So this actually happened:

The actors were willing to come over, but then paparazzi ambushed them for autographs and they were hushed into a van and moved away.

Once again, paps ruined it for all the fans.


ARROW Season 3 & 4 Spoilers & Predictions

I don’t believe it will be Damian Wayne, I think it will be Dr. Darrk a League of Assassins member, this makes more sense to me as it fits into the current plot line. Here’s a little bit about Dr. Darrk and his association with the League of Assassins.

Doctor Ebeneezer Darrk:
He is the first known individual assigned to head the League of Assassins by Ra’s al Ghul. Although many of the League’s leaders over the years have been accomplished martial artists, Daark himself did not depend on physical prowess, and as an assassin he instead relied upon careful planning and manipulation, ambushes and death traps, as well as a variety of cleverly concealed weapons and poisons. After earning Ra’s enmity (for reasons unknown) Daark died during a plot to kidnap Talia which was foiled by Batman.

anonymous asked:

idk if you've done this before, but krem's last moments? or krem surviving the chargers betrayal and finding bull a few years later with a matching eye patch that he may or may not be spiteful for.

Ohhhh man Anon, I like your style! Heart wrenching sadness is what I do best!

Warning for character death and graphic violence. Below cut.


"Just…pay attention, all right? The Vints want this red lyrium shipment bad." The Iron Bull stressed to the Chargers, prepping them for the oncoming ambush.

"Yes, I know. Thanks, mother." Krem replied sarcastically.

"Qunari don’t have mothers, remember?" Iron Bull replied, giving him a stern look.

"We’ll be fine, Chief." Krem reassured, holding his gaze with Bull’s for a moment.

With a deep inhale, the Iron Bull raised his voice.

"Alright Chargers! Horns up!"

"Horns up!" they shouted in unison.

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I freaking knew it! I knew they didn’t destroy that TIE-fighter! Sabine’s modification was amazing :)
(And I loved that one stormtrooper who ‘kinda liked it’)

The Inquisitor is a bit of a dork. “Hmm, I could wait and ambush the padawan when he comes to the cell to save his master… OR I could have a badass showdown on this long narrow platform. The ambush would be a thousand times easier, but I think the answer is clear.” :P

Don’t shoot me, but I never actually watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars so the reveal at the end wasn’t so amazing for me, but I understand a lot of people loved that character so they’ll be happy I think.

Day 3 of the Rocket Games

Welcome to the #RocketGames! Two Agents from each district within Team Rocket AZ have been chosen to compete in these games for survival! Who will survive and take home the glory?

Day 3:

Patio attacks Time, but he manages to escape.

Galley and Ding work together for the day.

O scares Jazz off.

Magic discovers a cave.

Deck constructs a shack.

Soliciting receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Phone runs away from Stalker.

Porch receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

Assault injures himself.

Keys constructs a shack.

Hidden diverts Kidnap’s attention and runs away.

Remarkable! No deaths today! Have we spoken too soon? Let’s see what happens that night…

Night 3:

Hidden, Magic, and Jazz unsuccessfully ambush Assault, Porch, and Time, who kill them instead.

Soliciting sees a fire, but stays hidden.

Phone, Kidnap, Stalker, O, and Patio crowd around their fire.

Keys tends to his wounds.

Galley and Deck huddle for warmth.

Ding tries to treat her infection.



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in otter news i woke up to one a the guppies just

starin at me

and smilin

and i s2f we just looked at each otter foar pike 30 seaconds beshore she ran off gigglin and now im expectin to get fuckin ambushed by somefin in the hive

wrigglers r fuckin terrifyin sometides