Can we just take a moment to really appreciate Chat Noir in this scene from Lady Wifi.

If you look closely in the background of this scene, you can see Chat Noir talking to a someone who is sitting in the back of a truck (possibly an ambulance truck) with a blanket wrapped tightly around them.

While for once we’re not actually told about what kind of villain Ladybug and Chat Noir just fought, it does seem very likely that the villain was indeed on the more powerful and dangerous side of things, and may have even caused actual or near bodily harm to other people (what with the possible ambulance truck being there).  Even if they weren’t, whatever happened obviously really frightened and/or hurt this person (likely a little kid, though is a bit hard to tell from this picture alone), and here we have Chat Noir scooting away from the cameras and reporters to comfort this person!!

And heck, maybe this person was in fact the one who was akumatized, and may not even remember doing the stuff that they did but they just know that something bad happened because of them.  And here we have Chat Noir giving them reassurance that everything is ok now, and that he and Ladybug have saved the day again!

(Seriously!  The headline at the bottom should say ‘Bravo Ladybug and Chat Noir!!!!  Especially since in this snapshot he’s still being a hero!!!  ^^)

Chat Noir…Just…My gosh, I love you!!  :’D

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I want THE k

6: Gentle Peck

Here’s all my other kiss prompts

Really close to being done with these!

Will brushed the hair back out of Nico’s face, a silent sob building in his chest. He didn’t say, it’s going to be okay, because, really, he had no idea whether it actually would be okay. So he sat quietly, cradling Nico’s head in his lap, gently running his fingers through the silky black hair. 

Nico smiled gently up at him, oblivious to the blood running down his temple. “It wasn’t your fault.” Will heard the wail of the ambulance. It wasn’t your fault. He gingerly touched the glass shard that was embedded in Nico’s head. Nico visibly winced and closed his eyes. It wasn’t your fault. 

But I should be able to do something. I’m a doctor, I should be able to help.

“Don’t-” Will began, he saw the paramedics running towards them. Towards Nico. It should be me. “Stay with me Nico. Don’t go where I can’t follow.”

Nico gave him a bare smile before the paramedics pulled him out of Will’s arms.


He doesn’t look good. He doesn’t look good. He doesn’t- Will wanted to scream. No one would give him a solid answer, something he could hold onto and tie his hope to. If this is how it felt to be on the other side of the tragedy, well, Will much preferred being the doctor. At least they knew. He hated not knowing whether Nico was awake or not, whether he was even alive.

He paced the waiting room for the hundredth time that night, his nerves on edge. He already tried talking to the nurses, hell, he even tried getting into Nico’s room with his hospital badge, but he couldn’t get anywhere near his husband. 

Finally, finally, Will was allowed to see him. He walked into his room quietly, cautious that his husband may or may not be awake. Nico was sleeping on the bed, tubes and wires connected to practically every open space on his body. Will had never hated machinery so much before. 

Twenty ugly stitches held Nico’s right temple closed and his nose had medical tape on it, both to hold the oxygen tube in it and to help keep the broken bone in place. Dark, purple bruises littered his face and Will wanted to punch a wall and break his fist.

Instead, he opted to sitting in the chair beside the bed. Keeping his anger in check, he gently picked up Nico’s small hand and wrapped his own around it. 

“Don’t go where I can’t follow you. Please. I need you.” Will shook, out of anger or despair, he didn’t know. The doctors had told him. Head trauma. He may not wake up for a while. He may not remember things. He may not wake up.

Will lifted his head up and gently kissed Nico’s left temple. 

“Come back to me, my darling. I need you. I can’t do this without you.” He mumbled the words against Nico’s skin, a fervent prayer to an unhearing mind. He glanced down at the wedding ring on Nico’s finger, a simple gold band with a strip of silver in the middle. Setting his own next to it, the matching silver ring with a strip of gold, Will finally allowed himself to cry. 

He cried for weeks.

 To be continued, perhaps. 

Ten dead, more than 80 injured in Bavaria train crash

* Death toll hits 10, some of injured in serious condition

* Remote location of crash hampers rescue operation

* Merkel sends condolences, urges full investigation (Adds latest toll, updates number of passengers on trains)

By Joern Poeltz

BAD AIBLING, Germany, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Ten people were killed and at least 81 injured on Tuesday when two passenger trains collided head-on at high speed in remote countryside in southern Germany.

One passenger was still missing, police said, and 18 of those injured were in a serious condition.

The crash happened during the morning rush-hour about half way along a six-km (four-mile) stretch between the spa town of Bad Aibling and Kolbermoor in Bavaria, near to the border with Austria.

Ambulances could not reach the site, which was heavily wooded with a steep hill on one side and a river on the other, so helicopters had to airlift people to nearby hospitals.

Police said recovery operations with heavy machinery would be suspended overnight and restart at daybreak on Wednesday.

The trains had been carrying about 100 passengers, mainly commuters. Police said more people would have been travelling if it had not been a holiday week.

Hundreds of emergency service workers, including mountain rescue teams, worked to save passengers at the crash site, where several derailed blue, yellow and grey train carriages lay on their side next to the track.

Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said the trains and track had been fitted with an automatic brake system that was introduced across Germany after 10 people died in 2011 near Magdeburg when a train driver drove through two red signals.

“It’s one of the biggest accidents we have had in the last few years,” he said.

Germany’s most serious post-war train accident occurred in 1998 when 101 people were killed near the northern town of Eschede after a high speed ICE train crashed.

Dobrindt said both trains on Tuesday must have been travelling at high speed entering a curve and the drivers had probably not seen each other.

Police declined to comment on the cause of the crash. They appealed for people to donate blood.

Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed shock and sent her condolences to families of the victims.

“I trust that the authorities responsible will do everything they can to clear up how this accident could happen,” she said in a statement.

Dobrindt said an investigation had begun and that the priority was to find out whether the cause was a technical problem or human error.

The trains’ operator, Meridian, is part of French passenger transport firm Transdev, which is jointly owned by state-owned bank CDC and water and waste firm Veolia.

Transdev said in a statement that management and staff were terribly shocked by the “exceptionally serious accident” and that Chief Executive Jean-Marc Janaillac was at the scene.

State-owned Deutsche Bahn is responsible for the track, which has a speed limit of 100 km per hour. The company said the safety system had been checked last week.

(Additional reporting by Rene Wagner and Thomas Seythal in Berlin, Michael Dalder in Bad Aibling, and by Geert de Clercq in Paris; Writing by Madeline Chambers; Editing by Gareth Jones)

Me: Hey, Netflix still has that Scooby-Doo: Mysteries Incorporated show everyone was talking about. Might as well check it out.

Like, seven minutes in: The Scooby Gang steals a corpse from the back of an ambulance

Me: holy shit

I feel super bad for Meg with the whole epilepsy thing but knowing she has Ryan to be her ‘seizure buddy’ and knowing that Gavin immediately called an ambulance and hopefully is gonna keep an eye on her makes me feel a lot better for her safety

Idk who’s gonna drive for them now though

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:cardcaptor sakura has a NEW PROJECT coming up and what IF it's a sequel? what if we get to see more of that universe? bc tsubasa is still running, does that mean we're gonna have solid 'crossovers'? what if it's something like tsubasa? what if-