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How did you die? It’s not often we see Crowley’s smirk slip from his face. We saw it in 8x02 when Plutus tells Crowley he doesn’t have a soul. We saw it in 8x17 when Naomi called him a cockroach. We saw it in 8x23 when he realizes the Winchesters might actually kill him. Crowley knows what he is. He’s a demon, the lowest of the low, and as their king he embraces it for all its worth, but he still doesn’t like being reminded of it.

He used to be human. Used to be a little boy who just wanted his mother’s love, and she could not give that to him. We know she abandoned him at a young age, and we know somewhere along the way Crowley sold his soul.

We know from how we’ve seen Hellhounds kill on the show, like on 2x08, that they don’t have to tear their victims up, and oftentime will just scare them to death. We know from Dean’s experience with them in 3x16 that the victims often hallucinate before being taken, taunting them and pushing them to suicide.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Crowley really did die in a gutter, covered in his own sick. No matter how he died, we know it wasn’t pleasant. And as ambular-d pointed out, his avoiding Rowena’s question only seems to confirm that. No wonder he just wants to be loved.

ambular-d replied to your post: Wait, he made Cas a mixtape?

Or else he just popped in a mix tape he’d already made for himself and copied it onto a blank cassette.

Let’s say that he did that. Just for funsies.

(Though, again, as someone “Dean’s age”, I’ll just say that recording from cassette to cassette -especially when one cassette is already a copy itself- is an excellent way to make your source music sound like absolute crap.)

But I digress…

  • If it’s as easy as all that, why doesn’t Cas have a stack of tapes already?
    • If Dean just wants to share his love of music, Cas should already be acquainted with all of Led Zeppelin, plus Bob Seger, and probably AC/DC and Aerosmith and any number of bands Dean loves.
    • Why doesn’t Cas have a whole box of tapes by now, if Dean is just thoughtlessly copying his own mixes and albums? Why would one tape mean more than any other to Castiel? Why would he try to return just one tape?
  • Why don’t Lisa, or Cassie, or any of Dean’s other partners have a tape? Or a playlist? Or even their song-one they dance to, or reminds them of the other? (You don’t even have to play the song here. The title of “their” song could just be mentioned in passing, as part of the narrative.)
    • (It’s almost like Dean doesn’t have to hide his feelings for human women like Lisa or Cassie, or have a musical proxy to explain/express them.)
  • If it’s not a romantic gesture, why don’t Bobby, Jody, Claire, Mary, and any number of people have mixes?
    • Why doesn’t Sam have a tape? If it’s totally platonic, then maybe Dean would have made him a mix of songs they used to hear growing up. If it’s not romantic, why doesn’t Sam have a mixtape to say the things he can’t/doesn’t say out loud?
    • And if Sam does have a mix, why is it not mentioned in the narrative? Especially in the earlier seasons, when it was much easier to buy actual frickin’ cassette tapes. Or why doesn’t Sam get a playlist, since he’s ahead of the technology curve on Dean?
    • Dean can use a computer. He’s shown using a computer in the mix tape scene. So why doesn’t/didn’t Charlie get a digital mix? If mixes are not romantically significant, then all his close friends (put air quotes around that one– as in “people skills”) should have one.
    • If it’s part of Dean’s character to regularly make mix tapes for all his platonic pals, how come they have an entire scene dedicated to just him and Cas and a mix tape?
  • Why choose to show a Led Zeppelin mix–a band that has played a HUGE part in the narrative of John and Mary’s meeting, and of John’s mourning for Mary in the early seasons, and is mentioned over and over as one of Dean’s favorite bands–specifically? Why not “Dean’s Top Classic Rock Traxx”? “Road Trip Mix for Cas”?

Yeah, no.

Per giorni
ti ho amato nel silenzio
di quelle albe in cui tra la densità delle fessure
scoprivo la tua ombra
poi ho scritto di quest'amore ingombrante annidandolo
tra gli spazi bianchi
ma osceno e visionario
era ed è il mio battito
tra i muti vissuti
che ci accompagnano
ma tu sei l'allusione più bella
in cui smarrisco i lineamenti duri del mio ambulare d'amore.

Lucia Ferrara

So my best friend sent me this and I hope it cheers everyone up as much as it has cheered me up.


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ambular-d replied to your post “To the people who suggested another reason Dean gave Cas the Blade was…”

Hmm, had actually kind of overlooked that part, thanks for pointing out. Although…is it necessary for the blade to be “powered up,” so to speak, to do the job? Or does it merely have to be the weapon that’s used?

I kinda was assuming that you literally can’t physically use the Blade unless you have the Mark - like it won’t cut or stab or whatever, even if you try.

But even assuming you CAN use the Blade in some capacity without the Mark - I would imagine not enough to kill Dean, no. Otherwise I figure Cain would have had someone kill him using the Blade long ago.

amberpeace  asked:

I bet you've already been messaged, but there isn't a new spn episode tonight. It's a travesty

  1. ambular-d answered: No episode this week. Because Thanksgiving, I guess?
  2. gabricl answered: APPARENTLY wigglebox just told me there’s no spn this week? i have nooo idea ?

oh my–god.  i broke out my special green tea for tonight too! god damn americans with their god damn month late thanksgiving :P

thank you everyone who’s messaged me about it!! for some reason i thought the preview from last episode said “next week on spn” >_> 

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ambular d replied to your post: I don’t know if this was two anons, o…

You know it’s possible that the Chastity incident could be one reason why Cas CAN read minds, but rarely DOES anymore. She didn’t react very well at all, and I think that made an impression on him.

That does make a lot of sense for Cas. I’d been assuming that he’s been deliberately dialing back on his emotion sensing ability (my original WIP understanding of angel mindreading that I talked about at the start of the conversation :p) out of respect for human privacy, having come to realise, via Dean and yes this moment with Chastity also, that it’s wrong/invasive/upsetting for humans to have their thoughts/history examined without consent.

But… idk… even considering that, I feel like if Cas HAD an easy way to read people’s minds then exceptions to the rule SHOULD have come up. Like when they are interrogating suspects during hunts - if Cas COULD mindread them in order to get necessary information about the creature they are hunting, which could potentially help them find it faster and thus prevent it killing again, then he (and Sam and Dean) would surely consider whether the situation allows for principles to be discarded at such a time.

Plus, wouldn’t other angels have used the power more? (although to be fair, I can’t think of any moments offhand that they particularly needed to, if we assume Ruby’s hexbags and Cas’ sigils were preventing angel mindreading during those times the angels needed to find Dean and Sam).

Anyway… yeah… I think it’s probably one of those powers that has fallen by the wayside tbh :p TPTB realised it was TOO powerful, so they’ve just kind of… never mentioned it again.