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BTS ➳ You give birth at home

Jin: *help you laying down on the bed and take your hand* Go jagi, you can do it, I’m right here and the ambulance is coming! You’re doing good babe!

Suga: Oh my god, what do I do, what do I do ?!

Rap monster: Don’t worry, I call the ambulance, they- HOW WOULD YOU LOSE THAT MUCH BLOOD? I mean, I knew there will be but that much?! NO, DON’T LOOK!!

J-hope: Wait, what do  you mean by “I’m in labour”? You- Oh my god, this water on the floor is yours?!

Jimin: *lie you down on the couch* *scared byall your screams and the blood loss and let the midwife guide him*

V: *see the ambulance in front of the house* They’re here! Aaah! You’re hurting my hand!!

You: Don’t am I in pain too right now?! You wanna exchange?!

V: Not really…

You : Then suffer in silence!!

Jungkook: *totally panick*  There’s no more time to go to the hospital, she said I have to do what… ? Put the phone in the oven ? No, call the midwife, right. What’s the number? Oh my, no, I can’t her that, she’ll kill me… Should I call 911 ?

Intercostal Neuralgia

Bandi Meszerics

Rest in illusion.
Trick your body
into thinking there’s
no suffering. Two vectors
at the sternum and back
lung’s thoughts are too big for it’s home
what’s on the heart’s mind..
Walls and roofs of ribs
with wires of nerves attached
to them, be cautious of
electricity. Maybe we should
call a technician, or that drug
dealer few blocks down towards
the mountain,
dressed in all white and blue.
Ethical dealer. He
will not let you
or get addicted,
because ‘ethics’ say even
pain is a nobler alternative
then getting pulped in an
anaesthetic reality,
constant illusion,
some have faith and some just
read a bunch of books,
an ambulance car is
not a taxi.
Remember that guy who
meditated on a train
sitting in lotus,
fell asleep and then they
had to amputate
his legs,
you should be brave
choose pain over numbness
decently. I’d need some
illusion now, please.

Method: I wrote this poem 3 days after being diagnosed with Intercostal Neuralgia (the nerves that run along the ribs get compressed or damaged, causing severe pain). Fluctuating between two extreme states: either being in unbearable pain or being high and feeling numbed on diclofenac (painkiller) and anaesthetics; I recollected specific sentences and images I had - collecting from both states of mind, things I’ve been told by my doctors, things I’ve been telling to and arguing about with myself, fragments of texts I read online that became deformed in my memory; mixed these sources together into the images that became the poem.

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Ahh, what a cute idea for an imagine blog!! Text to Hinata, Oikawa, and Bokuto from their s/o: Heyyy, I heard you got hurt last night at practice.. Are you okay?? Do I need to call an ambulance? Kidding, sort of.. you know I worry (⊙﹏⊙✿)

Hinata:Daijoubu daijoubu!! Im fine really!! Hehh?! I don’t need to go to the hospitals you know I’m scared of them fuwahh!! Next time I’ll promise not to hurt myself again okay?

Oikawa: Eh? So [Name]-chan actually cares about me~ How cute 😉 I’m fine thanks for caring, I promise not to hurt myself again but when I’m hurt that’s when you care for me the best huhu 😚

Bokuto: Oya? I’m fine trust the great Bokuto, Akaashi nagged at me so much about it it was SO ANNOYING & you don’t need to call the ambulance, I’m perfectly fine!! I swear I won’t have you worrying like this anymore babe 😘

Four years of caregiving came in really handy at work today.  I was sitting at my desk and all of the sudden, from the other side of the office, Joan screamed, “MELANIE!  SOMEONE CALL 911!”  She had passed out and hit her head on a filing cabinet.  Everyone was freaking out.  Angie was calling 911, Joan was sobbing, Andrea was literally having a panic attack.  And I was like, get out of my way, I know what to do, pressure on the head injury, don’t move her, take her pulse, count her breaths, someone call her husband and get her medical history and medications.

She was out for probably three solid minutes, then for a few more she was able to open her eyes and look at me but not speak.  She was responsive by the time the ambulance came, but pretty confused (didn’t know who the president was or what year it was).  After they took her, I cleaned up the blood, put her area back together, answered the phones while everyone settled down.  Very shaken up, but all after the fact.  When shit like that goes down, I am all action-mode.

Norwegian vocab: Health

By request, here’s a list of some word dealing with health, sickness and everything in between (almost). Enjoy! 


helse (m) - health
helsevesen (n) - national health service
helsetjeneste (m) - health service
sykehus (n) - hospital
legevakt (m) - casualty clinic/emergency room
sykebil (m) / ambulanse (m) - ambulance
pasient (m) - patient
sykepleier (m) - nurse
lege (m) / doktor (m) - doctor
fastlege (m) - regular general practitioner
legetime (m) - doctor’s appointment
legekontor (n) - doctor’s office
undersøkelse (m) - examination
innleggelse (m) - hospitalisation
diagnose (m) - diagnosis
behandling (m) - treatment
operasjon (m) - operation, surgery
medisin (m) / legemiddel (m) - medicine
resept (m) - prescription
sprøyte (m/f) - injection
vaksine (m) - vaccine
sykemelding (m) - sick note
sykefravær (n) - absence due to sickness
helseforsikring (m) - health insurance
blodgiver (m) - blood donor


sykdom (m) - sickness/illness/disease
lidelse (m) - disease, disorder
symptom (n) - symptom
skade (m) - injury
smerte (m) - pain
forkjølelse (m) - cold
immunforsvar (n) - immune system
smittefare (m) - danger of infection
nys (n) - sneeze
host (n) - cough
hodepine (m) - headache
mageknip (n) - stomachache
ryggsmerter (m. fl.) - backache
oppkast (n) - vomit
kvalme (m) - nausea
utslett (n) - rash
sår (n) - injure/wound
infeksjon (m) / betennelse (m)- infection
feber (m) - fever
handikap (n)  - disability/handicap
mental/psykisk sykdom (m) - mental illness
depresjon (m) - depression
angst (m) - anxiety
spiseforstyrrelse (m) - eating disorder
seksuelt overførbar sykdom / kjønnssykdom (m) - sexually transmitted infection

Some expressions

å være syk - to be ill
å være frisk - to be well/of good health
å kaste opp - to throw up
å spy (informal) - to puke
å gjøre vondt - to hurt (ex. ryggen min gjør vondt = my back hurts)
å ha vondt (i) - to hurt/have pain (in) (ex. Jeg har vondt i skuldrene = my shoulders hurt/I have pain in my shoulders)

If you have any questions, corrections, tips, whatever, don’t hesitate to send me a message/ask! c:

The Contaminated Patient

In my last post, I presented the issue of dealing with a surprise patient who was both in arrest and contaminated with gasoline. They are brought into your resuscitation room without warning of the potential hazard. Now that they are here, what do you do?

Thanks for the many online and email responses. This is a tough question, because there are so many variables to think about. And you have to make decisions very quickly. Here’s a rundown on my thought processes.

First, if you get an indication that there might be any type of contamination, insist that your prehospital providers hold the patient outside the ED. Have part of your trauma team waiting at the ambulance dock to do a quick assessment there. Another minute or two of Lucas CPR will not make a difference. Use your best judgment as to how much of a hazard is posed by the fuel/mystery liquid/white powder. But err on the side of being conservative so you don’t end up shutting your entire ED down due to contamination. If in doubt, immediately move to your decontamination area.

If the patient ends up deep in your ED before anyone recognizes that there might be a contamination problem, you must heed three overarching principles:

  • Limit contamination to the rest of your facility. Close the doors to the resuscitation room. Notify security and your hazardous materials team so they can start working on containment and safety issues outside the room. Failure to do this can take your entire hospital offline. If the situation turns out to be a multiple or mass casualty event and your hospital was the only one able to respond, you’ve just created a catastrophe and delayed treatment for the other patients.
  • Ensure the safety of your team. This is a great reason to require and enforce that everyone on the team dress up completely for every resuscitation. You never know where your patients have been, and when one of these will sneak in.
  • Continuously assess the risk:benefit ratio. Is the contamination a minor irritant? What is the danger to the team? The ED/hospital? How likely are your efforts to save the patient to succeed? As soon as the ratio goes bad, rethink the options and act accordingly.

Bottom line: In situations like this, think fast and think globally. Don’t just consider the patient. There may be many more lives at stake, and this can and should factor into your decisions about where and how long to continue resuscitation.

In this case, we were certain it was only gasoline. We closed the doors and quickly stripped the patient, bagging the clothes tightly. We tried not to generate any sparks, but we are surrounded by all kinds of electrical equipment. Defibrillation was out of the question. After the event was finished, it was time to wash everything down and start thinking about what would have happened if this had been something more toxic than fuel!

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Oh.. Yaay the ask box is open! Can you write something about police officer aomine and firefighter kagami? Like Idk there first meeting and then they become good friends, evolve into lovers. Once there was a huge fire that resulted in kagami getting injured and aomine freaks out and all.

I wrote it as a sequel to this one, in which they meet. This one is fluffy but also slightly serious.

Aomine drove to the scene with his police lights on, parking the car and stumbling out in a hurry. The air was hot and dry, and he scrunched his nose against the acrid smell of smoke that permeated the air. The apartment block was a mess, charred black and crumbling. Water pooled around the streets in a dirty dripping mess and ambulances and firetrucks crammed every available space.

This was the call Kagami had gotten two hours ago.

“Hey,” Aomine snagged the first man in bright yellow he saw. “Where’s Kagami Taiga? He’s one of you guys.”

The man’s bushy eyebrows drew together. “Who are you?”

“I’m his…” Aomine hesitated. “Roommate.”

The man’s eyes widened. “You must be Aomine. Kagami’s always talking about you.” He frowned slightly. “Kagami…he was hurt. A part of the ceiling fell on him, so they took him to the hospital. I’m surprised they didn’t inform you.”

Aomine’s mouth ran dry. “W-what? Where?”

“Tokyo General Hospital, it’s-”

Aomine heard the name and made a run for his car. It was hard to breathe, but not because of the lingering smoke in the air.


“Police. I need to see Kagami Taiga, now!” Aomine snapped at the receptionist.

She jumped in shock, typing away at her keyboard in a hurry. “Room 3302, level three. Please don’t run-”

Aomine couldn’t care less. He ran for it.


The door slammed open and he stumbled through, breathing heavily. His eyes landed on the redhead lying asleep in bed, his arm clearly in a cast. Aomine stepped forwards but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He whirled around to see familiar emerald eyes assessing him coolly.

“Did you use your badge to get in?” Midorima huffed.

“How is he?” Aomine whispered, swallowing.

Midorima gestured to the chair and Aomine sat in it, bringing it closer to Kagami’s bed so he could gently hold the hand that wasn’t in the cast.

“He’s fine, but I’ve put him on some pain medication. Just a broken collarbone from the weight of the beam. It hit his shoulder, completely missing his spine, head and neck.” Midorima sighed. “It could have been a lot worse.”

Aomine closed his eyes, bringing the hand to his face and caressing it with his lips. “I know.”


Aomine looked up to see Kagami’s eyes fluttering open, and he sagged with relief when he saw those red irises, tired but full of life.

“I’ll leave you two alone. Let me know when you’re done, so I can discharge him. Don’t take too long,” Midorima nodded stiffly and stepped out.

“Oh god, Kagami,” Aomine squeezed his hand. “You had me scared shitless.”

Kagami felt Aomine’s hand shaking, and he squeezed back. “Aomine, look at me.” Aomine did, feeling his eyes burning with unshed tears. Kagami smiled at him, bringing his fingers to his lips and kissing them gently. “I’m okay.”

Aomine nodded, then laughed. “It must hurt like a bitch.”

“It will, once these drugs wear off,” Kagami pulled a face. “Aomine…”


“I love you, you know that, right?”

Aomine looked down. “Yeah. I love you too. But please don’t make it sound like you’re dying.”

“I’m not dying,” Kagami tugged his hand. “But my job…our jobs are dangerous. Aomine, this isn’t the first time nor is it going to be the last time I get hurt. It’s an occupational hazard.”

Aomine scowled. “I know, and I know you try not to, but that doesn’t make it easier for me.”

“And every day you go to work with your badge and gun, every time I hear about some shooting in the news, what do you think I feel?” Kagami murmured. “But we do it because we care about our city, and its people. So I want to spend the time we have together happily.”

Aomine grinned, despite feeling the heavy truth behind the words. “Same. But as long as you’re with me, I’m not planning on dying anytime soon.” He leaned forwards and pecked Kagami on the lips, feeling his boyfriend smile.

“Me neither. Now can you please tell Midorima to give me some morphine? This shit hurts.”

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-Same anon from a moment ago, this time with a story.- A year ago I woke up in the hospital, confused and dazed. It turns out, I had fainted and my heart had stopped multiple times while I was in an ambulance. My brother was holding my hand because he was afraid he lost me, when my brother left the room my dad took his place and held my hand. Holding someones hand while they are in pain is a way to reassure them and yourself that everything will be fine, that you're there for them.


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DUDE Vortifex's armor though? Like the man was straight up wearing an ambulance, I cannot get over that to this day, why isn't EVERY armor ever an ambulance


I loved Veradux so much, he sounded like the kind of dude that you find sleeping on your couch with a half-full bottle of stale sodfjie2ofji3o NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT, HE KINDA SOUNDS LIKE STU?

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Can you continue your story with AA Scarecrow being saved by Batman please? :3

(Sure !! :))

“… Jonathan? Jonathan, stay with me please…”

There was fear in the vigilante’s voice, obvious and abject fear as he spoke in the softest voice he could and caressed what was left of Crane’s mauled face, all the while trying his best to apply a certain pressure on the most important injuries on his torso. Far from appreciating the terror in the caped cruisader’s eyes though, Jonathan whined pitifully, his mind stuck in a dark, terrifying place. Granny was looking at him from a distance, arms crossed over her chest as she shook her head in dismay. Oh Jonathan, Jonathan, why can’t you behave yourself?

“… Ny.”

Batman looked at the man sadly before hiding again in the darkness of under the stairs, heart pounding in his chest as he hoped none would find them before an ambulance came or something. Why had he been stupid enough to use his car as a projectile against Bane? Why hadn’t he thought that something like that could happen? Why-


The scream Crane let out had Batman jump on his feet and almost knock himself out. 



In his arms, the Scarecrow was wide eyed, clawing at his own already mauled face, shrieking so fucking loud that he probably even had been heard on MARS and convulsing, shaking as if his entire body was possessed. 


He held him as tightly as he would hold his own son and he ran. He ran out of this hellhole, passing past the clowns, passing past the Madness.

When he jumped in the river, when the cold water hit him, he felt his breathe get stuck in his chest and he almost opened his mouth, out of instinct. 


Carrying Crane, keeping his head above the water, he swam to an empty barrel. This wasn’t as good as a boat but it would do. 

It would do.

If I die of this, my grave stone had better not say ‘somehow managed to stab his own big toe and cause arterial bleeding’.


Poem 3 (Kalevala 1835)

After accidentally cutting his toe while whittling the boat requested by the Maiden of the North (again, don’t bother thinking about the logistics here), our master wizard completely forgets how to stem blood flow.

Honestly, I would complain about an idiot ball except that, well, this guy created the world by accident.

Since calling an ambulance is not an option due to a glaring lack of cell phones and ambulances, Väinämöinen grabs his horse and gallops around the countryside asking people in random houses if they happen to be a doctor.

In the end, an old man admits to knowing how to bind wounds, finally ushering us to the next poem.

If you’re going to be the health secretary, at least learn the proper term for  a paramedic. They are more than ‘ambulance drivers’. Anyone who could drive a large van, can technically drive an ambulance. 

But not everyone can drive an ambulance through mad traffic at speed while having the government imposed targets at the back of their mind, knowing that they have a critically ill person in the back and all the government is concerned with is whether they got there in 8 minutes.

Not everyone can drive to a job, and then have their partner drive to the hospital, while they spend the journey doing CPR on someone in the back, over speed bumps and around corners and never breaking the life saving rhythm.

There’s only two of them, and they don’t have the benefit of a hospital full of equipment and 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions. There’s no family liason to help with distressed relatives. There’s no cleaner to clean the ambulance after someone has thrown up or bled all over it. They do twelve hour shifts, and they don’t always get a break. They regularly work overtime. 

They have their crewmate, and a tiny mobile A&E. That’s it. 

Paramedics aren’t just ‘ambulance drivers’, Jeremy Hunt. They are so, so much more than that.

You don’t need to be naked for an ekg? I got one and could keep my tanktop and pants on?

—— submission ——-

Well, you can’t tell if she’s full on naked, for one thing. She could easily be pulling the straps of her bra or tank down under the cloth to show off those ~spoopy clavicles~. She also might have failed to wear appropriate clothing to the visit, and had to take off all but a strapless bra or some ish for them to get access.

I’ve had 4 or 5 EKGs and had to be topless for most of them. I’ve had a couple in ambulance where they just slapped a few leads on under my clothes, but those I’ve had done in the hospital were usually more extensive, and I had to disrobe from the waist up and get under a sheet like this. I’d assume they’d want a thorough EKG for evaluation into a PHP program with very limited space for clients. They need to know just how healthy or unhealthy a person is to determine if they belong in PHP, IOP, OP, or require a different diagnosis. If a person doesn’t have threatening issues that require intensive intervention, the administration is definitely going to save a spot in PHP for a sicker person.

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