ambush chain

Da Vinci’s Demons’ whumps’ list

(referred to Master Leonardo Da Vinci character)

Season 1

.01: ambushed, beaten up and chained, passed out.

.02: involved into explosion and fallen to the ground, dizzy and some bruises on his face.

.03: fallen poisoned and treated with leeches, still weak.

.04: involved into explosion without consequences, hallucinations, slapped, arrested and chained up.

.05: incarcerated, badly beaten up.

.06: poisoned himself with sleeping poison, dizzy, grabbed by his throat and almost chocked to death, fought, cuts on his face.

.07: stabbed (in a vision), almost drawn, fought, punched and roughtly catapulted to the ground, sore and limping, bruises on his face (plus Giuliano’s whumps).

.08: slapped (plus both Medici’s whumps).

Season 2

.01: fatigued by a long breakaway, fainted, cut his arm in order to make a blood transfusion, very weak for the mentioned blood transfusion, hallucinating (plus Lorenzo’s whumps).

.02: attacked, recovering (plus Lorenzo’s whumps).

.03: fought, cut twice, hallucinating for lack of oxygen.

.04: attacked and fought.

.05: hit in his face and passed out, captured and tied up (plus Lorenzo’s whumps).

.06: bitten by venomous snake, sick and dizzy, slapped (plus Lorenzo’s and Riario’s whumps).

.07: captured and tied up.

.08: thrown into a cell, condemned to death, roughly fallen to the ground (plus Riario’s whumps).

.09: incarcerated and pilloried, attacked with a sword and deep cut, passed out into a raging fire.

.10: deep and bloody cut from previous episode, untreated and sore, hit at the head and roughly fallen to the ground, sweating and pale, passed out, treated with miraculous herbs and wound dressed, fainted, fought.

Season 3

.01: hit by explosion blast twice without consequences, fought with swords, multiple cuts and punches, dazed and limping, leg cut dresed on the field.

.02: passed out, still cut wounds and limping, needed help for walking, dazed and disheartened, sore, heartbroken (plus Lorenzo’s whump).

.03: dazed, tied to the saddle, limping, knockd out, tied up and tortured.

.04: tied up and tortured, hallucinations, bleeding eyes, bleeding wound at his shoulder, unconscious and dressed eyes.

.05: hallucinations, burnt his own forearm without consequences, fallen from a building without consequences.

.06: none (plus Riario’s whumps).

.07: none.

.08: captured and tied up, whipped, hanged upside down, fought and stopped a blade with bare hands, bruises and sore, dressed hands and hand-sewn whipping cuts (plus Riario’s whumps).

.09: none (plus Riario’s whumps).

.10: fought in battle, almost executed, heartbroken.

Imagine Your Farmer Gets Kidnapped And Their Love Interest Comes To Their Rescue


One day, they’re just farming or exploring the forest, when some portal into an alternate dimension opens up. Rasmodius is called in and he says that while he can close it, he’ll need someone to go inside and gather some information for him, figure out how exactly he’s supposed to do that.

The Farmer, being the most combat capable of the entire town, volunteers, and with a scrying crystal (a magical version of a cellphone with a camera and internet access), their equipment, and some supplies courtesy of Pierre and Marlon, they venture into the portal.

All goes well–the air is not toxic, the plant life doesn’t want to kill them immediately, and there’s great information about how to close the portal right there.

Then, everyone watches in horror as the Farmer gets ambushed from behind, chained up, tied up, or beaten unconscious, before their scrying crystal falls to the ground and just happens to point out the way to an ominous castle or evil fortress the monsters are taking them to.

Rasmodius, unfortunately, needs to stay behind to stabilize the portal to make sure it doesn’t close on them and trap the Farmer there forever–it’d also take a month, at least, before they can even attempt to reopen the portal to that dimension with the information they have.

“In short, a rescue needs to be mounted.”

The townsfolk all eagerly volunteer. Pierre brushes up his old boxing skills. A hammer really isn’t that different from an axe, to Robin. And of course, even with his bad leg, Marlon is still a capable fighter.

However, the Wizard says that even with their capabilities as is and their numbers, it’d be suicide to just come charging in. “But also, I have a spell that can temporarily imbue one person with enough skill and combat prowess to mount a successful rescue.”

They need to be young. They need to be determined to rescue them, because that’s what the spell runs on: the unyielding desire to achieve a singular goal, through whatever means possible.

And of course your Farmer’s Love Interest volunteers.

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The sorcerer who cried ghost

So, this little misadventure begins with my group doing the Village of Whitwick one shot (I was a player this time). We had been investigating around town and had found a place to stake out as well as been gifted a silver dagger (which had been promptly claimed by the sorcerer). We waited for quite some time until the thing we were trying to find snatched a child and ran to the nearby woods with it. Naturally, my self as a Halfling fighter and the others, a blood hunter, a ranger and the chaotic evil/stupid sorcerer began to give chase.

Our DM had the creature lure us into an ambush by chaining the child to what seemed to be a ritual rock, blood stains with the chains buried into the ground. The sorcerer begins trying to free the child as the rest of us fight off the creature. After a few failed attempts and a few rounds of combat, the sorcerer is out of ideas when the blood hunter shouts “The knife!”.

Anyone, literally anyone else would have thought ‘Oh, right! We think the knife will hurt it because it was gifted to us, so let’s use it!’. However, this sorcerer says “Right!” and proceeds to STAB THE CHILD IN THE HEART, MURDERING IT IN COLD BLOOD. She even decided to wipe the blade clean and hide it like nothing had happened. Not even the worst part, as after the creature ran our characters turned around asking how the hell this had happened, her excuse? “It was a sspppooookkkyyy gghhooossstttt.” She got a critical hit on her bluff check and we all failed, thus successfully pinning the murder of a helpless child on a non-existent, very spooky ghost.