“Babe, your dad doesn’t like me.” Dean groaned as Beth drove the way to her father’s.
“It’s more for me than my father. I know you two don’t like each other. But you’re coming for me; not my family.” Beth rubbed over his hand that rested on the console, “It’ll be fine.”
“If you say so.”  He exhaled; the white puffs billowed out between his lips from his cigarette.
“Trust me.” She whispered and turned the radio up; Dean in return sunk further down in his seat.

It wasn’t too long of a drive; they were at Mick’s house in a short thirty-five minute drive. They shared a long sensual kiss before walking in; their tongues sweeping out to meet in a rushed manner. Beth pulled away from him when the door opened and licked her lips.

“Beth!” The familiar English accent hit her ears; she was stunned.
“Wade?” She questioned; she could feel the heat rise to her cheeks as Dean’s fingers laced with hers.
“What a nice place to see you!” He smiled as he pushed open the screen door.
“Yeah, because this is her dads house.” Dean rolled his eyes as he followed Beth inside.
“Ah, just the asshole you always are I see.” Wade stuck his hand out to Dean to handshake.
“I’m not touching you.” Dean arched an eyebrow at Wade.
“Fair enough.” Wade smirked; Dean wanted to punch him already.
“Calm down please, Dean.” Beth whispered as she turned to face him; their fingers still locked tightly together.
“I’m calm, cool, and collected.” Dean shrugged, bending down to press a soft kiss to her lips.
“Thanks.” She grinned up at him.

They all sat down soon at the dinner table, Beth’s left hand placed above Dean’s thigh under the table; nothing sexual, just trying to keep him calm. She watched as him and Wade shot dirty glances towards each other; the room was tense and quiet until her father spoke up.

“Well Beth, sweetheart, how has life been going for you? Ever since you and Dean have been dating you don’t worry to call your ole’ dad too much.” Mick laughed nervously; he knew he was pushing her buttons.
“It’s been going good. I’m happy, school’s going good. I’m getting good grades and I get to see Dean almost every day.” Beth nodded as she swallowed her drink, “I couldn’t be any happier.”
“How dare someone try and keep their child from their own parents?” Wade shook his head.
“I don’t keep her from her dad; Beth’s a very busy woman.” Dean rolled his eyes.
“Maybe a very busy woman could talk for herself and not let her asshole of a boyfriend speak for her.” Wade shrugged.
“Please shut up.” Beth whispered as she looked at her plate of food.
“I need a cigarette.” Dean grumbled as he stood up and walked off from the room.
“We’re just saying, maybe you would find a little bit of solidarity in someone like Wade.” Mick shrugged.
“I find solidarity in Dean, dad. Why can’t you all understand he makes me happy?” Beth shook her head, “You guys sicken me. I am happy with Dean, I want to be with Dean. You’re my father, you’re supposed to let me do what makes me happy.”
“And I think that you being with Wade would make you more happy.” Mick shrugged.
“You think wrong.” Beth sighed as she slammed her napkin on the table and rushed out of the room; not able to hold her sobs back any longer.

She stood at the bottom of the stairs, leaning against the railing as she tried to slow her tears. She when her dad done things like this; always tried to ruin her relationships and intervene on them to take control. She didn’t want Dean to see her cry so she didn’t walk outside; she stood in her own hatred and wiped at her tear streaked face. She jumped when she felt someone touch the small of her back and she turned around.

“Your dad is just trying to do whats best for you, Beth.” Wade said.
“That’s not you.” She shook her head, “Maybe two months ago but not now. I love Dean.”
“No you don’t.” Wade said as he pushed her against the wall; his lips crashing down against hers.
“Stop,” She said against his lips and tried to push him off of her but he was too much stronger, “Get off of me!” About this time, Dean was walking back in through the door. Dean was immediately angered, he was touching what was his.

He walked up to them quietly and grabbed Wade, spinning him around and punching him as hard as he could in his nose. All the commotion caused a crowd to form in the lobby area of the house as everyone looked at Beth and Dean. Dean was checking her face over for any bruises or scaves; he’d beat the shit out of Wade if one hair on her head was misplaced.

“What in the world do you think you are doing?” Mick snapped at the two young lovers as he stepped over Wade’s body.
“I’m gettin’ sick and tired of you trying to intervene on Beth and mine’s relationship. You may be her father but you cannot control everything she does. She’s an adult, therefore she can make her own choices now.”
“I know what’s best for my daughter.” Mick shook his head.
“Obviously you don’t if you’re wanting to pair her up with someone who is going to do nothing but hurt her. I’m not like that; what you see in the ring is not what you get in person nor in my love-life.” Dean defended himself as he laced his fingers with Beth’s, “You’re a sad excuse for a father if you want to hurt your daughter like this; embarrass her in front of all her family. You’re pathetic.”
“Dean, lets just go.” She whispered as she pulled on his arm towards the door.
“You walk out that door, you won’t be welcome back.” Mick warned.

Beth stared her father in the eye as she walked backwards out the door. She shut the door on him after one last long look and a shake of her head. She knew she hadn’t made a terrible choice; she was happy with Dean and knew he would treat her better than what her dad just had.


Hallo.. Yas… This post is about you….

I know that over the past few months my life has been crazy & we haven’t talked as much as I’d like us too!! I miss our late night convos it sucks! I hardly get time to myself now-a-days!! I’m shocked that I’ve got time to speak to you! (or ANYONE for that matter, think I speak to you more than my family tbh) Life is life and I don’t like it. Whatever anyways, this post is JUST for you!!! I just want you to know that I DO love you! You’re my wifey for lifey…. SEE for lifey… no divorces ALLOWED!! DO YOU HEAR ME?! OKAY GOOD!!

I love you wifey & I want you to know that I value our friendship!!!!


ambrosesnerd asked:

Avenged Sevenfold (no idea if you listen to them I'm british, so i don't know what popular in america haha but I love them) P.s. I MISS YOU HANNYKINS :D

send me a band name and i’ll do…

  • favourite song: I Won’t See You Tonight, Prt 1&2
  • least favourite song: It’s damn near impossible to have a lease favorite A7X song.
  • have i ever seen them live: Yes, six times..
  • favourite band member:  Zacky
  • least favourite band member: I love all of them.
  • how many of their albums i have: Their first four albums, two of them signed by M Shads.
  • favourite album:Waking The Fallen.
  • favorite lyrics: Please don’t forget me, or cry while I’m away..
  • favorite music video: Warmness on the Soul
  • ever met any members: Yes, M Shads and Zacky twice, and the Rev and Johnny only once. :C

Omg, thank you.

bambamdrillahoe-deactivated2014 asked:

I thin--- no, I know there is way more to you than just a 20 yr old girl. I look at you as a lil' sister. We share a lot of the same tastes yet we're different & that's why we're as close as we are.

I’m 21 now but that doesnt matter :P Awwww I’m your lil sister :’) I cried a little at this it nice to feel like I actually feel like im a good friend. I’m gonna call you big sis from now on XD

moxleysmistress asked:

What made you fall in love with Dean Ambrose?

SO Many reasons I’m going to have to make a list:

  1. He a heel, I have a thing for heel wrestlers
  2. His voice is so distinct
  3. I love his hair colour
  4. He’s tall 
  5. His body
  6. He’s promo are so fucking amazing 
  7. He like my type I dated tall guys who have a charming side to them that hidden  

anonymous asked:

what got you into writing?

My friend LJ (antibarbieox) who I consider my best friend got me into it about 3 years ago and tbh I was shit. Then recently me and her start joint ficing and I learnt how to write things better when I started uni I learnt to write better as I have dyspraxia which cause me to struggle with english. then I start seeing Hannah blog (Good Golly Miss Moxley) and she was so encourage and helpful and the story I did for her became popular because of her so I’m grateful