes too much time ot tranfers files and photos

however!! I will only say this. LOOK WHAT VANSON GOT ME!! KYAA!! its a necklace replica from your beautiful! I love love LOVE this! He got it for me for my birthday and i hope to god my clumsy ass does not break this. he’ll KILL me LOL. untill then i’ll cherish it (^3^)/ <3 

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How are you and bf?

Niji thank you for asking :DD Me and van van are awesome pies. Last weekend we went to a cherry blossom festival at brooklyn botanical garden but we both been hella busy. I’ll post ambw tags after the semster ends. but for now..its FINALS WEEK.

Fuck our lives.