Todomatsu: No! It’s a terrible plan! I don’t want any of this ok? I just wanted to go to the party with a hot girl and maybe…and maybe even fit in for once in my life…I…I..(starts crying)

Jyushimatsu: (comes with a cardboard drawing of a lady) Ok Totty, I finished making your date I gave her glitter hair becau- what’s happening?

Karamatsu: I think Todomatsu is crying.

Choromatsu: Has Todomatsu ever cried before?

Ichimatsu: No, not even when I used to hit him on the head.

Osomatsu: Oh my god, Todomatsu has feelings.

Choromatsu: This is terrifying

Karamatsu: What do we do? I feel like we should call an ambulance or something.

Osomatsu: no,no I got this, um…maybe if I just…um….uh (hugs Todomatsu) there

Jyushimatsu: Oh my god they’re hugging!

Choromatsu: Welp, now I’ve seen everything.

“THE WELL OF LONELINESS – Denounced, banned, and applauded — the strange love story of a girl who stood midway between the sexes – RADCLYFFE HALL,” Perma Books, 1951 ed. On July 27, 1928, eighty-eight years ago today, London publishing house Jonathan Cape released Radclyffe Hall’s “The Well of Loneliness,” the story of an upper-class Englishwoman whose “sexual inversion” (i.e., homosexuality) is apparent from childhood. The protagonist, Stephen Gordon (so named because her parents expected a boy), falls in love with Mary Llewellyn while the former is serving as an ambulance driver in World War I. The couple’s relationship ultimately fails because of social isolation and rejection, and the novel closes with Stephen’s plea to God: “Give us also the right to our existence!” “The Well” came under immediate attack by the editor of “The Sunday Express,” James Douglas, who wrote: “I would rather give a healthy boy or girl a vial of prussic acid than this novel. Poison kills the body, but moral poison kills the soul.” The novel was pulled in the United Kingdom, and subsequently banned in France, though it nonetheless became an international bestseller. And, while few claim that “The Well” is a piece of great literature, its early treatment of lesbianism and gender fluidity influenced writers including Ann Bannon and Rita Mae Brown, and the novel continues to inspire study and debate. #lgbthistory #lgbtherstory #lgbttheirstory #lgbtpride #queerhistorymatters #haveprideinhistory #wellofloneliness #radclyffehall

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“I heard you.”

What if the “I love you” has already happened off-screen?

What if John finds Sherlock bleeding out on Magnussen’s floor in HLV and drops to his knees by his side, fighting back blind panic as he calls the ambulance and presses hard on the wound? What if he desperately feels for Sherlock’s pulse, trying not to think of that other day when he felt none, when he knew it was all over, when he knew he had missed his chance to say the only thing that really mattered. What if relief floods his body when he finds that pulse of life still keeping Sherlock alive, what if he clings to Sherlock and finds the words spilling out of him: “keep fighting, Sherlock, please keep fighting, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

And he pushes his way into the ambulance and stays by Sherlock’s side all night and the next day in the hospital, staring at his silent form, listening to the constant beep of the heart monitor reassuring him that against all odds, Sherlock is still alive. And when Sherlock finally opens his eyes and blinks up at him, John is so relieved he is sure it must show on his face, but he still can’t bring himself to say what he really wants to say because he’s been heartsick over Sherlock Holmes for years, and saying anything would only make it worse. So he prattles on about something unimportant, and he is completely taken by surprise when Sherlock suddenly takes his hand and smiles at him, a look so pure and tender that it takes John’s breath away. John looks in astonishment at their joined hands and then looks back to Sherlock, who is looking at him like… like…

“I heard you,” Sherlock says, and there is no doubt what he means.

John’s heart expands in his chest and Sherlock’s beaming smile lights up his face, and for a shining moment it’s just the two of them, and everything is golden and new.

But then John’s smile fades and his heart twists when he remembers how hopelessly tangled the threads that bind them together have become, how many mistakes they’ve both made, how much they still have to heal.

He buries his face in the crook of Sherlock’s neck, nosing at his curling hair. “I’m so sorry, Sherlock,” he mumbles into Sherlock’s skin. “I’ll fix this. We’ll fix this. I promise you, we will.”

John feels Sherlock’s lips brush his hair and his hand settle on his back in a tentative embrace.

“I know.”
Kate flies to France for holiday on £8million private jet

Kate arrived yesterday afternoon on the £8 million Cessna plane owned by the country’s richest man, the Duke of Westminster, who has leant it to her and Prince William several times before.

She landed in the small south western airport of Pau-Pyrenees, close to the border with Spain, at 1.30pm yesterday afternoon and was swiftly transferred into two waiting blacked out Range Rovers, out of the view of photographers.

Although the airport refused to comment, multiple sources told local newspaper, La Rep des Pyrenees, that the Duchess was on board and travelling to ‘visit relatives’.

There was no mention of air ambulance pilot Prince William - although he is due to take time off this summer – or the couple’s children, although Prince George and Princess Charlotte are believed to have accompanied their mother.

The family party would have travelled with their nanny, Maria Borrallo, and a small security detail.

Another group of Scotland Yard close protection officers were waiting for them at the location, having travelled out a few days earlier to ‘recce’ the holiday.

The cost of the flight wouldn’t be billed to taxpayers as it is a private holiday, although the bill for providing their police protection would.

After a few minutes unloading and repacking their luggage, the UK-registered cars then headed off in the direction of north Bearn and Gers. It is not clear where they were heading but the airport is 70 miles from the coastal resort of Biarritz.

The couple regularly borrow the Duke’s jet for private trips and holidays, which seats up to eight people and would cost £12,000 a day to hire.

Prince George flew on the plane when he was just a few weeks old, travelling up to Scotland to visit his great-grandfather, Prince Philip.

The couple also used it to fly to Balmoral last summer to see the Queen on her annual temporary residence. (I thought you said they’ve - W&K- never been to Balmoral?)


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There is something I want to share with you: when I was younger my friends and I were big fan of Skins, we were trying to be like all the characters so of course taking drugs, drinking alcohol,... One night one of my friend took something, some kind of pills, can't remember. but she felt really sick and couldn't walk. We called an ambulance because she couldn't talk ( not telling all the details because there's too much to say)anymore... Since this night we all: Continue in the next question

Anonymous said to effys-closet: Continue : We all stopped taking pills and we were drinking alcohol reasonably   But then… People were telling me that I had a lookalike with effy so I was pretty happy but effy is really think and we can’t really see her eating in the tv shows so I told myself : if I want to look even more like her I have to lose weight and eat less less less… You guess what happened next I stopped eating, lost a lot a lot of weight I had an eating disorder…  Continue in the next question

Anonymous said to effys-closet: Continue So if I’m telling you all of that it’s just because I want to say to people that skins is a tv show effy doesn’t really exist it’s just a character, don’t try to be like her or anything, now I personally love the actress, my anorexia didn’t make me hate her or anything, I just want to say that don’t forget that you are you and not her, people take drugs ok, but we all know that is bad and on skins they don’t take it for real don’t forget  Continue in the next question

Anonymous said to effys-closet: It’s just a little message because I know that there’s some teen who are looking for themselves and taking effy as a reference is not good, she’s not even happy in the shows ! Anyway thank you for your attention your blog is great i really like it ! But don’t forget who you really are !   Thank you !  End

Thank you for sharing!  It’s definitely good advice to be yourself even if you’re taking inspiration from someone else.

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03, 01, and 44 with Jun? Please and thank you! :)

01 “I need you.”
03 “Please wake up.”
44 “I… I thought you were dead.”

He wasn’t picking up his damn phone. After receiving a cryptic message from Jeonghan, you were utterly worried.

‘can you come over?’

You had immediately called Jeonghan and of course he didn’t answer. Then you called Jun, who also didn’t answer.

Which led to you speeding down the street to get to the practice room as soon as possible.

Once you had arrived, you practically ran into the building, busting into the room, earning the attention of 12 boys.

“What the hell is going o-”

You noticed your boyfriend lying in the middle of the floor causing you to lunge forward.

“Has someone called an ambulance?”

“Yeah,” Jeonghan whispered, kneeling next to you. “He’s breathing but he was fine and he just went down. He went completely purple in the face and we thought he couldn’t breathe.”

Sirens blared outside and you were too in shock to cry.

It was quiet in the hospital room. The nurses had told you he’d be fine, he was exhausted, dehydrated, and hadn’t eaten.

But how often are doctors wrong? What if something else was wrong?

“I need you,” You whispered to your boyfriend, peacefully sleeping in the hospital bed, drifting off into his dreams while you were falling apart right beside him.

“Please wake up,” You cried, reaching for his hand. There was a little part of you that thought he may never open his eyes again. He could’ve landed wrong on his head and busted something, anything could be wrong.

You felt him squeeze back.

Your eyes shot open as you looked down at him.


“Don’t cry.”

“You idiot,” You whispered, tears streaming down your cheeks. “You’ve been asleep, don’t tell me what to do.”

He chuckled, running his thumb across your hand.

“I… I thought you were dead.”

“Dead?” He said, smiling up at you. “No. Dehydrated and worked past my limit? Yes.”

You bit your lip, fiddling with the hospital sheets.

“I don’t need to be in this bed. I need water, food, and to be in our bed. And I’ll be fine, okay? This happens.”

“Don’t ever scare me like that again, okay?”

He smiled, bringing your hand up to his lips. 


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[text] I’m in A&E but I don’t really know why. for harry and ramona please?

ahhh harry and ramona!! it’s been so long

text prompts


ok don’t panic

What have you done this time?

I’m in A&E but I don’t really know why


What happened?

last thing I remember I was hanging up that painting I got in Tokyo

I think I was on a ladder?

and now I’m here

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Was the first period you got after you recovered really painful? I just got mine, and it hurts SOOOOO much. Even before my ED it was never painful at all, but today it's like constant stomach pains

Honestly I know this isn’t comforting but I need help too haha, literally every single period I’ve had since I got it back has been absolutely awful :( I rarely ever got cramps before my ed too, and now it’s so so bad, my dad almost called an ambulance once because I was in tears for like 8 hours with the pain!!! I’ve found that if I exercise but also let myself eat processed junk food (haha) then I feel a bit better, for the most part I just lay on the sofa with a hot water bottle, feminax, and Matt scratching my back 😭😂 xx

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Omg amy I'm dead. They just showed a preview for bachelor in paradise and there was a clip of chad getting into a fight with Evan and then they show evan being rushed out in an ambulance with an oxygen mask on I'm crying lmfao

yessssssssss i can’t wait! and then the clip of chris harrison and the producers cornering chad like a wild animal telling him that he’s just making it more difficult for them LMAO

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Pakistan has been orphaned. July 8, 2016. 

“A hero, Abdul Sattar Edhi created a charitable empire out of nothing. He masterminded Pakistan’s largest welfare organisation almost single-handedly, entirely with private donations and refused government support. With 1800 ambulances, 3 helicopters, hundreds of orphanages, nursing homes across Pakistan. Edhi was world’s richest poor man.” RIP you beautiful person, we are eternally grateful.

I think I'm going to write something about my uncle George.

He’s actually my great-uncle. And he’s a great man. He’s funny and sarcastic, and definitely a ladies man, though I know he loves my great-aunt fiercely and wouldn’t ever hurt her. Ugh, he is just my favorite, because he’s not mushy and can make you feel top of the world. And we’re a lot alike, too. He is the best.

So here’s to Uncle George, Veteran and snide softy. Cheers!

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